Thursday, March 29, 2007

The Downtown Aquarium

Here are some photos of the boys at the Denver Downtown Aquarium last week.

It's a really cool place and we can't wait to go back. There is a TON to do, including hands-on exhibits. So far, we have really taken to Denver and love just about everything it has to offer.

Just outside.

Bounce house....still fun for Carter.

They have a huge bubble machine and here is Carter trying to catch them. Jack just closes his eyes and giggles when they come near him.

Hoping to rent one of these cool cars the next time we visit.

First exhibit.

Panning for gold.

A staple at just about every aquarium.

Here is Carter in one of the "bubble" viewers where you go into the tank and look up through the glass to really get a good perspective.

Gorgeous tigers inside co-habitating.

Checking out the horse shoe crab.

And, the sting ray...

We took a break mid-way through for a snack and to step outside on the balcony that overlooks Six Flags...where we will spend plenty of time this summer. It has a water park connected to it.

Precious Jack, walking around and being adorable.

Carter and I were fascinated with this huge crab who barely moved.

Up close!

Near the tiger exhibit.

Carter's favorites....the sharks....checking them out from above.

Funny boy with the octopus.

And, on our way out....we had a great time!

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