Thursday, November 19, 2009


Last night was super fun and it began when Sass arrived to sit for the kids. They immediately took to her, although, Carter called her Katie (her sis who needs a blog!) 1/2 the time.

Katie, Sass and Sam were my "first babies". We lived on the same street for years and years and I spent a lot of time babysitting for them. Even when they moved to another neighborhood.....even when I went to college.....I'd return to babysit. Their mom was the one who taught me to cut pizza with to make cheese to make ordinary events exciting ones for children. I love this family and continue to implement lessons I learned watching their lives take shape so many years ago.

It's funny how life turns out......the girls I once sat for are now babysitting for my little ones. Sass shared a trademark Casey snack with them.....graham crackers and sprinkles.....another one learned from her mom!

The departure went very smoothly and I knew they do well when, as we were leaving and Lainey started showing concern, I heard Sass say, "Lainey, let's go be kitties and watch them through the window."


So, we drove into downtown Kansas City and started the evening at the Flying Saucer, an old favorite of ours. Love the plates everywhere.

And, then on to the show.......blissful. A fantastic set list and the theater was amazing. Widespread fans are good people - friendly and fun. Blake and I have loved this band for 1/2 our lives.

With Blake. We were kids again last night......and I loved every minute of it.


donatelli98 said...

Cute Pics! Glad you had so much fun!

5 Boys And Me said...

Great pic of the two of you - I love your scarf!

Dee Stephens said...

Such fun! Look at you in your preppy pink and green :)
So, what's on the graham crackers? Marshmellow cream?

merrilee said...

So glad you had an evening with your spouse. . . it is just plain smart! You look GREAT--love the scarf with the green sweater. How sweet of Sass to watch your 3 little darlings!

Tutus and Choo-Choos said...

Glad you had fun on your date night

Coco said...

Cute pic of you and Blake!!! Glad you had fun.

How is it you give your kids cookies topped with icing for a snack and they have NO cavities.

My kids get apples and peanut butter and have rotten teeth? WTF!

SASS said...

Love this!! Had too much fun with those little rascals. I'm learning how to be a mom from YOU now. Life is nuts! Love you.

starnes family said...

Dee - a bit different from my hippie-fyed college Widespread attire......long flowery dresses, birks and braided pigtails!

Graham crackers, frosting and sprinkles. Kids love them!

Jodee said...

It sounds like you had a fun date night! Cute picture with the hubs!

Shannon said...

Cute pic of the two of you. Love seeing you get a chance to have fun without being a mom for a little bit. Make it happen more often, would ya? :)

(I've never heard of Widespread Panic.)

Allyson and Dave said...

Looks like a fun night out...altough I could not name one WSP song I promise I have heard of them.

Sara said...

Cute picture of you and Blake! So glad y'all had fun. And love that the kids had fun with Sass!

Cate O'Malley said...

Sounds like the perfect evening!

FROGGITY! said...

funnnnnnn! glad you two cute kids had a hot date!! :)

The Rand's said...

looks like a fun night! how'd you feel the next day? ;)
i'll have to try the graham cracker thing. my girls will eat pretty much anything with frosting and sprinkles!

The Lenzers said...

doesn't that make you feel old to have someone you used to babysit now watch your kids

michelle matthews said...

Awe! That is so great you guys got out! Cute pic of y'all!

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