Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Tuesday Scoop

Hi. My name is Casey and I have a problem crossing people off of my Christmas list. Which means that I am all consumed right now with this:

I know. Spare me the lecture. And, if you don't receive a card this year (or rather a letter......ha!), it's not because I don't love you. It's because I don't have your address.

Moving on....

Carter had his first basketball game on Saturday. He's never played before. And, his team only had 1.5 practices.

Punks pre-game.

Neighbors came to see him play. And, stack kitties on Lainey's head.

Love them.

Carter is AWESOME. There isn't much this kid can't do. We figured he'd be planted down by the basket due to his height, but instead he started as point guard. And, scored 2 baskets. Lord only knows what he'll do once he gains some experience and practices more!

California. Time to get a Prius.

We had Carter's birthday party over the weekend. 4 boys + Carter for some football at the sports complex near our house, In N Out burgers, and a sleep over. Only 2 were able to spend the night and we were thanking our lucky stars for that around midnight.

Little punks helped me make his cake.

Jack loved it. And, has been asking for more cake ever since.

Make a wish, sweet Carter.

The crew. It was a wild night.

Jack and Lainey have "share day" every Friday at school. They bring in something that starts with the letter of the week. "H" was this day's.

"Huh huh, hopper car". It works!

"Huh huh, Hello Kitty. Huh huh, hair dryer." This is very confusing for Lainey, however, because she calls Hello Kitty 'Ci Ci' ever since my sister gave her this doll. I guess we'll work that out with time.

Waffle train, anyone?

Lainey is providing equal measures of sweet and spicy recently. At lunch with Pa, she paused mid-meal and out of nowhere proclaimed, "Dis is a good flamily." I love her.

The hoarding issue, however, is at an all time high. It takes 10 minutes to get in and out of the car.

Her bebes are well taken care of, though.

And, because she's so stinkin' cute, we oblige.

She takes it all so seriously. My little 3 year old Mommy.

Insane, but sweet. I'd like to think she got that from me.

Other stuff:

***I added a Playlist to my sidebar. Some Christmas music. Some recent favorites. Some old faves. I'll be updating it eventually. Please don't judge me because I added that creepy Kate Perry song. I hate myself for loving it.

***Let's all welcome Shannon back to the blogging world. She's a phantom poster, but I do enjoy it when she lives in our wold.

***KS, Hann, and Sass.......finals are nearing. Take a deep breath and focus. Proud of you girls.

***I'm late this year in shipping gifts. Usually done by now. Hoping to get cards out this evening. Shipping after that. I bought several gifts online this year and totally screwed up the shipping because I failed to un-click the "same as billing address" where I was supposed to enter the gift recipient. How did I think they would know where to send it???? This is why I usually shop and then ship myself. Adding a new step like this throws me off.

***I'm almost finished with Half Broke Horses. Great book. By Jeannette Walls, the girl who wrote The Glass Castle. Next, I'll start 2 Christmas books I've been anxious to read. Wishing and Hoping by Wally Lamb and also The Worst Noel: Hellish Holiday Tales, a collection of short stories.

***I'm quitting my own book club as of today. At least for now. Everyone is too busy. Perhaps after the new year, we'll start up again.

That's it for now!


donatelli98 said...

Quitter! I couldn't even remember to go out and get the last book so I should really say anything! Bia is a lot like Lainey - a little bit sweet with a lot of spice (and super cute)! No wonder I drink so much these days!

Pam Bowers said...

Wow, so much going on! I just finished my cards. What a chore.

Go Carter. I love Basketball.

Lainey is cute...although, I'm not so sure about the hoarding.

I like cake too! yummy!

Shannon said...

Laine reminds me so much of Payton a long time ago. When we bought our first house, her first question was "can we get a cow now?!!!" She just has always loved taking care of things. Now that's she's nearly 16, she takes care of me too. Love those nurturing types.

Oh, and thanks for the welcome back to the blogging world. Working on today's blog post right now asamatteroffact!

Allyson and Dave said...

I love the kitties in the baby carrier. I did stuff like that all the time when I was little. Good luck with the Christmas cards. I have not sent out cards in a couple of years. One day I will start again.

Monica said...

I like the Katy Perry song too. I won't judge!

Dee Stephens said...

Love Lainey as a Mommy :)

Clare said...

Wow, 10 year old's birthday party, looks like fun! And crazy talent, that's great, keep him busy to keep him out of trouble-although I don't think Carter is the one you'll have to worry about ;)
Why in the world are your babies looking so much older to me?! I haven't been away from the bloggy world for that long-they look like kids!!

Brittny said...

Love the long and great update of a post that was! And once again, Sophie and Lainey could be twins. Although we have backed off from having to take all our babies and a stroller with us every time we get in the car. I'm sure that will pick back up when she gets her new stroller and baby dolls for Christmas. I've never even told her about the car seat they make b/c Lord knows we would have to strap that thing in tight! She thinks they are perfectly fine without a car seat and using a big kid seat belt for now. I'm sure we can only hold out for so long though! OH, and I almost forgot, Sophie calls Hello Kitty, "Miss Kitty" for some reason. Maybe it's the southern girl in her and she thinks everyone's first name is "Miss."

The Soladay Family said...

The hording things reminds me of my Preston. He is still a collector at 9. I love it. It shows a sense of creative thinking in an odd sort of way.

How tall is Carter?

starnes family said...

1 inch shy of 5 feet! Getting close.

The Rand's said...

We just got our pics done on Sunday for our Christmas cards, so you're ahead of me. Nothing new there, though. :)
H started b-ball, too. Point guard as well. She made some baskets, too. It helps that she's aggressive. I actually love watching basketball. It goes so fast and it's fun!

The Lenzers said...

neighbors go watch your boy play basketball....you suck! (but i love you anyway) LC is too cute! can she babysit yet?

Jodee said...

Seriously, your kids are soooo cute! Carter is sooo handsome and Lainey is a hoot! She and Kamree would be dangerous together!

I just mailed my out of state Christmas cards today (one is headed your way) and I will mail the local ones soon. So glad to have that out of the way!

Hope you have a great week!

Julie {Angry Julie Monday} said...

Your blog posts always make me smile and crack up at the same time. I still haven't done my Christmas cards and I totally new to shop. I will probably be shopping the week of Christmas. I'm such a procrastinator.

Cate O'Malley said...

Whoa, that's quite the Christmas list! I, on the other hand, have no problem making slashes on my list from year to year.

Kelly Beatty said...

HOLY SHIT. I didn't know Wally Lamb had a new book. I can't WAIT. He is soooo disturbing and just my type.

ps. Lainey did get the sweetness from you for sure.

merrilee said...

Carter is awesome! Love Lainey's menagerie.....I'm sure you don't love carting them all around, though. Don't sweat the Christmas cards, we love you even without the card!

Nette said...

Oh, your kids are too adorable. Or I should say Lainey Is a cutie patootie and Carter is going to be a Heart-Breaker! Hybrid parking...so funny. Probably won't see that in Ohio for awhile. ;o)

Megan (Best of Fates) said...

Wait... are you suggesting I'm not getting a Christmas card?

Well, frick.

Unknown said...

Ok, so first off. I want someone to stack kitties on my head. Then, Hybrid parking? Excuse me. If anything there should be Porsche parking or Lamborghini parking before there is ever Hybrid parking!

Also, I need a waffle train in my kitchen. Could you please send the little ones over to liven up the place!

Also-Also, it's ok that you don't get Christmas cards out. Just tell everyone you miss placed their address and no wrath will be taken upon you.

Glad to be blogger friends! HURRAY!

Mama Deb said...

I absolutely LOVED 'Glass Castles.' I'm pretty sure I loved it so much because it made me temporarily feel much better about my own parenting.

Happy holidays!

Julie said...

Love the playlist. I've added one to my blog. Added current songs that I love to workout to. Thanks for the idea!! I stole it.