Wednesday, July 21, 2010

La Jolla Vacation - Day 6 - Updated

Forgot to include Caroline's and my trip to the La Jolla Farmer's Market. See? This is why I must post everyday. I cannot remember the details long term.

It was lovely. Delicious produce and fun stuff to buy, too. I knew I wasn't in Kansas anymore, though, when I inquired about a pair of ballet flats and they were $58.

Speaking of Kansas......

My latest obsession - these darling picnic baskets. I have 3. Washable, collapsable, the top zips closed and they stack. And, you know how much I love picnics.

Bought some flowers for the beach house. $3 for the bunch. They still look beautiful.

Caroline can scope out good food like no other. Fried fish tacos? Don't mind if I do!

They were divine.

And, back to where I started before......

Sorry for the delay in posting here, folks. We've been busy with a full day at Disney, the fam in town and the beach. Plus, our internet connection here is tempermental to say the least. I'm working on it!

On Sunday, our Cali family came in to surf and play. My Uncle Bob is pretty much a badass cool guy in these parts. So, we petitioned him for some lessons. Carter was first. After last year, this was a refresher course.

Jack? "No fank you." Actually, his new line is "Neber!!!!!!!!!" He obviously likes some variety in his declines.

Lainey tried the boogie board with Blake. Fail. She's 2, peeps. Give her a break.

Look at our baby go!

Another cool guy.

Uncle Bob surfing.

La Jolla Shores. Fabulous.

The set up. Blake bought an umbrella for Caroline and we contributed some beach chairs to the house this year. If they keep inviting us to use the house, we'll eventually have a hugely obnoxious set up on the sand. I'm thinking along the lines of a bbq grill, tent, stereo system and poker table.

Painted toes on the board.


Lainey's turn to go out with Bob!

Look at this baby go!!!!!!

Proud to say Lainey beat Carter's record. He surfed in Hawaii at age 3.

The pro and the apprentice.

The fam. Jack, me, Cawowine, Aunt Donna, Erin, Cam, Bob, Carter, Blake, and Lainey.

Back at the beach house, we visited and enjoyed some cake. Occasion? None. Don't need one on vacation.

The house.

Bob entertained the wittle cousins (as Erin calls them). She posted a really cute video of them on my Facebook page. Check it out.

Jack crashed early.

We put Lainey to bed and snuck out. Caroline visited with Carter while Blake and I took in a sunset at Windansea Beach. Then, a margarita at Su Casa. Life is good.

I'll update as my connections allow. Happy Wednesday, folks!


Dee Stephens said...

I'm a hater of seagulls. Trash eating varmits.
* Love that your kids are surfing and always try fun, active things.
* Love Jack's GD shirt(truly awesome)
* cake looks good
* glad you and Blake got some time to yourselves!

Clare said...

It makes me smile that you still call Carter your "baby".

No wonder you and Blake are so mushy after 10 years (right?), you make time to enjoy each other, love it.

Kelly Beatty said...

Where did you get Jack's Deadhead shirt???? Love it! Love Lainey's toes on the board! I'm so happy you're having a great time. It inspires me to plan a vacation very soon!

starnes family said...

Clare - 10 years plus!

Kel - Target. I love it, too.

Monica said...

so MUCH fun.

The Soladay Family said...

Carter is a total stud out there on the waves. Awesome.

Glad you and Blake had the chance to sneak away and enjoy some alone time. ;)

SASS said...

The things I would give to be on your vacay right now. My entire bottle of painkillers even. And I know you might take me up on that. Too bad I broke my tail AFTER you left.
Where to begin?? That market sounds heavenly. Tomatoes, fresh flowers, fish tacos (those look insane), picnic baskets. UGH! So jealous.
Jack's new phrase is better then NO FANK YOU. I like NEBER! I'm totally using that.
Carter is such a stud. Laine is just so mighty cute on that board. What an adventurous little bug she is. And that suit! To die.
Blake & you time? Mucho needed. And probably the margarita too. Last thing- you and Jack on the board? Adorable.
Miss you!!!!

The Lenzers said...

oh my, blake looks so young in the marg pic!!! is this a family house or what., give me the scoop!!!

Jodee said...

That farmer's market looks fabulous! It looks like you are having such a great time. We definitely need the house scoop too!

Sara said...

What a darling family!! Love the whole fam pic.

I was just thinking about how fun it's going to be for the punks to look back at all these pictures over the years and have such great memories. Makes me happy!

Miss you!!

Merry Mack said...

Every day I get more jealous! I want this vacation. I have one of those baskets. I use it to carry Missy Mack's crap to school everyday. It really helps. People call me Little Red Riding Hood but I don't care. Yum... Fish tacos. Carter rocks the surf board and good for Lainey too! Glad you and Blake got to slip away. Love it all!

maren said...

Do you know a website for those picnic baskets? Really fun!

Melissa said...

Love all the pictures--almost feel like I am there instead of at work! My favorite picture is of Lainey's little toes on the boogey board--too cute! Looks like you all are having a blast, relax and enjoy! :)

donatelli98 said...

There's that smile again! Love it! BTW - I have on of those baskets and love it. One of my bestest friends gave it to me - great for everything!