Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Fam So Far

Sunday will mark 2 weeks since we arrived here in Kansas. An update on the family:

Lainey is her usual squealy self....less tolerant of Jack these days and refuses to grant forgiveness when he goes through his, "Sorry Mae-ee" routine (20ish times a day)....loves riding "bikes" with her brothers.

Jack - trying hard to keep up with the boys in the neighborhood....asks to go outside whenever he sees daylight.....loves eating pizza on the patio....when told to ask Carter nicely to push him on the swings today, said, "Tarter nicely!!!!!!"

Carter - already has 12 best friends in the neighborhood....riding his bike like a maniac....reading like a champ....loving his summer-started-early.

Blake is working 9 to 5 for the first time in a long travel.... home to his family every night....taking baked goods to work every week.

We started the week off with a big enchilada dinner on the table as Blake walked in. First time since September that we shared a meal together as a family like that. It was lovely!

Life is good. Caroline visits next weekend for Memorial Day and we are beyond excited for her to be here. So much fun planned. I'm overwhelmed researching all that the city has to offer. Went to my first 'Building Better Moms' picnic on Wednesday and met some great women. I'm registered for a group that starts in September focusing on raising young children and what role God plays in our lives. Until the official meetings begin, we'll see each other over the summer....sometimes with children and sometimes without.

Our weekend includes a graduation party for a friend in town, some shopping for the house and a big date tomorrow night for Carter and me. We spotted a Half Price Books a few days ago and have been anticipating a visit ever since. We did not have such stores in Denver, so we're anxious to get there!


The Lenzers said...

looks like the kids are adjusting nicely and having a great time in their new neighborhood. and wow! 9-5. i dont think mark has ever worked 9-5. when he is in town it is usually 5am-7pm (he does usually get in to kiss connor good night). but he still mostly gone monday through friday. so enjoy!!! and good for you finding some groups to bond with.

Dee Stephens said...

So glad that you are all back together and building 'normal' routines again!
YAY! for summer!

donatelli98 said...

You are way too oragnized - even by my Type A standards! That's awesome you have dinner as a family now - that is such an important thing. So I finally created a blog this week and haven't written anything or figured out how to load up anything. I am going to try and work on it this weekend and will let you know how it goes!

Tammy said...

So happy for y'all! Y'all seem to getting plugged into life in KC quite well. Love the pictures! My husband hasn't been home in time for dinner for weeks, but last night was his last official high school sporting event for a while, so we're looking forward to seeing him more! Have fun with your sister!

The Rand's said...

Ok, I cried reading your post. Happy tears of course! Your children are getting so big and are precious as always! Loved the update!
And, I'm so happy that you guys are together again! And able to eat dinner as a family--it's the little things in life that make such big impressions on our children!
You're such a wonderful mommy!
Called you yesterday to chat. Call when you get a chance. Miss you! xoxox

FROGGITY! said...

oh my goodness! picture perfect storybook! and summer's on it's way! y'all are in for a treat - being together and having some time to enjoy it! congrats!

Live.Love.Eat said...

Sounds like everything is falling into place just right. Congratulations!!!!!!!!