Saturday, March 27, 2010

A Day in the Life, a guest post by Shannon Albert

While Casey is away spending time with sweet Caroline, I am doing a guest post to fill some time here on the ol' Starnes Fam blog. Our lives are so similar, I think you'll barely even notice the difference.

Oh, and for every comment on this blog post, I'll donate $5 to The Scleroderma Foundation so needing to visit relatives who are suffering with it will hopefully not be necessary someday.


Typical day in our family goes something like this.


Wake up at 6 10 a.m., get kids fed some breakfast and hang out to watch some Dora Top 20 VH1 videos and Wonder Pets Talk Soup.

Get everybody dressed Everybody dresses themselves and out the door to go on a hike mom and dad go on a run to enjoy the great weather we've been having lately.


After lunch, it's nap time for the little ones parents while the parents kids enjoy some TV time. Afternoon plans will include avoiding manis/pedis biweekly manis/pedis with the teen and going to the movies alone as a family. Spend time with our outgoing nerd kid playing some sports at the park Farmville and taking our oldest to soccer practice a job fair.

Out to run some errands and we are sure to remember Meow Meow and Lamby the teen's Blackberry on the way out to prevent another toddler teen meltdown like this one from last week.

A bit of shopping at a children's boutique Nordstrom and pick some shoes up for our daughter. Slight heel but hopefully not Suri Cruise slutty?


Drive the toddlers teen to a friend's boyfriend's for a play real date. Hope they don't catch a cold from sharing germs.

Later, we'll have dinner and put the kids in the bath tell the kids to take showers and settle in to read some bedtime books watch SNL before getting them to bed by 7:30 midnight. Then mommy and daddy will drink a bottle of wine go out on a date while watching a rented movie including seeing a late movie. Parents in bed by midnight 3 a.m.

Maybe our lives aren't so similar after all because I was a hussy who had a child very young and I lean a little more geeky techie while Casey leans a little more sorority popular girl. Despite obvious differences, I couldn't adore her anymore than I do despite the drunk emails.

Let's all keep Casey and Caroline in our thoughts and pray for a speedy recovery.


starnes family said...

Absolutely love this, Shannon!!!!!! Thanks.....I enjoyed the comparison and I'm touched with the donations. Come on, comments!

aunt Caroline said...

Thanks for the shout out, Shannon! Love the post and am very appreciative!

Karen said...

Brilliantly written... incredibly amusing, as I don't know Casey, but now after reading it seems like it!

Comments for a good cause, I had to join in. :)

Neal said...

Thanks, Shannon, for filling in for Casey. Enjoyed your post!

FROGGITY! said...

this is hilarious and wonderful!

i am loving the video...i can relate these days... :)

yay for donations!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Had to read a few prior posts to get the tongue-in-cheek comparison. Very funny and great way to support a good cause.

Anonymous said...

Had to come out of "stalking in the background" to add a comment for the cause. Enjoy reading about both your lives. Prayers to Caroline.

Shannon said...

Who are these anonymous people?! Please include your names on your comments or I'm going to assume it's just Casey trying to inflate the comment count. :)

wermach3 said...

Thank you Shannon and Casey, you are both so creative and so wonderful for helping our Sweet Caroline this way! Heidi

Jennifer said...

Great guest post!!

Can I comment more than once?? ha! Scleraderma is close to my SIL was diagnosed with it at 25. She is 33 now. Not enough research on such a terrible disease.

Praying for Caroline!!

Lauren W said...

I am praying for your sister, Casey. Hang in there and let s know if you need anything.

Shannon- you are hysterical. Love it.

The Jones Family said...

Great post, Shannon!

Praying for you Caroline! We love you.

Kristen said...

Comments for sure!! What an amazing thing you are doing with your offer to donate for comments! Wow!

So nice to meet you too :)

Blake said...

Can you pop in tomorrow as a guest mom? I need a break from the three stooges.

Blake said...

Oh and by the way...very funny stuff.

Blake said...

And all for a great cause. Love you Caroline!

If the shoe FITZ said...

Funny Blake...guest mom...three stooges.
Great post...great cause.

Kim said...

Great guest post! Very nice of you to keep the home fire buring for Casey and to donate to the cause as well.

Anonymous said...

Now I'm stalking even more blogs... I need to get out more.

Heather said...

Awesome post for an awesome girl for an awesome cause! You rock Shannon!

Jodee said...

What a great post! Loved the teen meltdown!

Sending Caroline get well wishes from Nebraska!

Kami said...

Great post! Funny how different your lives really are.

Shannon said...

I'm beating myself up over two things, as I often do.

I should have mentioned playing games as we do most nights so instead of Candyland, we play Scrabble.

And I should have crossed out Suri Cruise and made it Miley Cyrus. Or that slut iCarly.

I really shouldn't be commenting since it costs me $5 each time but keeping my mouth shut is HARD.

Oh, and, Blake. WHATEVER. Ask Casey how much I love toddlers. I trust your very capable hands. I'll leave my volunteering to blogging. It's much quieter that way and also less Xanaxy.

Also, my word verification this time is "ovabia" which I'm pretty sure is dirty.

Dee Stephens said...

techie eh? and yes.. having known Casey in college she does lean on the popular side :)

Carrie Darney said...

Hilarious! Blake hang in there...Shannon, this is so funny...Casey and CAroline, enjoy being together....Caroline, I hope you are feeling better!!

Unknown said...

I almost couldn't tell the difference. Great job Shannon! Jennifer

The Soladay Family said...

Great post! How fun! Praying for Caroline everyday!

"Also, my word verification this time is "ovabia" which I'm pretty sure is dirty." Awesome.

Clare said...

Shannon, great post! The whole thing was cracking me up.

Kelly Beatty said...

Yay! Thanks Shannon for filling in for Casey. While Casey's in Dallas, do you think you'll be starting a fan page for Meow Meow?

Diane (I teach with Caroline) said...

LOL! Thanks for your donations for Caroline. They are making great strides with Schleraderma. I know every bit helps! And Caroline is worth everything to all of us!

Ryan said...


Ryan said...


Ryan said...


Anonymous said...


Ryan said...


Mama Sue said...

Great way to help Caroline. Thanks Shannon but I'm scared now because of the video. I have a nine year old who is that dramatic now over getting a you have just confirmed that it's going to get worse.

Malinda said...

Great post. I can relate about the shot video. If it was socially acceptable for a 39 year old woman to act like that, I might.

Feel better Caroline!

Shannon said...

Dee - yep, I'm a techie girl. Casey and I met while working at Pier 1 Kids in the corporate offices when she was a buyer and I was in the IT department.

Kelly - if I start the page, I'll have control of the page and I think it's only right that Casey have control over Meow Meow's fan club. I might, however, start one for the teen's Blackberry. It's like our 3rd child.

Ryan - you're going to bankrupt me. Cheater.

MamaSue - my daughter was easy, easy from 5-12 and then bam! things started getting tough again. I still find her enjoyable almost all the time and will take 10 of her over a toddler any day. My kids were *really* tough toddlers and I think I might have a touch of PTSD from those years.

Amy said...

Too cute. Blake, hang in there! Caroline, we are praying for you in NC.

SASS said...

Shannon, how long have you been dying to get your grubby little paws on Casey's blog? Well done, my friend. That's a great post right there.
And really with those heels? iSlutly would be proud.


Anonymous said...

great post, great cause

amanda said...

I'm a friend of Amy's and just wanted to pop in and let you know that your sister is in our thoughts and prayers here in nyc! Love your blog!

Unknown said...

That is wonderful Shannon! I am so inspired. My father had Scleroderma as well and it is a disease that needs support.

Your "fill in" blog was very entertaining. Glad that our friend Casey has a friend like you!


Anonymous said...

I have stalked for a while without comment but for a good cause I'm all in.

Shannon said...

Sass, I've had my paws on Casey's blog since it was created since I taught her how to blog. Years later, this is the first time I've ever posted and it was to help her (and The Scleroderma Foundation) out.

Liz Mays said...

omg, the boots, the boots. LOVE the boots!

What a great thing to do with the donations for comments.

Happy to meet ya courtesy of Midday Escapades.

timmonstimes said...

Prayers for Caroline and your family!

David Needham said...

Hilarious post! Thank you for shedding light on this cause.

Moni said...

Thinking of Caroline each day!

Sara said...

Great post, Shannon!!

Case - hope you and Caroline enjoyed your time together. Still praying for her!

Blake - hope you survived the punks all weekend long.

Coco said...

I thought I had commented last night? Weird.

But I have to say that Casey just threatened me if I didn't post.


Happy thoughts to Caroline every day! And prayers to her every night!

donatelli98 said...

Great idea for donations - awesome post!

michelle matthews said...

This is a hilarious post! Loved it!

Monica said...

What a fun post! Love the shoes. Not Suri Cruise slutty at all!

Shannon said...

Ok, $250 donation was made to The Scleroderma Foundation. Particularly happy to see so many people delurk to comment for this cause.

Thanks, everybody.

merrilee said...

Oh no, I am late. Great post Shannon--you are one funny girl. Do you know Carrie or Coco? Similar sense of humor! So sweet to donate--what a great friend!

Shannon said...

I only know Casey in real life but have sort of gotten to know Coco and Sass online. Only know Casey in real life though. :)

Merry Mack said...

Cute comparison. Fun guest! I love commenting for a cause.

Tammy said...

ha ha! this is too funny! Love the compare/contrast!

Anonymous said...

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