Sunday, January 10, 2010

Answer Time, Baby!

This was a ton of fun and something I'll likely do in the future. Your questions were all over the board......some a little too PG-13 for my dorky blog, so please forgive.

***What's your all time favorite movie? I think I would have to say The Wizard of Oz. Such an all around classic and a great memory from my childhood.

***Would you rather run your tongue down ten feet of an NYC street or press your tongue into a stranger's nostril? NYC street, I think.

***Favorite child? Oh, come on. You all know this. Batman.

***What does your husband do -- specifically, why does he get transferred so often? He works for a large tax firm, as a project manager of sorts. Our first move was from Fort Worth to Denver and we were there for nearly 3 years. Then, Caroline's disease escalated to a level where it was unhealthy for her to be in such high elevations, so we started to look elsewhere. It was hard to leave such an amazing place to live, but I world class ski resort can compare to sitting on my couch with my sister. Gossiping, of course. And, probably making fun of my kids.

***Which of the seven dwarfs would you most like to eat? I'm not even sure I could name them.

***What stresses you out??? It seems like nothing! Children. Family. Finances. Plenty! My life has been an experiment in managing anxiety and depression.....more on that later in another post.

***What would you consider your biggest accomplishment? Besides the efforts I've made in creating and managing this crazy little family of ours, I'd have to say 'Operation Stocking Stuffers'. A few years back, my brother served his duty as a Marine in Iraq and was there during the holiday months. Working with my sisters, we stuffed and mailed a stocking to each marine in his "company". Deodorant, socks, toothpaste, candy, a small satchel of Christmas scented potpourri (so they could smell the holidays), lip balm, holiday cards to mail back home to family, etc. I believe there were around 180 total full-sized stockings. It was quite a project and something I will never forget.

***If you had a full time career (other than stay at home mom), what would it be? Before I stayed home, I was a buyer for Pier 1 Imports and then briefly at Michaels, too.

***If you weren't a mom, what would you be doing? Similar I'll answer it a little day, I hope to write professionally - perhaps in some sort of family travel genre.

***What is your favorite book? Hmmm.....recent? The Lovely Bones. Life long? Perhaps, Catcher in the Rye.

***What is your favorite meal to make for dinner? Pioneer Woman's steak sandwiches. (this changes every few weeks)

***Didn't you say that you have to pay for Carter to ride the school bus ?? If so, why and how much ?? We live a few hundred yards too close to the school, from what I understand, to qualify for free buses. I paid around $250 for the year and that was with a discount because I paid in full and early. A pricey little add on!

***Do you have a lot of blog readers who you don't know? :) Definitely a possibility. I'm not good with behind-the-scenes stats. I'd love to meet you, though!

***If you could live anywhere - where would it be? Blake and I think about this all the time, since we're always up for a move. I would really love to try the Pacific Northwest. I like the idea of having so much rugged terrain (snow sports, hiking, beauty) and also water nearby. Add in a fabulous city like Seattle and I think I would be hooked. San Diego is one of my favorite cities, however, I do love 4 seasons. If I could map out a route, I'd move next to Washington or Oregon......then somewhere on the East coast......and finally, settle back in Kansas City. If Carter were not nearing his teenager years, I'd suggest we keep going. (New Orleans, Boston, Asheville, etc)

***When are coming back to Texas for a visit? Bill told me yesterday he wants to meet his Auntie Casey. Bill, Bill, Bill. You're demanding for a little punkin. We'll be there in April.

***This may be too personal, Casey, so if it is, that's okay if you don't want to answer, but I've been wondering about your parents. We don't hear much about them. I've had some major issues with my relationship with my dad, so I "get it." Not too personal. I opened the door. I don't have a relationship with my parents at all. It was not my choice, but something I've made peace with over the years. Out of respect for them and my siblings, I won't go into further details.

***Platform tranny heels or Victorian-style boots? Heels, I think. But, like the seven dwarfs, I'm not sure I could accurately identify either of these options.

***Purple unicorns or tiny green fairies? Fairies. Definitely, fairies.

***My husband is annoying because? Oh, Lord. That is a separate post all together - perhaps even a separate blog. Click here for a glimpse.

***How do you always looks so cute and seem to be the perfect mom? Can you write an instruction manual? I will pay for FED EX overnight delivery! Oh, if this were true. You flatter me.

***What is your favorite color? Red. Happy and cheerful.

***How do you make your kids laugh and smile for pics? MWAHAHHAHA I dare you to answer. If my video collection keeps growing......and Blake obliges......maybe one day I'll share it with you. Not sure if YouTube is ready for this kind of hotness, though.


Heather said...

I love it! Thanks for answering! Even though I didn't ask any questions... there were a few things answered that I wondered about... xoxo

Shannon said...

Love this. All of it.

The Rand's said...

Loved reading this post!

Shannon said...

Also, meant to mention that I was there for Operation Stocking Stuffers and it was indeed amazing.

The Jones Family said...


Kristen said...

So awesome... love learning more about you. I missed out on the asking questions... but I think your kids all have the coolest names too. How did you and hubs pick their names? Did you agree right away or was it a struggle?

Jodee said...

I enjoyed reading your answers.

First, I admire your willingness to pack up and relocate at any time. I would have a complete meltdown if I had to move (even across town)! All of our family is within three hours away so there really is no reason to move.

Second, so sorry to hear about your parents. I haven't spoken to my Dad in almost 20 years (after a crappy divorce) and I am not that close to my mother either. It's sad and life is sooo short.

Also, since I haven't been following you very long, I don't know about Caroline's illness. Please e-mail me sometime (because I am nosy like that) and I will e-mail you back about my health problems you asked about!

Coco said...

I'm just laughing at it all.

Someone said you never seem stressed out and look cute all the time?


And I know Caroline was a big reason to move but so was Coco?

smooshes, lovah!

Coco said...

And you handled one of those answers beautifully. So glad they didn't ask me.

Shannon said...

Ditto, Coco. As I understand it, you and I have similar verbiage.

Sara said...

Great answers!! And all handled perfectly. Love it!

Dee Stephens said...

love this! and.. that you answered my question about where you would like to live.
If I could live anywhere it would be San Fran..just don't have that kind of dough :(
Operation Christmas Stocking. LOVE THIS!
Wouldn't it be fun to do this every year!?

timmonstimes said...

Oh I'd love to know how you make all the kiddos smile! You have so many good shots of all three of them :) I will need to know the trick when I have more babies! :)

starnes family said...

KS - Blake and I haven't had much trouble naming kids. Carter just kind of came to us one day......and Jack was after my father and grandfather (plus, I've always adored the name). Lainey, we were stuck on. I'm not a "nickname" type of person, so I wasn't sure about the name. I really loved Laine......but I didn't like the way it sounded with Starnes. Too abrupt. Plus, Lainey Caroline (after my sis) just sounded perfect together.

Mel - maybe soon enough!

All - thanks for the kind words.

Anonymous said...

I loved 'Lovely Bones' but will never read it again nor see the movie. I felt creeped out for a whole week after i finished that book. 'Catcher in the Rye' is def. an all time favorite.

That's so awesome about being a buyer--that's actually what I wrote about in my application to the MBA program. Could I pick your brain via email?

donatelli98 said...

Thanks for answering! I love Seattle too but I think it is a little too grunge for me to live there full time. I love to visit the city and the areas surrounding it - Beautiful! So Blake is a Tax nerd like me! Nice!

Allyson and Dave said...

Loved it!! You are such an entertaining person.

Tutus and Choo-Choos said...

What a lovely post. Thank you for sharing all of the wonderful personal information. You still make me laugh out loud!

The Gypsy♥Belle said...

Aww. Thanks for following me! I am following you now! I love all your answers! So glad we "met" each other!


SASS said...

I'm about to vomit from all these compliments.
Okay, that was harsh.
You, of course, handled each question with poise.
Especially annoying questions like the last one. I didn't realize how obnoxious it looked until you rewrote it.
I would DIE to live in Seattle. (I'm aware of that sentence) Fell in love with the city and a man at the same time. Maybe that's why.
I always knew Batman was your favorite.

Monica said...

Casey, I can't even begin to tell you how refreshing you are. I love reading your blog and am so happy that we have become blog friends. You are one special person. Hugs, Monica

Merry Mack said...

What a good sport you are! My question didn't make the cut, but I liked your coolness in your answers and your candidness while still being kind. Fun stuff, girl!

Kim said...

You are a good sport, what a fun post and I enjoyed learning more about you.

We named our kids as to not have nicknames either and they other day they asked why thy don't have one, ha.

Have a great week!

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