Sunday, April 05, 2009

Mysterious Package

We noticed a ticking noise coming from a package sitting on the front porch yesterday. I know.....a little unnerving!

So, after confirming the sender was a reliable source - my Aunt Donna....not a known terrorist...instead, someone who adores our kids and sends them sweet things throughout the year - we brought it in to take a closer look. Jack was immediately curious.

And, Batman was his usual suspicious, condescending self. "Humans. It doesn't take much to throw them off." Pretty sure I heard him say it.

It was addressed to Jack (for his upcoming birthday), so we let him open it, although I knew there would be something for each child because Donna can't send something to just one kid. And, she sends Lainey the most precious clothes, so each package = fun for me, too!

Happy boy.....retrieving his Batman car and Easter goodies as well.

Lainey quickly took over the Care Bear birdy not intended for her. She doesn't care. If it's soft and sweet, she considers it hers.

And, here is the cute sundress that was intended for her. Can't wait for warmer temperatures!


michelle matthews said...

Such a sweet aunt! Cute pictures!
That cat is hilarious.

The Soladay Family said...

Precious babies! Love that sundress!

FROGGITY! said...

C-UUUTE! precious pics. great package!! hope you had a fabulous weekend.

Malinda said...

So what was making the ticking noise?

starnes family said...

It was a Batman car....revving its engine. Sounded weird coming through the packaging!