Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I Hate San Diego

OK, not really. But, I'm not loving it right now!

The rain won't stop. WILL NOT STOP.

I don't want to complain because there are plenty far worse off than us in neighboring counties, experiencing flooding and mudslides. But, it's been raining since Friday. All day, every day.

Sweet Carter stood out in the rain after the Nazi-esque (yes, it's a word) 5th grade crossing guard refused to let him get in our car on the residential street rather than the carpool lane. He had his hand on the door, with it open, when she scolded him. Kids were running everywhere. But, Carter got busted. And, stood, hand-made gingerbread house in hand, watching it melt with the falling rain. It was ruined.

Not as tragic as this story, but it was pretty bad. Click on the link to read about southern California's reaction to the rain, how its affecting everyone and such. Notice the people leaving Disneyland poncho-clad and drenched. Do you know how much ponchos cost at the park? $10-$15 a piece. For that reason, cloudy skies or not, we bring in the dollar store version on each trip out there.

Anyway, we're getting off subject here.

The rain has kept us inside, using our creativity to cope and we've had a lot of fun.

Sweet friends, Hann and KS from While We're Waiting, sent the punks the most thoughtful and adorable gift package recently. I allowed them to open their gifts - 2 each - to keep them busy.

Laine was READY! Two thumbs up. She's so cute sometimes, I can't stand it.

Him, too. All 3!

Lainey received Mistletoe Kitty, which she's now been calling Mr. Toe Kitty. We'll work on that. Also, 3 tubes of princess lip gloss. I assure you, there is not a chapped lip in this house right now.

Carter got a word game and a gift certificate to Barnes and Noble. Batman got a game day jersey. I don't know what in the hell Carter is wearing here. Those athletic UA shirts are to be worn for sports only. I'm losing control.

Fat guy in a little coat. Sing it with me.

Batsy boy has made a resolution to lose weight in 2011. Promise.

Daylight creeped in and we got busy.

Paint for everyone!

Jack received a Melissa and Doug train to paint, sticker and assemble from KS and Hann. And, a train sticker book. Kept him busy! Which, also seems like a gift to me. :)

There was paint everywhere.

This morning, we ventured outside a bit to survey the damages. Even Thomas was having a hard time.

Our chalk bucket was left out and has been overflowing for the past 2 days.

A tree limb is down. Several parts of the garden are under water.

But, the roses are blooming!

We have no view. Clouds and fog.

Yuck. It should all end tomorrow......just as Blake returns from traveling to L.A. He planned that well.

Today's agenda:

*Deliver baked goods to civil workers (trash guys, recycle guys, gardener, mail man, etc)

*Tantrum control.

*Craft and snack with neighbors. Making Martha Stewart's magazine trees.

*And, maybe.....just maybe.....if we're feeling really wild and crazy......a trip to Costco!

Happy Wednesday!


Shannon said...

Dude...that pic of Batman in that little coat is hilarious. That's like me trying to wear one of Payton's shirts or something.

I like how you were concerned w/Carter's is up with his pants? Are they yours?

starnes family said...

Valentine boxers, circa 2007.

'Fat guy in a little coat' is one of my favorites!

Julie {Angry Julie Monday} said...

Poor kitteh....

I'm over this rain, it makes me sleepy.

I think you need to deliver some home baked goodies to this civil work, slaving away in the rain today~!

Brittny said...

How fun! Not the rain, the crafts. The rain sucks!!! Hope that stops soon for you. If only you could snap your fingers and turn it into snow.

Pam Bowers said...

Girl, I can't even imagine going through this storm with 3 cooped up kids. I feel for ya!

Impulsive Addict said...

Wow! Painting? In the house? On a nice table? You're a better momma than me. I'm pretty sure Emma will ONLY be allowed to paint outside. I'm way too much of a control freak. Maybe I'll get better.

And what in the name of good person is going on with you? Delivering baked goods to the service people? I should try that with my mail man. He hates me and I have no idea why. Seriously, how could anybody hate me? No need to answer.

Oh and thanks for responding on yesterday's post. Loser.

If the shoe FITZ said...

Shannon I was totally thinking the same thing about the pants...I thought Casey meant to say pants not shirt! ha!
Such thoughtful gifts!
Sucky rain!
Fat guy in a little jacket...I do that with L sometimes! ha

Sara said...

I was wondering about the heart pants too!!! Wasn't too concerned with shirt. ha!

And the fat guy in a little coat is awesome. Purely awesome. Love it.

Allyson and Dave said...

I hope the rain comes to an end soon. We have months like that here in FL all the time. It rains so much my pool overflows weekly in the summer.

I love the Batman jersey!!!

Tutus and Choo-Choos said...

You are one brave mama for letting your kids paint inside! No painting for kids allowed in my house.

Kristen said...

THIS made my day.... LOVE the pics of the punks opening their goodies!!! And I love that "Mr Toe" was sitting on the table during the painting extravaganza!!! And holy hell... Batman looks freakin' awesome in that mini tube top jersey. They were made for dogs so I guess I (wrongly) figured that the smallest size would be best.
I totally need to have Hann send you better directions for the word game. She's the one who introduced the game to me.... so best coming from her.
Seriously... those smiles made my heart swell. And after being stuck in the office all day and having to head back TOMORROW (sheesh! It's Xmas eve peeps... can y'all stop suing each other for just a day?!?!) I needed it. Best post ever!!

Coco said...

LC looks JUST like Carter in that second picture.

So cute.

I have never heard of payday bars. YUMMY!!

The Lenzers said...

i hate having to be cooped up! you do gifts for all those folks, damn your nice sista! poor batman

Kim said...

Can't believe all the rain. Love how your mad the most of it though! Love Batman's jersey!

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