Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Our Day In Denver

On Friday, Caroline and I picked up Carter from school and headed into Denver. Debbie and kids joined us...and then later, Belinda and kids, too.

At the Hammonds Candy Factory for a tour and sweets!

Carter and Devon.

Lindsey, Devon and Carter checking out the process.

Solid chocolate bunnies for Easter!

We then went to the state capitol. Caroline and I had taken the boys a few months ago, but we went on a weekend when the inside is closed. This time, we got to see it all.

The Senate.

House of Representatives.

We spent an hour or so sitting outside of the capitol on the grounds. The kids rolled down the big hill while Jack studied the grass.

He does not care for the grass and stayed in one place because of it.

Here he is attempting to move, but feels the dry grass and quickly pops back up into the sitting position. Funny....Carter was the exact same way and actually cried the first few times we put him down.

Now, on to the 16th Street Mall to look around.

And, finally at dinner that night with Belinda and kids. We went to the Old Spaghetti Factory. It was perfect for the 7 kids at the table!!!! It was wild, but a ton of fun.

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