Friday, November 20, 2009

Latest Scoop

The latest and greatest from the Starnes house:

We turned in our shoe boxes for Operation Christmas Child yesterday. Decided on two at the last minute - a boy and a girl, both ages 2-4. I absolutely love this charity. So perfect for the little ones. We'll be praying for our little buddies overseas going forward.

Oh, and yes. We busted out the leg warmers for Lainey Bug. Lookin' good.

Jack and Lainey visited the dentist on Monday and I lived to tell about it. They both received sparkling reports (sorry, Coco) and they screamed in delight upon returning Thursday for Carter's check up, "Yay, dentissss!!!!!!" I think we found the right office. It must be noted, though, that they left their first visit with a balloon, a toy, a handful of stickers, a tooth-care bag and a cup of ice cream. Pretty nice swag.

The picture below is the same one the dental assistant took, developed and then mounted on their "My First Dentist Visit" certificates.....just like "My First Haircut" certificates.....really cute. (Jack has been before, but we treated this like his first because the original visit was barely a peak into his mouth. Kind of like his first eye exam......hmmm.....noticing a trend here.)

I love how they are treated like twins so often. Sometimes, I think I was meant to have twins. Mine just arrived 16 months apart instead of 3 minutes. All of this "twin" talk will solidify me never getting pregnant again.....Blake is probably sweating right now reading this.

Lainey held the balloon for several hours after we got home. Just like this.

We took cookies to Carter's school on Tuesday. Another sweet mid-day reunion for the 3 of them. Happy they're (mostly) kind to each other.

I think Lainey is ready for school.

Jack, too. He starts Preschool in 6 weeks!

That evening, Carter opened presents at home. A Half Price Bookstore gift card from Aunt Mary.......heaven.

And, the newest Diary of a Wimpy Kid book from Caroline! He received so many great gifts this year......the football jerseys being at the top of that list. Mae Mae and Pa sent him a Tony Romo one and he cherishes it. Me? Not so much. I would love for him to breeze right through this fashion phase.....probably as much as Britney would like Trysten to move through the Under Armour tight shirt one! Right, Brit?

After presents, we ventured to the movies - all 5 of us - for the first time ever. Kiddos prepared by testing out their booster seats.

Then, we went in. And, until the movie started, we looked a whole lot like this - chaos.

"I want popmorn."

"I don't want popmorn."

"I want to sit here."

"I want to sit there."

"What's that noise?! Ha ha. Yained burped."

Blake gave me the "This was your idea" look and I was worried.

Luckily, though, they pulled it together for the actual movie and it was a ton of fun. We made it through the entire show......something I don't think we did successfully with Carter for the first few I was more than pleased. We'll be back!

Kids are still doing well in their "schools" and I'm loving my Building Better Moms class more than ever. Such a great group of girls.

Since tight-gate last week, I've been on the lookout for even louder and more non-matching tights to annoy you with. It really is the little things sometimes that bring us joy.

And, finally, our leaves are just about gone. The trees are looking bare and wintry and just about right for some more snow. We got some flurries and a very light coating on Carter's birthday, but I'm ready for the real thing.

While out shopping one day, Blake took these pictures of the kids in the leaves. I think he got some good ones.

Oh, one more thing. Jack is still loud. Just in case you can't hear him from where you live.

Have a great weekend!


Monica said...

You have the cutest family ever! Seriously!

Tutus and Choo-Choos said...

The MOPS group that I belong to here does Operation Child every year. It is a great cause.

The Lenzers said...

A family movie, thats impressive!! What great pictures, I love L's tights...all of them!

Dee Stephens said...

The leaf pictures are GREAT! way to go blake!

Allyson and Dave said...

I love the tights!! I think I need to invest in some tights. I not too sure when I would get to wear them here in FL though.

AMY said...

I'm so impressed by the double visit to the dentist - I'm terrified of taking Lila, but it sounds like they were great with the kids! Great pics. Your family is adorable.

SASS said...

I love this. Sweet beebees. Love Laine's hair in a pony when Blake gets her ready. And nice leaf pics! Cute Carter and his books. Such a great hobby.

P.s. My mom pulled a leaf out of my hair hours after we left your house. Thanks, Loud Jack.

Becca Jane said...

You're such a good mom, Casey!!
I have an insanely loud child too. It's just unreal how loud they can be!!
This year we're going to donate to a charity or cause for Christmas instead of buying gifts for all of our extended family....I'll have to look into this one!! Thanks!

michelle matthews said...

Good info on the dentist! We will be doing that in January. I'm nervous. I hope Luke's teeth are ok.
Your kids are precious!
Great leaf pics!
Soooo brave on the movie night! Wow!

Sara said...

So stinkin' cute!!! Love the pics of Lainey in the leaves and Jack in his little car. And sweet Carter...looks like he had a great birthday. Hope you did too!!!

p.s. Bring on the non-matching tights. Can't wait to see this!