Sunday, December 05, 2010

Well, We're Not About To Make YouTube Fame Quite Yet

What to do on a Sunday afternoon?

While recovering from just a few short hours of sleep after the 10 year old's birthday party, I received an email from my good friend, KS, at While We're Waiting. She and Hann are studying their booties off in anticipation for Law School finals on Wednesday.

Let's pause a moment and conjure up what that might entail.

***more coffee than is likely healthy for an individual to consume.
***more anxiety than a person should tolerate.
***all encompassing panic if you're anything like me.

So, the girls sent me this request:

Hann and I are studying away today... read into that we're crabby bitches. She has fallen in love with your blog and your fam as much as I have (duh, how could she not) and she specifically requested that you send some cheer our way. She was thinking a video of Lainey and Batman, doing something crazy... but we trust your cheer judgment.

She also thought perhaps the kids could draw gold stars on the advent calendar on Wednesday... the day of the final exam we might fail. We feel like gold stars indicate smartness and a job well done.

Might be asking too much... but we're be forever obliged if you'd help brighten our day.

Who am I to deny them some Starnes craziness?

So, I took some inspiration from this masterpiece:

And, created this one:

I don't know what went wrong. Batman is so made for this kind of activity. That cat can tolerate anything.

I kind of have a whole new respect for our beloved Batman. He has limits. And, he'll claw and scratch and run to make sure you acknowledge them.

Wish I could send him up north to KS and Hann. I know he'd be just the good luck charm they're in need of for finals.

Since I cannot......and I'm assuming you don't have a wrapped cat to ship to Wisconsin, either......let's all color a gold star on Wednesday and wish these girls the best in their final days of studying.

Go, KS!

Go, Hann!

Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to rescue Batman from the garage. I just know he's in there humming to himself, twiddling his paws, and praying the rosary.


Claire Kiefer said...

HILARIOUS! I love KS and I also love Lainey's outfit and I love Batman for being all "f all this noise!" haha. TOO funny!!

Kristen said...

BWHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! We are DYING! DYING!!!! BWhahahahahahahahahaha!!!! This was beyond all expectations. I especially love Jack's advice. "Hit him. Then he'll stay." You rock our world.

starnes family said...

Yeah, that's just a nod to our good parenting. Suggesting we hit the cat to get him to oblige.


Auntie said...

That was some funny stuff right there! Sometimes, at our house, we put empty toilet paper rolls on our 2 golden retriever's front paws for our Friday night entertainment. We live in a small town, people.

Kristen said...

LOVE the PETA thought bubble. Because we're total geeks, we actually compared the video to a recent Supreme Court case that commented on animal abuse videos... Don't worry. The court ruled that depictions of animal cruelty are protected under the First Amendment as free speech so you're good to go :)
Hope Batman has recovered... still laughing our asses off over here. You guys made everything better!!!

Kelly Beatty said...

"Carter, I'm VIDEO-ING, put him down and do it." Dying laughing. Carter is such a good sport. No shit - my word verification for this is petomen...which sounds suspiciously similar to PETA.

Cat said...

Ha! Definitely brightened my day :) It totally looks like the kids "hated" the marching orders of..."go wrap the cat"... :)

Kristen said...

And... yeah. We watched this again. And there were tears. Happy tears, not -suicidal-we-hate-life-and-want-to-die tears.
So love that you made your kids wrap up your cat for us. We'll be back in about an hour when we feel like death once again.

Pam Bowers said...

Awesome!!!!!!!! Poor Batman!

Allyson and Dave said...

Does Batman have his claws? Someone would have lost an eyeball if you tried to do that to one of my cats. I am very impressed with Batman's patience. Mako has his own spot under the tree and I have been very tempted to wrap him.

Shannon said...

"Don't worry. The court ruled that depictions of animal cruelty are protected under the First Amendment as free speech so you're good to go."


Dee Stephens said...


Jodee said...

Oh my word! What a hoot! Batman is such a good sport!

Unknown said...

OMG- my kids made me play all of that over and over and over again! LOL

donatelli98 said...

Love your family Casey - Batman is the best!!

Merry Mack said...

I wish I didn't have a snoring husband next to me so I could watch the videos. Good luck lawyers to be.

Kim said...

That is great! I really like the wrapping paper too, totally you!

Sara said...

Batman is BY FAR the most tolerable cat to ever live the face of this earth. This video almost makes me want to rescue him. Almost.

I like Jack's way of parenting. Greatness.

The Lenzers said...

meow! the things we do to our animals for entertainment

Unknown said...

Oh, that is hilarious! Love that you did this!

Dawn said...

LOL! That was so funny.

I cracked up when Carter flipped the cat. Ha!!

You're a good friend!

jennykate77 said...

Poor Batman is probably in the fetal the garage, humming to himself, twiddling his paws, and praying the rosary.

LOL. That is hilarious. I had never seen that YouTube vid before, which is rare for me, because I am a YT junkie.

I really hope this brings them good luck. I'll remember them with a gold star. My six year old is totes impressed with gold stars, so I understand where they're going with this.

aunt caroline said...

awesome x 100

SASS said...

I'm going batty from finals myself. And I don't know if it's that, your psychotic children (minus Carter, except that he was willing embark on this journey), or the video inspiration...I might or might not have pissed my good sweats. Dammit Casey, I'm billing you. Fave? "Aaand....that's a fail."
I love you KS! For inspiring this post, and for conquering Wednesday!
Awesome. words.

The Rand's said...

That video is awesome. Love LC yelling at Batman for not staying. And Jack wanting to hit him to stay. And Carter wanting to lock all the doors. And you telling Carter to hurry up and do it because you're video'ing.
Good stuff, Case. Good stuff.

Clare said...

That was hilarious, the cat in that first video must be sedated!!

I'm happy to see Carter still sporting his Chiefs gear, hope all that KU gear is still getting some use too!!

Good luck KS and Hann!!