Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Castlewood Canyon

Recently, I took the boys out to Castlewood Canyon for a picnic and hike. It's a beautiful Colorado State Park about 15 minutes from where we are now in Castle Rock. It's about 2,300 acres of the ecologically unique Black Forest region of Colorado. You can see panoramic views of the Front Range and Pikes Peak.

Pretty view.

Lunch time.

Play time.

Hitting the trails.

View of Pikes Peak.

We looked for animals every inch of the way and decided any marking on the ground like this had to have come from a snake. HAD TO, according to Carter.

Took a few spring pictures while we were there.

Examining the trail. Carter is the best kid to take out on trips like this....or really we can take him just about anywhere. He has a curious mind that we're constantly trying to nurture and expand.

Reading about native animals.

Posing for a picture in front of the canyon.

We couldn't get too close because the cement path ended and then the rock one began...which makes it difficult to take the stroller any further. Soon, we'll come back with dad for a long walk and he can haul Jack around.

So much to discover.

Back at the Visitor's Center where we learned about recent animal sightings and the origin of the area. Very interesting.


The Rand's said...

Very neat! You always take the kids on such exciting adventures!

starnes family said...

Thanks, Alisha. It's hard to stay in one place here. There is so much to do in Colorado....we're in heaven!

Anonymous said...

Agreed...she's so good!