Thursday, May 21, 2009

A Whole Lotta Random

I'm taking Coco's Random Photo Friday to a new level by throwing in a couple of random links. Nothing can stop me now!

Check out this link for one of the funniest sites I've seen in a long time. Real family photos. Super awkward. Pure genius.

And, this link will take you to reviews for a wolf shirt on I know.....why?.....just read the reviews at the bottom. Obviously, the theme caught on. Has anyone else seen this?

On to my little ones.....

Jack in his new choo choo backpack my Aunt Mary sent him for his birthday. Suggesting he loves it seems like an understatement.

Lainey Bug! Getting more blonde by the day. Summer sun should seal the deal!

Our daredevil.

A few additions to the kids' wardrobes......showing allegiance to our new home state.

Carter is sure he wants to go to KU now in Lawrence. I wouldn't mind that at all!

And,'s that time of year.....for pop ice. Kiddos are in heaven!

And, no. He never takes off the boots. Did you know I can read minds?


FROGGITY! said...

so cute! love some pop ice in this household!!

i may get stuck on the awkward family site for quite some time... thanks for sharing!! have a great weekend!

If the shoe FITZ said...

ya'll sure do jump around on teams. no matter where i live I will always be a San Antonio Spurs Fan...and hate all the other teams.
Hubby was only born in NY and pretty much hates all TX teams.

I do know you'll always be an LSU at least you have that!

donatelli98 said...

My MIL is from Lawrence and my FIL went to law school at KU. Hubs was a KU fan growing up until he went to ZONA and met me - since they compete in BBall quite a bit we can't cheer for them. My girls are already loyal CAT fans! Cute how you guys adopt the teams of your new hometown.

Loved the links - I am laughing at my desk at work!! I am reading the Mermaid Chair right now (just about done - by Sue Monk Kidd I think - author of Secret Life of Bees - both are good books). I saw you were reading Barefoot - I have read that too. Any good books you can suggest?

starnes family said...

I'm actually indifferent with the sports teams.....but I encourage the kids to jump right in to where we live. Creates a "home" quicker and encourages them to embrace new things.

But, yes....the only team that counts in my book is the Fightin Tigers!!!!!

The Lenzers said...

we have the same boot obsession! connor has that train back pack and loves his too, all though we have recently moved on to a CARS one. i will check out these sites!

The Rand's said...

Love that Jack never takes his choo choo boots off! So cute! And Lainey's hair is so light! Wow! So pretty!

Malinda said...

I did see the wolf T-shirt link. It's one of the leading Yahoo news stories right now. I have no idea why. It looks like something Napolean Dynomite would wear.

You did read my mind, I was going to ask if you bought the next size up in those Thomas boots for when he outgrows the current ones.

Julie {Angry Julie Monday} said...

Love the Thomas boots.....

The Soladay Family said...

I love that the kids seem to be so settled in already! Precious pics!