Monday, January 04, 2010

Video Montage And A Goal For The New Year

First, the real theme here......just some random blips from our lives here in paradise.

***He's having fun and you can hear him giggling, too. Not a terribly exciting capture, but it shows our little guy doing it!

***Love this - watch closely for her rolling her eyes at the end. I don't know where she learned such behavior!

***Pa, you've been warned. There are dangers in Texas and Lainey is coming to save you. Notice, too, that sweet Jack begs her not to leave in the end. He DOES love his sister!

And, to the goal.

I've seen a few photo challenges on blogs recently and am going to do my best to participate. Not in any single one......but in my own......and here it is.

I will strive to include myself somewhere in photos at least once a week. I realize now, looking back at my posts, that I'm rarely seen. I'm not totally shy in front of the camera and I don't stress and dwell on whether I look fabulous or not. I am just simply not in a lot of our pictures. So, I'll hand the camera over more often and hopefully share my pretty little smile with you more often.

Or, my frown.

Or, my scowl as I'm reprimanding a child.

Or, my dirty look in Blake's direction because he's bugging me.

Keepin' it real, folks!

So, won't you join me?


Shannon said...

OMG, the cuteness!!!!

I have watched those videos multiple times already, mainly for the eye roll. I think Laine did that in the last video too, right? Omg, that's funny.

Jack not wanting her to go? Hilarious.

donatelli98 said...

NICE! Ok I delete half the photos I am in!

Carrie Darney said...

Um..those are so cute! LOVE the one of "I have to save Pa" and Jack not wanting her to go...SO CUTE!

Jodee said...

That video is a hoot! Lainey looks sooo cute rolling her eyes!

Kim said...

She is too cute and way to go Jack!!! I love your photo goal for the new year, it will be great to have those memories with your kiddos!

Heather said...

so precious!

I will join you! I was not in one picture on Christmas Eve or day. I didn't even exist that day. :(

Anonymous said...

There's Monsters in Texas for sure!
Love, PA

Shannon said...

Dear Laine,
The monster you're sensing has the initials GWB and he lives near where some of your family does. Please come and save us. Don't let mommy tell you otherwise.

Sara said...

These videos are so cute! Love Jack skiing and how happy he looks. And how funny is it that Blake can just casually walk down the mountain as Jack skis?? Ha!
Lainey, Lainey....she is just too cute for words. Love that she's already perfected the eye roll. I'm sure Jack and Carter will see lots of that as time goes on.
And Lainey...please save Paul!! Don't let the monsters get him! :)

Tutus and Choo-Choos said...

What cute videos! I love the last one! I have also seen the picture challenge on a few blogs and that is also one of my goals for the year.

If the shoe FITZ said...

love the videos cuz i get to hear there little voices! so cute!

Coco said...

Love it! But why do you talk like that on camera. Not your real voice.

starnes family said...

What is my real voice?!

I think I sound terrible, but I am not conciously doing anything different.

It's the George Costanza syndrome, I swear.

SASS said...

That is totally your voice. Coco's a nut.

L-O-V-E Lainey's sincerity about rescuing Pa. I also love that you question her about how she's going to get there. You can see the little wheels turning. And, how you neglect fixing her toy to finish the questioning.
And I think the other video she's saying, "Wait just a minute guys!" Like she's not ready for all the attention about skiing. Lainey's got it DOWN.

SASS said...

Oh, and I can't believe I didn't address your GOAL.
I'm so proud of you! And excited! And, as you know, I will not be joining you. I already have this one down.

countryfriedmama said...

I have an eye-roller, too. It's extremely clear who she gets it from, which just makes it all the more annoying.

The Rand's said...

I could watch those videos over and over, just to hear sweet Lainey's voice. Too precious!
Love that Jack doesn't want her to go to Texas! Sweet, sweet Jack!
Hope we're safe from the monsters in Frisco! If not, tell Laine to come save us, too!! :)

The Luis Family said...

Well, according to Ashlyn there are no monster in Texas, but they are here in Canada. That is her reason why we need to go back to Texas!

Loooovvvee the eye roll! OMGosh that is one dramtic eye roll and had me laughing so hard!

Dee Stephens said...

That video of Lainey is too cute! Monsters in TX!
HOORAY on your goal. I'm with SASS I have this one down.

Brittny said...

I just found your blog through the Websters. My aunt and uncle live in KS and it makes me want to come visit watching you guys. Your daughter is HAAA-larious!!!! I love the eye roll and know my lil' girl will be doing that as soon as she figures it out. Aren't girls funny? Nice to meet ya!

Monica said...


Jeri Hamman said...

What a lucky Pa - Lainey to the rescue! You and Lainey will TREASURE these little video snippets through the years. My girls still LOVE to watch videos of when they were young.

timmonstimes said...

The videos are adorable! :)

I am rarely in any of our pictures either - must be pretty common amongst moms. I am making the same effort...but moreso to have more pictures as a family. We have only a handful.

Malinda said...

I'm never in my blog photos as well. I think I might like to keep it that way, so no promises or goals from me! Two things I hate in life: 1. seeing photos of myself and 2. swimsuit shopping.

I LOVE Lainey's voice. She sounds nothing like I thought she would. I'm not sure what I was expecting, but you know how get an image or idea about how something should be.

Love the eye-roll too. I think it might just come natural to girls because boys are always bugging them.

Merry Mack said...

I can't wait to see you in more photos, but I will not be joining this goal. My goal is to always avoid a photo.


if the sacrifices I have been making pay off maybe I will love to see myself in a photo.