Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Five Truths And A Lie - the college years

Absolutely loved this post from Confessions from an Impulsive Addict. Made my own version.

How it works.

5 of these things are true and one is not. Leave me a comment telling me which you think is false. Easy enough?

1. I tried this coastal thing once before. Packed up and headed east with my college BFF in hopes of meeting another friend out there to share a trailer on the beach and wait tables. I had $50 total in my possession. We made it to Athens, turned around and re-enrolled at LSU.

2. I waited tables at a very popular "dive" near the LSU campus called Louie's Cafe. It was rare to see someone working there without tattoos, piercings, or unusually dyed hair. I wore my Greek t-shirts and even a bow occasionally.

3. My Freshmen year included a stay at the very popular Miller Hall. My male "guest" stayed past his curfew one evening, so we figured out a way for him to basically scale the exterior wall to freedom. I changed the sign-in books and never get caught.

4. I received a ticket (misdemeanor) one very late night for being in a public park after dark, missed my court date, and then spent 2 years "running from the law" under an arrest warrant.

5. I hitched a ride from a friend, with previously mentioned BFF, to see the Grateful Dead play in St. Louis. We had no tickets and very little money. Camped outdoors, ate very little, but saw both shows and even gave away a "miracle" ticket.

6. I ended up swimming in the LSU lakes after a friend took a corner too fast and drove her car into the water. Her father was less-than-pleased and she returned to Monroe that next semester due to our indiscretion.

I'll tell you the "lie" on my scoop post coming soon!

Two random notes:

***I missed my Eat. Live. Be. post this Monday. Nothing too exciting to report. May have lost another pound. Still not trusting the mystery scale. Walked on the beach and ate well.

***Don't forget my giveaway. Pass it on!


Pam Bowers said...

I'm guessing number 4 is the lie.

You led a very interesting life as a twentysomething!!!

Kim said...

I am also guessing #4. They all made me smile. Good for you another pound, keep it up girl!

Dee Stephens said...
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Megan (Best of Fates) said...

Okay, this is really hard - each has that little added detail that makes it seem true!

jennykate77 said...

Gah. I am so bad at these. I think it's because I'm SO gullible.

Everyone is picking #4. But something tells me it might be true. You've got a wild you never know.

The small details is what makes it so hard.

Maybe #1 is the lie??

I'm so clueless.

jennykate77 said...

Your college days sound like a blast regardless!! :)

donatelli98 said...

I am going with #1 or #6 - can't wait to hear the details! This is a great post!

Mama Sue said...

#2 is the bow really?

Dee Stephens said...

I removed my post because I slept on it and I think it's #1? I do love all the Miller Hall stuff! Again, you would have never met me :-)

Lindsay @ whimsy.girl said...


Impulsive Addict said...

Girl, you're not foolin' me. I think all of these are true!! One might have a small discrepancy which is probably #4 but I bet there is some truth behind that one.

You and I could have been besties in college.

Thanks for the shout-out, Yo~

Sara said...

I'm going with #6. We've discussed a few of these.

merrilee said...

I am guessing are WAY to responsible to run from the law!

Momma to the A's said...

#6 has to be the lie ... you run from the law ... no way. I guess it could happen. This is a fun post! So interesting to find out these little tid bits!

caroline said...

I refuse to tell what I know, but every one's comments are so funny!!! Little do they know...

If the shoe FITZ said...

Casey was the biggest bow head!
I think the car thing might have been with Jill, no? Hmm...I've been meaning to ask you about her.

Malinda said...

I'm going to say #2 because it's not as exciting as the rest of them. I'm also having a hard time picturing you with a bow in your hair.

Unknown said...

This is KS... this might post as my friend Bill but it's me. Just stealing his computer down here in Brew City.
You totally were not on the run from the law... And if the rest are really true, you are my hero. You already were... but even more so now. Badass Case. Badass.
I might have to steal this post idea. So much fun.

Moni said...

I know the bow thing is true...I have pictures to prove it. I remember bits and pieces of some of these stories....can't tell which one isn't true though. You left out some good ones, though. My lips are sealed :)

Kelly Beatty said...

Number one is not true! I don't remember you being on the run from the law at LSU. I was, though. I fought the law and the law won.

Brittny said...

My college years sound like they were spent at a retirement center compared to yours. I'm going with #4 too, although I know someone who did this so I could be totally wrong that you did too.

Merry Mack said...

My guess is #2.

Unknown said...

I seriously have no clue. SO I am going with #5!

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