Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Some Funny Stuff

I have to keep myself entertained during the holiday season. I can get in a real funk if I don't.

Example: While shopping at Target, I saw that a car wash set is already marked down. Why? Because they haven't sold enough likely. Which means they have to discount early. Which could lead to the Buyer getting in trouble because he bought too much inventory. Or, bought the wrong kind of inventory. Maybe the Logistics Department failed to import on time. Or, the packaging wasn't right. All of these factors that go into one single product. Poor sales = unhappy upper management. Which could lead to a job lost.

Then, I think of someone losing his home. Or, the homeless in general. The hungry. The less fortunate than we are.

All of that from a 2 second walk by a product in Target.

See? My mind never stops spinning.

I have always thought that the holiday season should be more about sacrifice than indulgence and therefore feel guilty when I look under the tree at the gifts we've bought our children. Though definitely less fabulous than most families' bounty, our kids still receive small gifts. Our kids that live by the beach, go to Disneyland once a month or more, ski in the winter and have countless blessings. One year......I promise I'm going to do it......as soon as the kids can agree to it and understand......I want to have a 100% charity holiday. I have a feeling it will be one we'll remember for the rest of our lives.


Some funny stuff to entertain you, in case you're as much of a lunatic as me:

Meow Meow has been a little stinker on her Facebook fan page. But, Diane Frank Wheatley is giving her a run for her money.

Recent correspondence:

Meow Meow's update - 13 days. Don't think I'm gonna make it.

DFW: That's what Mary said when Joseph told her she had to ride on a donkey all the way to Bethlehem...

Meow: Ugh. How am I supposed to provide an appropriate rebuttal when you brought Mary into the picture? We're Catholic. Damn you, DFW.

DFW: So am I...so I can't repeat what Mary said when they finally got there and she found out Joseph hadn't made a reservation ANYWHERE....maybe that's where saying Jes*@ Chr@^! in a fit of anger started!

Meow: Is it getting hot in your house, Diane Frank Wheatley?

DFW: Then..three dirty, smelly dudes arrived on camels to bring gifts for the baby...you'd think diapers, toys, clothes, right? Nope. Gold, incense and whatever the hell myrh is...like that's useful...oy vay!

Meow: You obviously turned water into wine tonight.

DFW: Nope. Just too much sugar!

DFW: Forgive me...it's been a long week and we still have one to go...I'll try and behave...I promise! ;)


I think Shannon posted a Charlie the Unicorn video eons ago. I've rediscovered it and feel compelled to share. If you have some surplus salvia laying around, I suggest you pull a Miley and indulge before viewing.

Off to wrangle Jack and Lainey before Preschool. Have a great day! (And, for heaven's sake, stay away from that car wash set in Target.)


donatelli98 said...

I love the interchange between Meow Meow and DFW - hillarious! I like the idea of a 100% charity Christmas - like you we are several years away from that - but something to aspire to! Love how you put your card from last year as your header.

The Soladay Family said...

"That's what Mary said." That's good stuff.

I'm so with you on the over indulgence. It's so not needed. We set a small budget for each child and stick to it. 100% charitable Christmas is a great idea.

Dee Stephens said...

I've seen DFW's comments on FB. Hysterical!
I wish I could come up with comebacks like you two!
As for the 100% charity Christmas. Did you see The Middle this last week?

starnes family said...

The Middle?

Merry Mack said...

My mind kinda does stuff like that too. We do some charity each year, although, this year I feel like we could have been one of those families. I like the header. I cracked up at the meow meow convo this weekend.

Allyson and Dave said...

I love Charlie the unicorn. My friends from TN and I can go on for hours talking about candy mountain and how much the star fish loves us. It really is addictive.

Shannon said...

Charlie the Unicorn gets quoted at our house allll the time. Man, we do love it.

If the shoe FITZ said...

It's funny after working in retail how that stuff never leaves your mind. I was thinking about that today while at Target (not as far as you went) but was curious as to why they marked down the PJs to 50% off.

Brittny said...

Ahhhhh Casey.... you never seem to disappoint! That photo on the top is PRICELESS!!!!

Meow Meow, we may need to have a come to Jesus meeting soon. You are like the dirty little bear toy on TS3 that looks all soft and cuddly but has a dark side that nobody, but those allowed, get to see. I still think you need your own reality tv show.

I have to admit that this is the first year that I have been excited about shopping. Usually I'm grumbling the whole time b/c there are too many people in need and my kids don't need anymore crap for me to clean up. But I can't wait for the day that we can buy things for other people without my kids crying b/c the gifts aren't for them. One day, Casey, one day.

Impulsive Addict said...

Your mind has ADD. My mind only has ADD when I'm cleaning (because I start with one thing and run circles around the house doing lots of unfinished projects before going back to the first chore that I started with) and also when I'm trying to sleep. It prevents me from sleeping which I think is what people call insomnia.

ADD sucks. But Meow Meow is awesome!

The Lenzers said...

I love MM! Now I am gonna have that stupid song stuck in my head-thanks

Unknown said...

I asked the big guy last week if we could not buy presents for our future children; explaining that it’s Jesus’ Birthday and we celebrate it by giving to those in need, as he would. Then we would explain that when it is their Birthday is when gifts would shower down on them.

He looked at me and said, “Lover, I think you are wonderful and if somehow our children could wrap their tiny minds around why they aren’t getting gifts from Santa while all other 2nd graders are, then heck, I’m in. But something deep inside tells me that won’t happen. But I love you.”



That dang Charlie made my mascara run from laughing so hard I cried.

Lauren W said...

You can still give and have Christmas for your kids too. As I'm sure you do, we always do Angel Tree gifts and other charities. But then I give gifts to my kids that are also gifts to others. Like I will buy 2 chickens for a family in Africa and then show my kids the picture of the chickens. Anyway, there are a lot of organizations like this, but this is the one we use-

The Rand's said...

Love the header. That card was hilarious!

100% charity Christmas sounds wonderful.

Kim said...

The Meow Meow bit was hilarious. I guess I haven't been on FB enough lately. I love the idea of a charitable Christmas and agree it would be memorable.

SASS said...

Lord, I feel like shit.
When I see marked down stuff I think, "Piece of crap. Moving on." And walk away.
Poor me. Poor, naiive little me.
You already know I love the DFW exchange. Classic. She needs a blog!

Momma to the A's said...

What if the car wash kit was on clearance because the packaging has been updated and they need to get the old ones moved out before the new ones arrive after Christmas??? I worked at Target and believe me they are still making a little bit even when it is marked down. Rest easier tonight my friend ...

Loved the back and forth between Meow Meow and DFW. I laughed so hard!

Charity Christmas ... awesome idea!!!

Oh, and guess what ... we made it to Zoolights last night!! It warmed up a bit and I decided to hit while we were above freezing. I thought you would be proud!

Clare said...

So did you buy the car wash set to make yourself feel like you were helping?

Someday when the kids are older and money isn't as tight we plan to adopt a family every year so our kids get to enjoy giving at the holidays as well as receiving.

And some holiday cheer from my Dad who is also Catholic, his favorite Christmas joke: Mary was looking at the baby the night he was born and asked Joseph what he thinks they should name him. Joseph was walking across the manger and stepped on a rake which popped up and hit him in the face and he yelled "Jesus Christ!!" Mary said, "Oh, that's a beautiful name Joseph!" :)

This is from the same man who is going to church every day in Advent this year b/c when he was a sophomore in HS he prayed that if he lettered he would go to church everyday during advent. He lettered and when his alarm went off on the first morning he shut it off and went to sleep. Now, at 60 years old he is keeping his promise.

starnes family said...

I didn't buy it. It's like rescuing stray cats. I can't save them all!

Great story, Clare!!!!!

Dawn said...

Omg! I was cracking up at the conversation. Priceless.

Here's what we do for my parents for Christmas because they have everything they could ever want:

All of the kids and even grandkids are to find a way to do something for someone else through the year and then we write a letter and read it aloud to everyone on Christmas Eve. It's absolutely beautiful to hear how we've each helped someone. It puts it all in to perspective. There are always lots of tears.

Sara said...

I saw the Meow Meow/DFW conversation last week and it cracked me up. Funny stuff!

I just bought a matchbox car set on clearance at Target for $10. I guess I rescued him, huh??