Sunday, February 20, 2011

Super Sized Scoop

Which one was a lie? #3 Fooled ya!

On to the scoop.......

Jelly Cat now gets dressed every day. She also gets buckled in the car. Which takes about 20 minutes. If she is bumped to the front seat due to carpool overcrowding, Lainey protests b/c "She's not firteen! It's not safe for her to be in da front!" It's cute and annoying all at the same time.

Sweet punkins playing outside on a pretty day.

Annoying big brother.

Sweet little Laine.

Eyes closed, twirling.....twirling......twirling. So much fun having a daughter. Who knew?

While Carter was on his overnight field trip, I took the punks to the beach. Love this picture.

The beach usually opens up opportunity for soda and fake-orange-covered delights like Cheetos.

More twirling.

Anyone want to give us a sailboat? This looks like so much fun.


Loving my book. Anyone familiar?

Not Jelly Cat's best angle.

A simple sweet treat for the kids...... Take mini graham cracker crusts.

And, pudding.

Combine to make pies. The punks filled them, sprinkled them and I drew the heart. Easy peasy and fitting for any holiday!

In addition to doing her own laundry, Lainey has been (within reason) dressing herself. She mastered the all-polka-dot look for sure.

Surprisingly, this was a good set up for Jelly Cat. I think the headband is supposed to be an eye cover.

Valentine's much fun with Preschoolers. Rylee's mom made cupcakes. Rylee made one blue for Jack. :)

The happy couple.

Hard at work.

Loved seeing the punks pass out and receive Valentines. So sweet. Jack's response to the pink princessy ones? "No fanks. I don't want any of doze." Teachers explained that he had to receive all of them to be polite. Our sweet, honest boy.

These three are so much fun together.

We headed to the beach for a picnic with Holly and kids after school that day.

Sweet girls, Ainsley and Holly.

The boys got in the water......and Nicholas took off his wet shorts at some point. Carter retrieved them with a shovel. Nice.


Chub-a-lub baby girl. Love her.

Surfers at sunset.

That evening, I arrived home, tucked kids in bed and later found this. Lainey snuggled up with "Cowgurl Kitty". We framed the card Caroline sent Lainey. She looks a lot like Batman's girlfriend.......Gypsy kitty......more on that later.

Giveaway ends tonight. Good luck!


Dawn said...

Oh, my! Can your children be any more beautiful?

And, I love that picture of the two young ones walking along the beach. Breathtaking!

I'm going to have to let my girls make those little pies. They will love that. Thanks!

Dee Stephens said...

I should have known #3 was a lie. I didn't realize you really 'MEANT' he scaled the way. You were on the 6th(i think..maybe 7?)
Been a long time.
Jack is going to be a TOTAL heartbreaker. He's super cute!

Shannon said...

Little kids in front seats is a major pet peeve of mine. I often think the school should send out a reminder how dangerous that is because parents drop their little ones off right from the front seat. Nooo!

Speaking of, Carter looks 12 or 13. He's big enough for the front seat now I bet.

Will love to hear your thoughts on "Freedom." Supposed to be such a great book but I haven't read it yet.

Can't tell you how much Laine reminds me of Payton when she was little. SO girly and nurturing. She makes our fam feel more sweet (now she does - not so much at age 3).

Merry Mack said...

Valentines day is cute! I love that Riley made jack a blue cupcake. Lainey and those kitties are too cute. How did Carter like the sea world sleep over? I took my third graders last year. I have heard Freedom is super good. I wish I had time to read.

Jodee said...

It looks like you had a great V-Day! Love the beach pictures too!

Lindsay @ whimsy.girl said...

Such cute pictures!!

Impulsive Addict said...

I love looking at your pictures. They are always good. And that Lainey makes my uterus hurt for another girl.

Cassie said...

Is carter entering puberty? I remember walking him to the ice cream store with caroline when he was barely walking. I NEED those pie crusts.

Sara said...

I can't get over Jack - he's a big boy now!! So cute.

And I can't believe that Lainey has abandoned Meow Meow. Sunkist and cheetos??? YUM. Sunkist might be my most favorite drink of all time.

Cute Valentine cupcakes. And I love the graham cracker and pudding idea. I bet Hudson would eat that up.

aunt caroline said...

Spring Break 2011, I can't wait. This pics prove it.

Monica said...

Carter & Jack are studs with their short haircuts.

Clare said...

Do you read the blog Whatever (it's linked in my sidebar), her little girl dresses her self and it's hilarious. Lainey is doing great!

All of your beach time makes me jealous!

Hattie said...

Loving Lainey's choice in clothing!!! I always love your pics!!! Picnic on the beach...I'm soooooo jealous!!!

Brittny said...

So much to say I just hope I remember everything I was thinking when looking at this post.

First, LOVE that Lainey is as concerned about her kitties as Sophie is about her babies.

Second, Sophie is twirling all the time now too. The dizzier the better!

Third, Jack's hair is adorable!!!

Fourth, Lainey cracks me up with her faces.

Fifth, Carter, you're a stud!

Sixth, love that we are experiencing weather similar to yours right now.

Seventh, I'm going to stop because I'm forgetting things now.

G'night!! : )

The Lenzers said...

your life is too good right now!!!! can't you do something bad? just kidding!!!! looks like good times! love the mini dessert ideas! we live to put fruit and cool whip in them too

Lauren W said...

So, I haven't been reading blogs lately for some reason unbeknownst to me, but I was catching up on your blog this morning and I realized how much I missed your family. Is that weird?

Oscar Party this Sunday night at Erica's and a fully formed book club that meets once a month. Why did you move? :-(

donatelli98 said...

Love the pictures Casey!! Lainey's expressions are priceless!!

starnes family said...

Lauren W!!!!! Stop it.

Kami said...

Neat pie idea. I'll have to see if Reaghan will eat those. She's weird about combining some foods.

I love seeing your beach pics. It's interesting to see how different your beaches are from ours even though we're on the same coast.

timmonstimes said...

I'm in love with the beach pic of Lainey and Jack walking away...mmmm, love!

Momma to the A's said...

Those beach pictures have me so jealous!! Beautiful pictures by the way!!

We are at -10 today ... the beach ...ahhh!!

Kim said...

Great beach pictures! Lainey and Jack look like they are the best of friends, such cuties!