Thursday, November 05, 2009


Some oddities from our house:

Jack requests "Sugar Magnolia" as a bedtime lullaby each night. Yes, Blake and I know every word. Lainey has started requesting it, too.

Carter knows football like most grown men do. The teams, the players, and of course, how the game is played. Talks about it all the time. Watches it on his TV in the playroom on his own, instead of cartoons or Nickelodeon. He is most fathers' "dream son" growing up right before our eyes. Yes, Blake is loving it.

Jack has a natural aversion to anything grown from the earth. Detests nearly all healthy foods. I don't keep junk food in the house, so his diet is limited to the few healthiest things I can get him to eat. Chicken, pasta, cheese, yogurt, raisins, etc. He's obviously not very concerned about variety.

All 3 of our children are mildly obsessed with chocolate milk. I can't even keep chocolate syrup in the house, or they'll request it ALL DAY LONG.

Jack refers to this tree as a Griswold Tree, not a Christmas Tree. Obviously, we need to cut down on viewings of our favorite movie.

Which brings me to Christmas Vacation. We watch this oh.....probably......30ish times between Thanksgiving and Christmas. It's typically background noise.....while I'm cooking dinner or wrapping presents or doing projects with the kids. We love it.

We eat as a family nearly every night of the week. Prior to eating, we pray an old Catholic prayer (above)......the very one my family prayed when we were kids. Without fail, Jack or Lainey will totally lose it during the prayer. Not both. Only one of them. The other will mutter along, trying to remember the words. But, never do we have both maniacs giving it a shot.

So, there's a few weird things about us. And, you know how weird our cat is.

How about you? What's weird in your house?


The Luis Family said...

Love that you sing "Sugar Magnolia" to your kiddos! We also said the same Catholic prayer growing up, and now my family says it each night when we sit down to dinner.

Weird in our house - My oldest loves to dance to any music that might be playing (even if it is to commercial music), but she has to have some sort of dress up piece of clothing on to dance. The girl wears a dress up dress (or a very long shirt of mine) practically all day long! Can you guess what I told everyone her #1 Christmas wish is??

Coco said...

Love it. Bram is refused to try a green bean tonight. He hasn't had a veggie since jar food. BUT will eat spinach pizza and doesn't know that I put baby food veggies in most of their foods. Also, most of the chicken nuggets he eats in our house are vegan nuggets. None the wiser.

Funny thing about y'all Catholic dinner prayer. One side of my family is Catholic and we say this prayer every. single. holiday. Since I was a baby, yet I still don't have it memorized. At all. Yet, I can listen to any song on the radio and know every single word by heart after just hearing it once.

Other than that, nothing Quirky in our house at all. Super normal.

Merry Mack said...

Weird at my house? We eat at the coffee table. Even if the tv isn't on, but when is that really? When we first had a child that could sit at the table, we did eat at the table every night and we said we were going to stick to it, but somewhere in the midst of the most recent move, we did it once and never turned back. Shame on me.

The Jones Family said...

Normal, nothing weird in this house... :) HA!

Carrie Darney said...

Does your family get rewarded with gummy frogs if you poop on the potty? We do!

Hagen is OK with broccoli (baby trees) and raw carrots in ranch. I have made him a ranch snob...only the real thing (sour cream with the ranch powder) will work.

we are also pretty normal...beaver cleaver if you will...

SASS said...

Normal shmormal. Can't believe you sing grateful dead to your beebees.

We eat at the coffee table each night. Tony and I on the couch, girls with stools on either side. I used to be ashamed, but it's our favorite family time. Once we're done they're allowed to hop up and snuggle. They love it.

We only drink bottled water. I tried pouring gallon water into the used bottles, but everyone noticed it tasted funny.

No one leaves this house in the morning without having V8 fusion. No one ever.

I quick Swiffer the floors every night while Tony goes upstairs to get ready for bed. I can't sleep if I don't. Always done that. Can't stop.

Every morning when we all come downstairs we go to the back door and stand there. See what the weather is like, check out the yard, see the morning birds.

So many more. So many.
Good post, weirdo!

Anne Lorys said...

I adore your blog, thank you so much more finding me so that I could find and follow you right back!

Shannon said...

My kids.

Dee Stephens said...

I love Christmas vacation too! Oddity in my house? Candles...obsessed with them. Have tghem burning them all the time!

Tutus and Choo-Choos said...

It is very nice to meet your cute family. Glad that you stopped by my blog from Jodee's followtheleaders blog. We are a catholic family and we try very hard to have a family meal every evening and we pray the same prayer as you.

Take care,

Kelly Beatty said...

Remember Maggie's name was Magnolia??? I was so jelly. I loved it!

Anyway, we don't have any kids but Brian and I have quirks. If we fight, it is about wine. I just literally, laid down on the floor to compare who had more wine in their glass. I had to see if they were level (like same amt in each glass). We were in the living room and there was no counter available.

Kelly Beatty said...

Just read Dee's post. Remember YOU used to be obsessed with lighting candles too? It'd be like a seance! Lighting all the candles, so funny.

Sara said...

I'm so glad that Trey and I aren't the only ones who play/sing Grateful Dead to our kid! Makes me feel much better!!! :)

The Lenzers said...

Wierd at our house...just the people! I used to really enjoy fixing things up, but for the last few years not so much. Maybe I will get in the mod again one day. Mark is so not a fixer, of any kind!
Must say, too, God Bless our Animals.They sure put up with a lot from the kiddos!!