Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Advent Calendar

It's that time again, peeps. I busted out last year's version of the calendar and went to work.

With a Kansas City Zoo mega pencil, because that is all we had in the house. This has become part of our afternoon routine - arguing over whose responsibility it is to keep up with pencils when it's time to do Carter's homework.

Guess what I bought at Target today? 24 sharpened #2s. No excuses now.

Also on the list? A lampshade.

All of the sudden, Batman is looking a bit tubby. More to love.

OK, so most of you know this calendar is a huge beating for me each season because I have ZERO artistic ability. Plus, I struggle over the basic grids.

Guess who wised up this year and made a copy of the blank calendar?! Of course, I'll lose it before it's time to create 2011's, but I'm feeling pretty smart today.

Batman clearly needed some attention, so the calendar took a while. Kids? What kids?

We held hands. I love him.

The finished product. Start the remarks on my drawings in 3....2.....1.....

Made some copies and hung them on the door.

All you need is crayons. 25 days of fun!

We've been doing this in my family for over 30 years. Since my big brother brought the first one home from Kindergarten at Christie Elementary in Plano, TX.

Kiddos love it.

Of course, Lainey's pretty much done with hers and Jack colored the train first, but they're participating!

Want one? Find it here. Click on "Download Now" and it will pop up to print.



Claire Kiefer said...

I keep reading all about Advent calendars and it's making me kind of sad that I didn't get one this year, so I might have to print out that downloadable one! I'm so in the Christmas spirit this year--movies, music, baking, etc. :)

Jodee said...

Very cute! We are making a paper chain tonight but I didn't get to the calendar!

donatelli98 said...

I printed them last night and hung one up for each of the girls. They will have to color two days tonight. Thanks for sharing - and btw I think your drawings looked good! Also - tip - scan the blank grid and save on your computer in a Christmas folder. It will be easier to find next year!

Mama Sue said...

Love the calendar...I already printed it off. Sydney is excited. She loves counting the days until Christmas. The first thing she said to me this morning was 23 days left until Christmas. I love Batman, he and our cat Noel are twins (we got Noel on Dec. 26, 2006)

Sara said...

Printing it out right now! Your drawings look great...although I'm kind of wondering what the 20th is??? Holly?? Hmm....

p.s. Trey asked me last night, "What's up with Casey's hate comment on our jive??"

starnes family said...

20 throws everyone off each year. Someone suggested it was a spider web in 2009. Awesome.

It's a damn snowflake!

Shannon (blogging again!) said...

I'mma need Laine to pull out her eye roll on this one.

If the shoe FITZ said...

I always thought it was the original calendar/artwork from her brother! ha!
you can make a blank calendar in word! i do it for our monthly calendar for our fridge!

starnes family said...

Attention: Haters (Shannon, Fitz, etc). I do try to mimic the original artwork. Pair that with my inability to draw and it gets ugly.

A word calendar? Do you think the Kindergarten teachers in 1978 used WORD? No! Hand drawn. I'm authentic.

Monica said...

I love it. I think the drawings are great too!

Pam Bowers said...

Great idea! I think your drawings are cute.

Shannon said...

Pssst, Fitz....Case is acting like she chose hand drawings over Word based on principle which is great except....she doesn't have Word. Reminds me of when my cute high school friends and I would be making out with boys at parties and the ugly chicks would call us names. Their choice had been made for them. So I guess hand drawings are like ugly chicks.

Merry Mack said...

If I had a printer, I would print it. Love it and the authenic drawings.

Brittny said...

what a cute idea! i'm out of printer paper AND ink, so it'll have to wait.

FROGGITY! said...

i love that you do this. it is so wonderful! i also love that little black paw on your hand. so sweet! reminds me of my old (yellow) kitty cornflake.

i wish i had a printer!!! ours is down currently. currently as of 2008... eek! time for a techie shopping spree...

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