Thursday, March 22, 2007


Thought I'd take a few minutes to update you all on the Starnes family. We're busy as always getting ready for a move and more changes! We bought a house in Brighton, Colorado...about 45 minutes north of where we are now. It's in an expanding and thriving community, much like Castle Rock is, and we're excited to set roots there. The house is wonderful and has plenty of room for our growing family. Batman, too!

We will be 20 minutes from Denver, 30 from Boulder and a little under an hour from Fort Collins. It's a great location and so we can't wait to get settled. Right now, we're spending a lot of time outdoors and more specifically, taking advantage of all that this area, south of Denver, has to offer.

We'll actually be closer to Linda and Debbie and families....but further from Belinda, so we're gaining and losing in that regard. But, everyone is wonderful about getting together and seeing each other, regardless of the driving it takes to get it done.

And, onto the boys....Carter is doing so well in Kindergarten and couldn't be happier here in Colorado. He's sad to leave his buddies on our street, but I have no doubt he will make plenty of new friends in Brighton. We had him all signed up for soccer and had his first practice scheduled tonight, but we decided to not make the commute to Castle Rock this season. Hopefully, we'll find a fun spring/summer sport for him to do up north. Skiing took over his winter season, so we didn't even try an organized sport then.

Jack is almost 11 months old and is such a happy baby. He has 5 teeth now and is learning to use them!!!! He's almost walking (we're doing everything we can to stop it!)....definitely cruising and getting where he needs to go. He gives kisses and plays peek-a-boo and loves Elmo almost as much as he does us.

That's about it from our little family. Here's a photo of Jack with his new front teeth.


Anonymous said...

He looks so much older with those teeth!

starnes family said...

I know! Our baby is growing up.

The Rand's said...

So precious! He does look older. Isn't it amazing what a few teeth can do for your look?!?! I can't wait to see him again!