Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Super Sized Scoop To Keep You Busy While I'm Gone

I'm flying out to big D tomorrow, peeps. So, here's a whole lotta scoop all at once.

As mentioned in a previous post, we went to Disney on Ice at the Kansas City Sprint Center over Spring break.

It was a challenging, but fun time.

Saw Jillian (bless her soul) there with her 3 daughters. Precious.

Lainey helped Meow Meow watch the show.

Jack escaped a minimal amount of times and I only lost him once. Of course, I was on the phone with Jillian at the time of losing him, so if you add that to my daughter telling her to "Shut up!", I'm positive I can count on her vote for Mother of the Year.

Lots of fairies and flowers. We saw Cars and The Lion King and Little Mermaid, too.

Carter did his best to act enthusiastic. Don't you worry about him. He slept over at a friend's house, saw The Diary of a Wimpy Kid movie the first day it was out, saw another one with Dad and spent the night at The Great Wolf Lodge. Spring Break was good to Carter.

Here we are after the show......we made it through! Yes, I'm wearing a princess crown.

Saw Daddy's fancy office downtown. (not Chef Burger)

And, Lainey was wiped out upon returning home. Being a princess is hard work.

I bribed the kids with ice cream yesterday if they agreed to behave during school while I attend my bible study class. They did. Next week, I'm raising the bar with gourmet cupcakes at a cute little shop in town. Obviously, I'm not above a good bribe for compliance.

My favorite....

I bought a "baby station" for Lainey recently. Bath tub, sink, a bed, high chair, monitor, food, lotions and baby supplies galore.

Her brother likes it as much as her, despite its obvious lack of trains!

They are potty training Meow Meow.

I've been thinking of creating a fan page for Meow Meow on Facebook. He's quite popular and could make a real impact on the internet. And, I'm not talking about one of those, "I bet this maggoty dead skunk on the side of the road can get more fans than George Bush" types of fan clubs. I'm talking about the real deal. Stay tuned.

Blake and Carter have made their pics for March Madness. (Is that how you say it? My only knowledge of this event coincides with some pretty fun fraternity parties in college.)

KU losing was a downer......and a big hit to lots of brackets.......but it looks like Carter is still leading the way. Between this and the bowl games, Blake is in hog heaven with his sports-loving son.

Little hand prints on the window make me happy. I'll be even happier when our trees fill in and cover the balcony again!

Alright. Brace yourselves for this one.

I recently found this cool bubble project on How Does She...? Super cute blog.....check it out.

Abbreviate directions: Cut the bottom off of an empty water bottle. Attach a small piece of fabric to the end with a rubber band. Dip the fabric end of the bottle in a soapy solution and then blow on the other end. A bubble snake will emerge.

(Or, bubble train if your name is Jack).

Carter was successful.

Jack was initially. Seconds later, he threw the bottle across the drive way and proceeded to choke and cough for 5 minutes. Mistake: He breathed in the bubbles. Why didn't it occur to me he might do this?! He's 3!

Meow Meow watched with exaggerated anticipation. It was quite a scene.

Lainey tried next and although I stressed the importance of how to use it, she also breathed them in and coughed up bubbles for not 5 minutes, but 10. (Lainey Land is full of extremes).


So, in summary, I give the Starnes kids (and more precisely their mother) an epic FAIL for the bubble project.

I cut bangs recently. And, I'm ready to cut the rest of it off, too. Let's see if Caroline can talk me out of the Mom Cut this weekend.

My latest obsession: Shopping for shoes for Lainey.

My new favorites....

And, they have an itty bitty heal. While I usually think this is a trampy look for a 2 year old, I was smitten with the bows and polka dots. So, I'm not channeling Suri Cruise with this look. Let's get that straight right now, people.

OK, was that enough? I'm bringing my laptop to Dallas, so I might check in from time to time.

Thanks for the great response to my request for help with meals for Caroline and Ryan. Between the blog, Facebook and emails, they will receive lots of help. I'll be in touch next week to set up dates and provide more specifics. Until then, let me know if you still want to help if you haven't contacted me already.



Shannon said...

omg, I want a post like this EVERY DAY now. Woohoo!

So much stuff in this post that I can't even begin to cover it all but let's just skip right to the best part: Lainey's shoes are freaking UH-DOOR-UH-BULL. I want some. right now.

I love that you threw in Lainey's characters as part of your post. If you create a FB page, I will s*** my pants. Promise.

Tammy said...

so much to love in this post... handprints... shut up.. mom of the year... i always say that about myself, not going to be getting mom of the year award again this year... love the shoes... love the shoes.. worth saying twice for this boy mom! the bubble thing so would happen to me! and, Meow Meow reminds me a little of Toonces the Driving Cat from SNL.. remember him?

Kim said...

Cute post and great picture of you! You are doing better getting in the picture! I must ask though, where did you get the shoes, the polka dot ones, sooo cute Miss Alyss must have a pair.

Have a fun and safe trip!

Julie {Angry Julie Monday} said...

Love it!!! And I would totally fan Meow Meow on Facebook.

Dee Stephens said...

I'm all about the Meow Meow fan page! Love the bangs...I'm about to cut my hair off. Not sure how short yet..stay tuned.

The Soladay Family said...

Is it wrong that I laughed at the pic of Lainey choking on bubbles? Bless her little heart!

Meow, Meow rocks.

Mama Sue said...

A few things...first of all it isn't bribing, it's rewarding. Lots of people do it including God. Also you have to do the fan page for Meow Meow...lot that cat!
Love the bangs.

Carrie Darney said...

What are you 2? Gummy bears on ice cream? Casey..that's gross.

Hey, wanna come and cup Hagen's Hiney when you are in town?!

donatelli98 said...

First off love the "not trampy" polka dot shoes for Lainey - too cute! Also love Jack's hair! A nd the brackets - awesome!

Coco said...

1. You totally cut bangs after seeing how cute mine were. I'm on to you.
2. What the hell is up with Jack's hair?
3. Where did you get the baby station?
4. Where did you get the gold sandals for LC?
5. We have that brown and pink dot dress. Thanks to Missy Mack.
6. I love Carter.

Moni said...

Love Jack's hair. I, too, laughed at Lainey with the bubbles. Do NOT cut your hair into a "mom cut"...then it will be "mom jeans," and so on...

Sara said...

Make that 3 people who laughed about Lainey inhaling the bubbles. I still love her though. And those cute little feet in her new, adorable shoes!!
Love that Jack referenced a bubble train. And I love Carter for being so patient and such a good brother.

Love the bangs too. Can I love anything else???? Geeze. I'm wearing myself out with that word.

The Potters said...

Love your new bangs!

Amy said...

Ok so if you have time for a fb page for your cat, it's time you got pregnant. And don't cut your hair. I'm still trying to get over my cut. I feel so mom and so not vamp. Cause that's what I'm aiming for! XO

Shannon said...

How is that the comments are about as good as the post is? Am I reading The Bloggess? Hilarious (and evil! laughing at baby Laine).

The Rand's said...

Loving Jack's new look! Adorable!
You look great with bangs. And with long hair!!
The pic of LC asleep is precious. Love her sweet little tongue hanging out.
Gracie had that brown and pink polka dotted dress, too. Target, gotta love it!
Carter is a great big brother!

Merry Mack said...

I so was going to say we had that brown dress with the pink polka dots, but Coco, beat me to it. I so have to have those not trampy shoes. Do tell... I want to go to Disney on Ice and have a Spring Break like Carter. You know I love Meow Meow because it validates me and my daughter. Enjoy your time with her sister. I hope she is continuing to improve.

Jodee said...

In my opinion, you still get Mother of the Year award!

The bubble pictures are a hoot!

Love Lainey's new shoes!

We were in K.C. for Carson's Spring Break this week and stayed at the Great Wolf Lodge. Sorry we missed you!

So glad you get to spend time with Caroline this week. Hope she is feeling better soon.

Kelly B said...

PS. I hope you don't let this post but when did your kids start smoking bongs?

Shannon said...

AHAHAHA @ Kelly. Casey doesn't moderate comments so yeah, it posted. Nice.

Shannon said...

AHAHAHA @ Kelly. Casey doesn't moderate comments so yeah, it posted. Nice.

Rebekah Williams said...

Ahh, Disney on Ice. Mr. Incredible probably fell at least 10 times. Nathan and I couldn't help but crack up the whole time. (I know. We admit we're worse than the kids.)

Brittny said...

i love it! your posts make me happy! i just wish we had as much to do where we live as you do. and i'm going crazy buying shoes for sophie too! those polka dots ones are awesome! where did you find? and to make you feel better. i'm with you on the whole heel thing. why start so early? wait until you are driving before you try those on. now, a wedge is perfectly fine. those are way cute!!!

Cate O'Malley said...

Love the pink shoes - too cute!!

Anonymous said...

I love you, starnes family!!

Just thought i'd throw that out there.

and you should totally rock the princess crown on a regular basis. we all should, actually--people would probably be nicer if i did. and by 'people' i mean 'G'

and i must tell the husband that i've found another adult who enjoys gummy bears on their ice cream. i make fun of him for this. i stand corrected.

Anonymous said...

i just saw coco's comment referring to lainey as 'LC' and i was like 'casey bought shoes for lauren conrad?'

yeah, i'm an idiot.

starnes family said...

Ladies - both pairs of Lainey's shoes came from the store I work at in Overland Park.

Coco - haven't you always had bangs? Shouldn't I know this?

Coco - baby station came from my store, too.

Coco- Jack's hair is "spikey yike a dinosaur." And, you love it.

Tiffany - gummy bears on ice cream is the best.

Tiffany - LC is for Lainey Caroline.

Carrie Darney - don't say that word again.

Tammy - Yes! Toonces!!!!!

Kelly B - comments go right on. But, to answer your question, they're over 2 years old. Totally acceptable now.

Kelly Beatty said...

And one more thing...Meow Meow is a HE????

Kristen said...

Casey..... all of the pics you post just make me smile. Can't wait to have my own family someday.

My offer still stands to order some takeout for you guys since I am so far away!! Please do let me know if I can do this. I would love to!!!

The Lenzers said...

wowza!!! Love it all! hope all is well in big D