Thursday, April 30, 2009

Closed, Sold, Done!

Hello, friends! I've been missing you. For one whole day...but, it seems like forever. Heather, you flatter me, by the way. :)

Where to start? House is no longer ours. There are people sleeping in there now that we do not know and it always seems weird. We didn't love this house like our first.....we built that home from day 1 and were there for 4 years. This one, we bought and it didn't have everything we wanted, but we sacrificed in order to ensure lots of activity in this lovely area of the country. More ski trips than most natives can boast, camping, hiking, traveling through the Rockies, into Aspen and beyond.....we loved every minute.

We also brought a newborn home to this house....and two kiddos learned to walk on these wooden floors. So, we are leaving some milestones behind, but taking precious memories with us.

This house brought some heartache, though. A year and a half ago, my sister and closest friend, Caroline, was told by her doctors that she could no longer visit us in Denver due to the altitude not being safe for her body. Her Scleroderma and PAH require lower living and so as soon as we learned this news, Blake started the job search outside of Colorado. We were blessed with a few options.....the one he pursued brings us to Kansas and includes a promotion, too, so we are excited for the future ahead. Yay for frequent visits from Aunt Caroline!

Britney and I have grown closer than ever over the last couple of years, as well. Kansas City is a 7 hour drive from Dallas.....which will allow us to visit often and will strengthen the bonds in our kids that we have cherished between Carter and Trysten over the years. Cousins are so important in life. Some of my best memories include time with my cousins and I'm thrilled to provide the same to our kids.

We are at the hotel now and until Sunday, when Carter receives his First Holy Communion. Luckily, we found a suite/apartment type accommodation with multiple rooms and plenty of space. Absolutely needed for 3 kids! Took the fam out to dinner this evening at Hacienda Colorado and were reminded why we do not eat out. The two margaritas we requested (and drank only one of each) barely numbed the pain of a $90 tab....all for scrambling to keep kids quiet and orderly and not bothering other diners. It's just not worth it at this point!

Today, we learned the house officially closed. More sweet than bitter after this long 7 month single motherhood. We picked up some prescriptions, took Jack to his 3 year old well check, and completed Carter's withdrawal forms for the 2nd grade. Summer vacation starts at 3:25pm tomorrow for this lucky kid. Happy for that.....didn't want him to have to transfer to Kansas schools for just a couple of weeks. We're well equipped for the summer with his Bridge Workbook and lots of chapter books to keep him reading and prepared for the 3rd grade.

Back to the house.....a few pics before we said a final good-bye!

Loved the 3 windows in a row as well as the morning light in this room.

Stairs cut through the middle of the house going up to the 2nd floor and down to the basement, too. I love dramatic staircases and with time, we would have made this one beautiful.

Loved that kitchen island. Meals, homework, and lots of diaper changes. (Sorry to anyone who ever ate at our house. We used sanitizing wipes. Promise!)

A welcome gift and keys for the new owners.

It took me a while to like the construction of houses in Colorado since we were so accustomed to brick. Turns out this style is more suited for the weather. Who knew?

I loved our huge front porch on this house and also the colors......olive green with plum shutters and a plum front door. A bit funky, but toned down enough to blend in.

The drive out. Bye-bye house!


Amanda said...

Good luck with your new endeavors! I can't wait to see pics of your new diggs. You and Shannon will have some good times coming up!

Heather said...

Well thank you for posting finally!!! ;) haha! What sweet memories you made in that house. I'm glad to know a little history on why you are moving. I can't wait to see pics of your new house and adventures!

Jeannette Pucella said...

Awwww, honey! So nostalgic! The emotion in your posts is beautiful. I feel your loss and your excitement in moving on to a new place, both geographically and in your life's journey. Moving is a very powerful catalyst for personal change. Maybe that's why I like to move around so much, (I'm still one of those "finding myself" people). But, there is also something to be said for putting down roots. Y'all are going to have a great life in Kansas. And you can still take ski trips to Colorado! Love you, beauty!

Unknown said...

I always loving reading your posts, Casey! You are truly inspiring with your words. (You should write a book!)

Wishing you all a safe trip "home" to Kansas and Happy First Communion to Carter.

I would love to see you guys next time you are in the big D :)

Dee Stephens said...

And now on to your next adventure!!! how exciting!! and now Carolina can come visit. I can't believe her doctors told her that.. I've never heard of that before? :(
Good luck!

If the shoe FITZ said...

I am sad and excited at the same time. Glad I got to visit you their! Can't wait to visit in KC.

The Jones Family said...

I can't wait but what sweet memories that house has brought! Now, get to KC so we can come... bags are packed and we are waiting! LOVE YOU all SO very much!

michelle matthews said...

Awe - what a great post. Beautiful house! love that porch and island! You are SO SWEET to leave the new owners a gift and note. You are BUSY girl! can't wait til you get all settled in your new place.
90.00 tab! Wow! Not a fun time.

Shannie said...

Bye, pretty Colorado house! You guys will make new memories in a new home soon!

Happy First Communion to Carter!

aunt caroline said...

I'm going to miss that house :-(. Lots of good memories both there and in Castle Rock.

Now it's time to make some new ones!

Impulsive Addict said...

What a great house! I'm sure it will be missed. I bet the new owners will love that plant! You should have included a cheap bottle of wine! Oh wait...that's just me being thirsty. Sorry.

Live.Love.Eat said...

Love your old house. Will be back to peruse more. Congrats on your move. Seems like a lot has been going on for you!!!!!!

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