Friday, January 15, 2010

Weekend Scoop

Lainey has taken her mothering techniques to a whole new level lately. Here is Jack's crocodile on her crib pillow, covered with two lambies.

Jack-a-roo has added a new fashion accessory to his ensemble. Check out the pocket watch hanging from his jeans. I love it. I so enjoy when kids take on these little quirks. And, you know Jack has plenty more in store for us over the years.

I've kept track of some quotes from the children this week. Planning on doing this some more in the future. A few for now:

Lainey: "Yainey no say Oh my GOT. Yainey say Oh my GUH-NESS. Or Yainey get hot souse."

Jack: "It's my mama."
Lainey: "No, it's my mama."
Jack: "It's my mama!"
Lainey: "It's my mama!!!!!"
Jack: "No, it's my MAMA. You get Dad."

Carter: "Is it bedtime? It's not too early, Mom."
Mom: "Carter, it's 5:00. Seriously."
Carter: "Aren't they supposed to get 12 hours a sleep? I mean, they can get up at 5:00."

Jack: "Watch me toot."

OK, that's enough for now. I'm going to make it a point to write more of these things down. Our kids are super freaks. You should be privy to their wisdom.

Carter left school today with a friend for a sleepover. Do you remember how fun that was? Packing a bag, heading to school, knowing you were on your own for over 24 hours......magic. Happy for our oldest punk.

I'm solo with kids tomorrow because Blake is working. Oh, how I love tax season.

Are you paying attention to the Conan/Leno drama? I am mildly interested. I have always preferred Conan over any of the others. And, love him even more after learning he put his talk show on Craigslist. Article here. Advertisement here.

Pure awesomeness.

Have a good weekend, peeps!


Anonymous said...

Watch me toot! is my favorite. LOL.

Here I am...your newest blog follower! Thanks for linking up at Friday Follow. Happy escapes!

~ Lynn

Shannon said...

You just outed yourself as a hot saucer. A whole new level of Case transparency.

Love the watch.

Dee Stephens said...

used to love sleepovers. I like Conan better too.
Of course, I'm more of a Letterman girl.
Ever read that old book The Late Shift? the battle for late night?
so could read in one night..

Jodee said...

I bet you HATE tax season! Hope you get out and about today and do something fun! Have a great weekend!

Lauren W said...

Team CoCo all the way, but I preferred it when he was in NYC.

Coco said...

Shannon is right, you totally just outed yourself as a hot saucer!!

I wish you could write down how precious Lainey says, "Tessie Mayes." Hilarious.

The watch is classic Jack. Such a freakshow.

starnes family said...

Hot sauce works, people. Aint no shame in my game.

The Jones Family said...

Freaking hysterical!

Unknown said...

I am a new follower via Follow Friday. I can't wait to read more of your blog!
Come visit me here!

Kristen said...

So many amazing things on this post...

LOVE the crocodile all tucked in. How cute. And Jack's pocket watch... adorable!!

PLEASE keep sharing your kids' quotes... these made me laugh out loud. Especially Carter's concern over his siblings getting 12 hours of sleep... ha hahahaha.

Love the pic of you and Miss Lainey. Awesome hats... you are two stylin' ladies!

Happy weekend Casey!!

Ashley said...

I am so glad you stopped by my blog! If you hadn't I may never have found yours! I love it! You and your family are beautiful!
& I am Conan alllll the way. Of course my heart belongs to Jimmy Kimmel, but ya know. haha..
I was reading one of your posts about books, and I'm so glad I did! I have been looking for some books to add to my list, and I do believe I have found some!

I so look forward to your blog!!

If the shoe FITZ said...


Gay Vaughan said...

Such a beautiful blog! Thanks for following and I am returning the favor. Isn't this so cool?

MRP said...

Stopping by from the Friday Follow! I'm now a follower! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm so glad someone started this... I really enjoyed reading your blog and look forward to more! Love the photos!
Yes, I use exclamation points...A LOT!! ;)

Julie said...

Your kids are adorable. I love the quotes. Keep them coming. It is amazing what they say and come up with.
I'm your newest follower and can't wait to see what you come up with to read and learn about.
Take care and have a great weekend.
God Bless.

The Luis Family said...

Oh my gosh those quotes are so dang funny!

Jack and his pocket watch ... awww. Was that a train connection?

You are so cute in hats! Love that you always have them on. I like hats, but just don't know how to REALLY wear one.

Have a great weekend!

timmonstimes said...

My sister was a CPA before moving to NY and she worked both Saturdays and Sundays for about three months straight. Just awful.

I have always been a Leno fan (definitely Leno over Letterman for me). I started taking a real liking to Conan right before all the shannanigans started.

The kiddo's quotes are so funny! I love Carter's bedtime one :)

Unknown said...

oooh i like what i've found here!
from the friday follow, but so glad i stopped in!

E said...

Following from the Friday follow! Your kids' quotes? Priceless!

Stay fabulous!

Becca said...

I'm trying to ignore the Conan/Leno drama. I like them both but they have their jobs and they all need to accept them.

Here to follow from the Friday Follow :)

Katie said...

Hi, i'm a new follower from Friday Follow!

Joe. said...

lol @ watch me toot :D

I'm a new follower from Friday Follow, and I'm late because my computer wouldnt let me connect ALL WEEKEND!! *sigh*
Great blog :)

SASS said...

My mom was a hot saucer. Shameless.
It did me good, can't you tell? Sheeeeeeyt.

Um, watch me toot? I'm dying over here. Oh, I needed this. I miss them!!

merrilee said...

Love the pocket watch, Jack--this may be a new fashion for his generation. Also love that Jack told Lainey she could have dad--priceless!!

The Rand's said...

Quotes are hilarious!

I'm too much of a weanie to do hot sauce, so I use apple cider vinegar. My girls can't stand it. Usually just taking it out and sitting it on the counter is all it takes.

Love the watch Jack is sporting! Cute, cute, cute!

Becca Jane said...

Haha, that was awesome....'watch me toot'!!
We taught Cameron the Korean word for now when he announces to the world what he just did, we aren't quite as embarrassed, haha!!!

Monica said...

Definitely share more of these quotes. I love them all!