Monday, January 11, 2010

The Bachelor....And, I Mention Football In This Post More Than I Have In My Lifetime, So Pay Attention, Blake

Ok, before we get started, let's address the biggest issue of the day.

When did Sass go on The Bachelor and what does Tony think of this?!

Seriously. Don't they look alike?

If you want to read some fab scoop on the show, go to the expert......Reality Must make a spoiler alert warning, though. He dishes it all.

In other news, we've been engrossed in football at the Starnes house and it's about as entertaining as The Squeakquel to me. But, I thought I would indulge all of you with some pictures. While in Texas, Blake and Carter went with Paul Pa to the Cowboy game at the new stadium.

It really does look fantastic, but unless Wham! is planning on a reunion tour, I'll pass on the rest of it.

Oh, Andrew Ridgeley and George Michael. You held my heart for some time. (still do kinda.....don't tell Blake)

OK, back to football.

I don't know what is funnier about this picture. The darling girls posing with my son or Pa's mischievous laughter at the situation. I heard later that he told Carter I'd likely want to kill him for this. No hard feelings. Worth it to see Pa so hysterical!

Our football loving punkin.

We've been playing more games as usual.....both with Blake home and without.....this recent family Candy Land venture was interesting.

Nice game pieces, huh?

And, this is how it ended. No surprise!

Wanted to share these 2 snow photos with you, too. These were taken around 10pm at night. One of my favorite things about the snow.....the nighttime glows with all the white.

I think the window panes are precious here.....with that darling house in the background. Snowy beauty.

Some puzzle time to alleviate cabin fever. Check out those punkin toes.

Of course, they make a train.

And, destroying it is fun!

Tried to take a picture of the two little ones with Texas gear on.

Very nice.

And, later, with Carter. Lainey is so pleasant these days.

Good thing she's so cute!

Hook 'em! (kind of)

OK, 2 out of 3 isn't bad. Note: Jack is not growing a mustache. That's his winter perma-chap.

So, Cowboy stadium.......Longhorn mention of Les Miles and our precious need. But, I do want to touch on "Team Leach". Since my 9 year old explained to me who he is and what happened, I'm intrigued by what you all think of the issue. Sara gave me some of her perspective and it made sense. Surely, she'll do so here again.

In summary, I'm asking a question about football.

(pause for effect)

I was initially shocked to read on Facebook about everyone's support for him. As a mother, I'd be all for standing up for my son who stood up for himself.

What are your thoughts?


The Jones Family said...

Did that chick really think that wouldn't get out or was that what she hoped for? Wow, is all I can say about these season. Already have a few favs, one that I seriously want to jump through the tv and knock out because she is SO freaking CRAZY and a very handsome boy that I don't mind looking at, at all :)

Great pics...

We can't wait to get up there! Maci will fit right in... scary thought!

The Jones Family said...

Oh, and Coach Leach is a j/a... just sayin'

Coco said...

Coach Leach isn't a politician like Mack Brown is. He is an asshole but a great offensive coach and has done great things with Tech. Tech's upcoming players are the best yet, or should I say were the best yet.

NEVER ONCE has a complaint about Leach "abusing" players has happened.

This kid AND his father have a history of causing problems. Not only with coaching staff but with professors as well. The dad gets involved with EVERY problem the kid has. If he gets in trouble for a smart mouth, pussy kid calls dad, dad calls and raises hell.

From what I gather, this has been going on since High School.

Tech was about to have to pay Leach 800k to stay on. The board has wanted him gone for awhile but the alums would have their asses if they got rid of him since he is the best thing to happen to Tech's athletics EVER. Or I should say football team. (Go Lady Raiders '92!)
So is Leach an ass? Yes. Always has been. Weird guy.
Did Leach deserve to be fired? Nope.
And since Leach isn't a talker, we will never know the whole story. Only the one this puss kid told and his puss dad.

The end.

Is this right Sara?

Heather said...

I don't know anything about Leach. I only follow all things Mack Brown. Carter's face in that 1st pic of the "hook 'em horns" looks about as enthusiastic as our faces the night of the game. Bless their hearts.

Your longhorn punkins look precious in their gear!

Oh my! That does look like Sass. I was freaking out before I even read your post.

The Luis Family said...

Coco said it all about Leach and Tech, and I couldn't agree more! Took the words right out of my mouth!

Love the picture of Pa laughing his ass off at Carter with the "girls!" I was laughing so hard just looking at him. That is a great one! (WOW, Blake and Pa look just alike!) Love the pictures too of Lainey and Jack in their Texas gear! Oh that reminds me of my sister and I. I am sure picture like that are in my future as well!

Malinda said...

I'm so out of it, I don't even know who Leach is. No sports fans in this house. I'm actually kind of grateful for that.

But when the Olympics come on, I'll be all over that.

Shannon said...

I just lost IQ points reading this post. The Bachelor AND football. Where's the short bus for me to get on?

Best part? Scratched out "Paul." Heh.

SASS said...

Oh dear. The many things to say. Why do I still watch that show?! I need to make a post about the things Tony says while watching it. It's hilarious.
Nice compliment :). That chick needs to hook it up in the boob dept. She clearly has plenty to spare. But she can keep the nasty ho scandals to herself! Ick!
Cute pics of the beebees. My fav: Hook em! (Kind of)
Are you now captioning below the picture? I was confused for awhile.

starnes family said...

So perceptive, Sass.

I think I confused myself on this post. Yes, usually caption above.

I also think I'm getting smarter in my old age.

The Soladay Family said...

I have to agree with Coco on the Leach issue. There are 2 sides to every story, and bc of the kid's dad's "ce;ebrity status" we're probably only hearing his side.

On the Bachelor...have not watched it since probably the 2nd series. It annoys me. Just not my thing...not knocking it though.

Cutest pics of Lainey and Jack pushing each other on the stairs, and I love that you take those pics and not just the smiling ones! Real life!

Sara said...

Coco, your recap was EXACTLY what I explained to Casey in an email. Perfectly said!
If Leach was such a bad guy, don't you think we would've heard all kinds of stories from former players over the last 10 years??? I think so. He's a tough coach that pushes his players to do their best. He doesn't play the political games. And he doesn't kiss ass. His firing never had a thing to do with Adam James. It was just a way to get him out once and for all and not have to pay him his $800K bonus. He filed lawsuit against Tech and I'm anxious to see how it plays out. I think Tech handled the whole situation VERY poorly and I'm VERY disappointed in the university. Okay...I'm done. :)
Holy smokes! It IS Sass! Sass is prettier though. I missed The Bachelor last night. Need to watch it tonight.
Love the picture of Carter with the "ladies" at the stadium. Too funny! And Paul laughing to the side is hilarious.
Cute pics and of Lainey and Jack always.
By the way- new show coming on Disney that Jack will adore, I'm sure. Chuggington??? Check it out if you don't already know about it. Hasn't started yet.

The Jones Family said...

I have followed the Leach issue only because of my hubby and his love for college football. I think he is a j/a only because he clearly knew this kid was an issue, as well as his father... send him to the locker room, you know?! I don't think he deserved to be fired but he also knew this kid was a trouble maker (missing practices, constantly complaining about being hurt, etc.). I also had heard that Leach would skip out on meetings with the alum or the dean, is that info true? They were looking to get rid of him and for that I feel sorry for him; he is a damn good coach... just made some stupid decisions in my opinion on how to deal with that kid.

Ok, I'm now ready for Grey's on Thursday and the fact that it looks like Mcsteamy and Addison get it on... again!

timmonstimes said...

I couldn't agree more with Coco and Sara. I went to Tech and my entire family bleeds black and red (three solid generations on BOTH my mom and dad's side have ALL attended Tech). I have nothing else to add because they covered everything I would have said!

Oh but wait, when I was going to Tech, Leach was banned from the bars because he was said to have been a lush (surely no in Lubbock is a lush:) and was hitting on college girls. He was new back then and Tech didn't make this a big deal...if this had happened recently, they would have used this for the firing reason. Tech just needed/wanted a reason to fire him.

Onward and Upward!

Dee Stephens said...

I hear that new stadium rocks the casbah! My parents went to the opening game!

donatelli98 said...

As an avid college football fan I have one question: Why (if the kids was a problem up to 3 years ago) was he still on the team. Bad players who don't follow the rules get booted in my opinion. Too many strange things with this situation ... but I have a feeling a lot had to do with the $800K buyout. College Sports=CASH! I agree Leach is a strange bird but then again Tech hired Bobby Knight (who on earth would hire someone who was known to throw chairs at players and officials is beyond me ... but then again look how long it took IU to fire him)! Isn't it interesting though the USF (South Florida) coach was fired for alledgedly hitting/abusing a player? Oops I better stop I am rambling about sports on Casey's blog! Great insight from your Red Raider Readers ...

countryfriedmama said...

If I truly loved my adopted team, I would be forced to make a snarky comment about the Texas shirts. But no matter how hard I try, I just can't care.

Tutus and Choo-Choos said...

You don't even want me to get started about college football, the politics involved with football, etc. College football is the cash cow for most universities. If you can't win as a coach, you are out. Leach was not well spoken as a coach and also a little weird. I agree that he totally turned that program around, but I think there is more to this whole story considering that the Kansas coach was also fired for mistreatment of players. By the way, I bleed Nebraska Red all the way!!! I could go on forever on this topic, but I will stop now.

Anonymous said...

I have no idea what 'team leach' is...i'll have the husband school me when he gets home.

that picture with the snow and window panes is, 'should be in magazines' beautiful.

Live.Love.Eat said...

I don't follow football or the Bachelor BUT the snow does look pretty through the window and I cannot believe how much your hubs and FIL look alike.

The Rand's said...

Love all the Texas gear on the kids! So cute!
I totally agree with Coco on the Leach stuff. I feel bad for him.
As for the bachelor, I don't really watch it. Watched a little bit of it last night, but it's just too annoying to me to watch all the time! Jake is cute but super cheesy and way too nice. He needs to grow some balls!
The snow pictures are beautiful, Casey!

FROGGITY! said...

zowie, i am a bit lost since i am not sure i am entirely clued in on the leach sitch and also i missed the bach last night. am going to watch later on

i am going to make the usual comment of how cute lainey is playing candyland. because she IS so cute. all of your cuties are well... cute!

i like brown okay, for the record. will have to do research and get back to you...

Merry Mack said...

Hook'em smook 'em. Cute pics, though. I will agree with you about being surprised by Team Leach posts on FB and until I read Coco's comments, I realized I didn't think much of what the real story was on the gu. I just chalked it up to politics. I am sure there are all sorts of behind the scenes things that go on in college athletics and I like not knowing. I love college ball and have always thought Leach was a bit strange. I am interested to see how a new coach changes the scenery.

Your snow pics are lovely. And... I love that you paired the Bachelor and Football.

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