Friday, February 04, 2011

Friday Scoop

Do you see the results of the "Sick Kids" poll? I'm innocent. Look over there to the right. Solid proof.

There's a new kid in town, peeps.

Lindsay, from Hines Catch Up, is a friend from my childhood. Like, back to when I was 5 years old and met her big sister in Kindergarten. Linds was friends with Caroline because they're closer in age and she was also the mascot of most of our cheer leading squads in P.S.A.

Now, she's all grown up, with a child actually older than my oldest......and a darling family. Go check her out for decorating ideas. Love, love, love her "Break the Bank vs. Cheapskate" posts. You will, too!

Remember this "You Tell Me"?

Dawn won. I'm not even into bathroom humor, but this was pretty funny:

Oops! I don't think I should have eaten that Fiber One bar!

Dawn, send me your address and I'll get a little treat in the mail to you.

I did some wreath revamping while Sass was in town. Made this about a year ago and it's suffered from weather and such since then.

So, I updated it with larger pieces of burlap and fabric. Need to work on the "S", but I like it!

The littlest punks got hair cuts. And, you know we rarely do cuts mildly. Jack went super short. Here he is looking for carpool.

"Not here, Mom!" He keeps me in the loop.

Laine got about 3-4 inches cut off. It looks much healthier. Her sweet face doesn't look very good, after a spill on the concrete coming out of school. It's healing quickly, though.

Much shorter!

Not sure what is going on here.

We are loving our baby friend, Ainsley. Holly came over earlier this week and Lainey jumped at the chance to "hold da bebe".

Merrilee brought Jack a train set. I'll let you guess how much he loves Merrilee right now. We haven't actually gotten it to work quite yet, but he is adoring it, anyway.

I've got some new help with laundry these days. Lainey stands next to me as I fold and then puts all of her clothes up. She enjoys hanging more than anything.

My big girl, hard at work.

After witnessing her enthusiasm for such, I cancelled her college fund and am now focusing on household chores. We're mopping next.

What else?

We're seeing Sass's sister, Katie, on Saturday. Cannot wait! She's in town with her husband, staying in La Jolla, and will visit with us this weekend. I'm anxious to see her pregnant with twins!!!!!!!!

Today is share day at school. The letter is M. Meow Meow in da house!

I'm currently looking for Jack a soccer program and Lainey a dance one. Is the world ready?

Yall have a great weekend. I'm off to cut some star shapes for school and then start the carpool run. Livin the life, peeps!


donatelli98 said...

Love Jack's haircut (and Lainey's too)! I adore short hair on boys! Sorry about Lainey's spill - glad she is healing nicely. Can't wait to see what Meow Meow has to say about Share Day. Did he take a bath beforehand???

Dee Stephens said...

cute haircuts! Love that Lainey is helping!

Lindsay @ whimsy.girl said...

That wreath is precious! If I can find a pack of sled dogs to get me out of the house today, I might buy some supplies and make one myself! Love the haircuts...too cute!

Also, thanks for the introduction, I am VERY thankful you just mentioned the mascot thing and did not post pictures! :) Although I am sure people see some small child dressed in an animal constume when you say "mascot". Haha!! I want it to be known that I wore a cheerleading outfit as creepy costumes!! :)

Moni said...

Cute haircuts....and I have mascot pics of case anyone wants to see. What are big sisters for? :)

jennykate77 said...

I totally voted for Blake.

Your friends blog sounds great. I'll go by and check it out!

Cute caption!! LOL

LOVE the update on the burlap wreath!! REally cute!

Lainey's poor nose and forehead. :( Hope it's better soon. Their haircuts are cute!

You guys have had lots of company! Fun, fun!! Hope you have an uber fun weekend.

timmonstimes said...

Corinne absolutely LOVES dance! She doesn't participate in class very much because she's pretty shy but the minute we get in the car and all the time at home, she is constantly practicing her plea's and such! It's been awesome!

Love the kiddo's haircuts:)

Cassie said...

great wreath. I have a styrofoam wreath that I am too scared to decorate.

Tutus and Choo-Choos said...

Love the wreath makeover and Jack's new haircut is awesome. Jack barely looks like the same kid.

The Lenzers said...

love laundry helpers!!!!!! if only they wouldn't dirty up so much!!

Pam Bowers said...

Lots going on in your world. Love the haircuts!

Brittny said...

Love the haircuts!! I cut Sophie's hair this afternoon right before Brandon got home and he was not happy. If it were up to him I never would have started cutting it this past summer and it would look like a wasp nest! It also would be past her bum and a NIGHTMARE to brush! Can you imagine curls that long, but that never stretch out? I know. Anyway, I had to get my bangs trimmed and it was a very windy day and my hair person got Sophie to sit still long enough to brush her hair out and told me how much I needed to cut off (b/c the last trim I did butchered it, again, curly so couldn't tell) and today I did it. It's cute and I love it. Did I talk too much about that?

Christopher would flip over that train! He will play with any kind of train he can find. Even if it's for a baby, he will play with it for an hour.

Glad you are having lots of company to hang out with! Good luck finding soccer and dance for the kids. Christopher started taekwondo (needs to come out of his shell more) and Sophie is taking a little dance class at our church. I plan to put her in a real class in the fall, but she loves it. And I love watching her! Adorable!!!!

Jodee said...

Your wreath turned out sooo cute!

Love the kids' new dos!

Hope you have a great weekend!

Joanne said...

The haircuts look great! But I mean, I think they'd look adorable no matter what.

SO cute that Lainey is helping out with the chores. Just be sure to remind her of her enthusiasm when she's in her teens and refuses to wash the dishes :P

Quinn, Allison, Rylee and Cailyn McNamara said...

oh boy, i just love my part in this post...jack can't see my car through his binoculars because i'm LATE and lainey is all scratched up! awesome.
btw, rylee informed me yesterday that she wants to marry jack.
she also asked me if we had made a plane yet.

SASS said...

Punks haircuts are darling- "he keeps me in the loop". Love it. lainey's poor face!!! Bar fight. Who needs college? I have a degree but all I'm doing is housework and drinking. Better start her early on that too.
Did you take any pics with Katie?? I haven't seen her in a couple weeks- I know she's getting big!!
Miss you guys. Sorry for drunk texting you last night. I feel awesome this morning.

SASS said...

Ps still can't figure out that damn train? Even $20 later....

Sara said...

Jack and his binoculars are hilarious - love it! And his haircut is adorable. Hudson and Jack would play for hours together with trains... can I just ship Hudson out there for a few days? You won't even know he's there as long as you give him some trains.

Cute wreath! And I hope Meow Meow got steam cleaned before she made her appearance at Share Day.

Dawn said...

Whoop! I'm excited I won. LOL!
Thank you!!!

Poor little Lainey!

I seriously LOVE her little wardrobe closet AND her clothes.

Camryn (my 4 yr old.) she loves helping me clean. I figure that will only last so long. Ha!

Love the wreath.

I'm headed to check out your friend's blog!

Teacher Man said...

Go to this link:

The comments are priceless!