Thursday, March 18, 2010

You Tell Me

Forgot to mention last week's winner.....of the bath tub shot with Lainey in her pjs.

Melanie at The Timmons Times:

Lainey: And they wonder why I've got Third Child Syndrome! They don't even take the time to take my clothes off for baths :)

She has a photography blog, too. Check it out here.

****As for how Lainey ended up soaked in the tub..... The kids' bath in our Colorado house was upstairs adjacent to their bedrooms. My routine was always to throw both kids in.....put away laundry or such since their doors were steps away......I could return to watch them while I worked. Then, I would get Lainey out first.....dried off, sweet and clean. Back to get Jack. I remember grabbing his pjs out of his room, hearing a thud & and splash and returning to find that Lainey dove into the tub, pjs and all. Stinker.

And, this week's:

Jack and Lainey, circa 2008. Brighton, Colorado

Caption it, please!


Dee Stephens said...

look how little they are!
Caption: Hey..hey..hey...yeh.. we like some pizza Mommy!

Kelly Beatty said...

I don't know what they were saying...but it seems they were thinking "I'm so happy!"

FROGGITY! said...

mom, we've avoided the noid!

Anonymous said...

i have been staring at this picture for at least 6 minutes. i am horrible at this!

Carrie Darney said...

Mom, the affair you are having with the pizza delivery guy is really great!! The benefits are just awesome...your secret is safe with us!

Kristen said...

Ugh, You've been blogging all day Mom! We were hungry so we went ahead and ordered dinner... don't worry- there should be enough for you too.

The Jones Family said...

What? It's still good, wanna bite?!

Kim said...

You have such fun picture that deserve great captions but I am at a loss everytime!

If the shoe FITZ said...

Look Mom, we found this perfectly good pizza in the trash. You always taught us to never waste food.

Coco said...

Look what we found in the neighbor's trash!

Sara said...

Nice try, Mom. You can hide it, but we'll ALWAYS find it!

timmonstimes said...

Hey girl, thanks! I never win anything :) Appreciate the shout-out.

If anyone books a photo session because you read about me on this blog, mention it to me and I'll give you $25 off!

Allyson and Dave said...

Look Mama....we made dinner!

Unknown said...

Following you from FF,
Please, check out my blog and follow me back ?


Half Brazilian-Half Irish


Kelley said...

3 second rule.. I call dibs on the crust.

have a great weekend!

Trey said...

"I told you if you were good you wouldn't have to eat dog food tonight but you are still eating on the floor. Maybe if your good tomorrow we can talk about sitting at a table"

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