Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Caroline Visit Recap, Part 1

Lots to cover, peeps. Hold on tight!

We visited Lawrence last week to see a friend of ours in town for KU Orientation. Her son is going to Kansas University, a fact not lost on Carter.

We met on Massachusetts Street......the "drag" of Lawrence, if you will.

For Ryan! For Ryan!

Lawrence is weird in a way Austin used to be. Not that Austin isn't weird anymore, but if you have shirts that say, "Keep Austin Weird" the original intention seems a bit manufactured. Please don't get me wrong. I LOVE the city of Austin and if Blake and I were ever to move back to Texas, it would be there. But, Lawrence is still uniquely odd......in that it's not as mainstream as other "odd" towns......Austin, Boulder, etc.

Our friend, Diane, window shopped with Lainey.

Here is Diane with Meow Meow, Caroline and Carter. Diane is one of Meow Meow's biggest fans.

After saying good-bye to her, we walked the campus a bit and toured the bookstore. Carter was beyond delighted.

Here, he looks miserable. Promise it was fun.

The stadium.

An odd bee-hive type structure.

We went to the Natural History Museum.

It was OK. Unfortunately, these kids have seen some fantastic museums in their short little lives. Hard to compete with the Denver Museum of Science and Nature and those offered in downtown KC. We still enjoyed it.

Lainey did NOT enjoy the bird feeding a tiny mouse to her babies.

Love this picture. Love how Carter held the bear's hand.

Another venture out included a trip to City Market in downtown Kansas City.

Caroline knows the drill and never flinches.

Lots of Wizard of Oz throughout Kansas.

The market is located in between downtown and the river.

It's lovely. Farmer's Markets galore......fun for the kids.....authentic foreign food shops......etc.

Littlest punks rode the "toxic waste train" as Caroline has adoringly named these rides. Nice.

"Aren't those old toxic waste containers?"

Carter opted to sit out and enjoy a drink with Aunt Caroline.

It was "Twisted Tomato Day".

So, the kids played tomato putt putt.

And, they made head bands for the 4th of July.

Love the old buildings.

We walked down to the Missouri River and learned some more history on KC. Originally called, the town of Kansas......Lewis and Clark passed threw on their way west.

Jack was in train heaven. The conductor honked two different horns and even waved to us on the bridge. Jack's little 4 year old head nearly exploded.

I told Caroline we could leave him here for a few days and come back......he'd be in the same position. Watching trains.

Finally, Lainey had her fingernails and toenails painted for the first time ever. I wanted Caroline to be here for this big step, so we've been waiting patiently.

She was thrilled.

Blew them dry and loved the results. Our almost 3 year old is growing up fast.

More to come......stay tuned!


Unknown said...

Phew, i'm tired! That was quite the trip!

Love the toxic waste trains!

donatelli98 said...

I loved how excited Lainey is in the nail pics!! You can't blame her in the future when she wants pedicures and manicures all of the time!

The Luis Family said...

Looks like you guys are staying busy! Do you sleep? Love the toxic train ride ... whatever keeps 'em happy! Enjoy the rest of Caroline's trip!

Sara said...

Jack and his old man shoes. Lainey and her adorable dresses. Carter and is sweet smile - love these kids.

The picture of Caroline and the kids where LC is screaming is priceless. Love that.


Jodee said...

My home computer bit the dust last weekend so I am checking in from work quick! It’s quite obvious I have an addiction problem!

Wow! What a fun day with Caroline! We have never been to City Market but now I really want to go! It looks like soooo much fun!

I love the first mani/pedi pictures. I am taking Kamree to the cheap “sweat shop” spa tomorrow for the third time! They only charge me six bucks for her mani and pedi. Of course, I am getting a cheap pedicure at the same time!

Hope you have a great week!

Dee Stephens said...

Awesome times! Love that Carter is into KU and college in general but for reals?? You need to get him down to Baton Rouge ASAP!! LOL!!
That Farmer's Market looks like my kind of place!!
Can't wait to hear about the 4th!

Kim said...

Looks like a super fun time! I love Jack's shoes, love Carter's love of KU and Lainey's first mani/pedi. She is going to be asking you everyday for one. I have to painted in secret last weekend and Alyssa could tell by the smell, she is addicted!

Brittny said...

lainey is looking at her nails the same way sophie does. so funny!!! glad you guys are having fun!!!

Merry Mack said...

I love all the stuff you go and do. If I lived somewhere cooler (in temperature) maybe I would too. Tomato putt-putt is so funny. I love college towns. They just have a great spirit about them. Go Lainey and her painted grown up girl nails.

The Soladay Family said...

What a great post. Love ALL the pics. Wish I had a little girl to paint her nails with. =(

Hattie said...

Looks like y'all had an amazing time. What a cool place to visit!

The Rand's said...

That last pic is adorable! Love the look on Jack's face and LC blowing on her nails. So, so cute!
Surfer Carter is back! Love his shaggy hair! And he's so tall!

timmonstimes said...

Aunts are super special - sweet of you to want Caroline there for the first mani:) I have never painted C's toes or nails. I, too, want it to be a special experience:)

Okay, all of your kiddos are dang cute! I feel like I only comment on Lainey - not intentional at all:) But that dress of hers when she was playing tomato putt-putt is so precious. I love the fabrics! Did you buy it or did someone make it? Adorable:)

Glad ya'll had fun!

Megan (Best of Fates) said...

Wow, seems like quite a trip - and every town should have a drag, a weirdness quality, and a large hive.

starnes family said...

Mel, I got the dress at the McKinney trades days last year. It's a Fayella Blu.....super cute stuff. Website:


FROGGITY! said...

good gracious! lots going on in the world of starnes!

really loving that you all have so much fun together!!

The Lenzers said...

what a great visit. love the pic of LC sitting by the brick wall

Marguerite said...

Fabulous pics! Love the one of Lainey, after she got her nails painted. Shaaa! Looks like everyone had a fun time, and very interesting tour of KC, too. Love that market!

Mama Sue said...

Love that you made a big deal over the nail painting! That was my plan but her daycare worker painted her toes when she was 8 months...I was devastated!

Monica said...

So many fun outtings!

Kristen said...

So, so much fun.

Carter is becoming quite the handsome young man...

And I love that you waited for your sis to be there for Lainey's nail painting experience. Precious. I love that she blew them dry.

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