Thursday, May 28, 2009

Midwest Travel Report: Weston, Missouri

Just over 30 miles northeast of Kansas City....such a precious little town!

Weston, MO
population: under 2,000
size: 1.6 square miles

*home of McCormick Distilling Company; founded in 1856; oldest whiskey distillery west of the Mississippi; oldest continuously operated distillery in the U.S.
*jumping off point for the Santa Fe Trail, Oregon Trail and California Gold Rush
*Lewis and Clark camped here in 1804
*world's leading producer of twist tobacco (no clue)
*Buffalo Bill once was a resident

At the Main Street Galleria Soda Fountain......lots of history......cute place.

Delicous phosphates - this one is Green River (lemon-limey like Sprite). We also tried a real Cherry Coke and of course, Root Beer.

Caroline and Carter. Little ones stayed home with Blake.

St. George Hotel.....another haunted site!

Main Street.

One of the highlights....a darling candle store called 5B & Company.

Such great design and lovely flavors. You can see famous Floyd, the resident doggie, peaking out from beind the counter.

A couple of memorable scents:

The artwork Caroline and I tried very hard to purchase. Not for sale. It's a gem, though.

My selections - including tomato basil, handyman, fig, rosemary, patchouli rain and my grandmother's daughter.

Couldn't have been a better day. Caroline with us and a new town to discover. Loved it!


Malinda said...

I can't even imagine what a candle called "Handyman" smells like. For some reason I think it would smell like wood or leather.

starnes family said...

Handyman smells like musky men's cologne. Lovely!

Dee Stephens said...

cute town! Don't you love discovering new nearby places? so great!
Did Carter take that last picture? Good job!
As for the haunted thing -- you and Caroline should totally take a trip to Savannah or Charleston -- ya'll would LOVE it!

The Rand's said...

Cute pics! And cute town you guys went to. You guys are always doing such fun things!
So glad you had a great visit with Caroline and that she's able to come see you guys know!

Carrie said...

Love the last pic of you and Sweet Caroline! You kinda match too!

I can't imagine what big girl panties smell like...

The Lenzers said...

you always find the neatest places!!! makes me feel bor-ing!! did you buy anything?

Tammy said...

How fun! You do find cool places. We're thinking of where to go this summer... any suggestions?

starnes family said...

Dee - have heard your area of the country is super haunted. Would love to live there for a while and experience it all!

Carrie - not even going to go there because I know where you're going with this.

Jann - bought a few things.....some old antique looking glass candle holders and a larger vase to hold the ones I'm not burning, a cart for our tiny rock garden on the patio, a baby crib for Lainey's doll, a retro high chair for her babies and a larger candle, too. Think that's it!

Tammy - where do you want to go?

michelle matthews said...

How fun! What a cute lil place! You guys do the neatest things. I would love that candle store. My grandmother's daughter sounds so sweet.

Tammy said...

not sure where we want to go... we were going to go disney world, but now we're going to put that off until Spring Break, since hubs and I will be teaching in the same district for the first time ever! for me, put me on a beach, some place less hot than Texas, and I'm happy, but we'd also like to take Mary to some place cool before she returns home. She's doing a 10 day trip West with a group of students in June, so we're thinking someplace East, florida, dc?, we don't know.... we tend to be kinda' spontaneous

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