Friday, May 06, 2011

Friday Scoop

Hello, bloggies.  Have yall had a good week? 

We have.  Loving life here.  Loved it in Colorado and Kansas, too.  And, Texas!  We can't forget about Texas. 

Cinco de Mayo was celebrated in style here in the Starnes family.  Lainey adorned her "senorita" dress from H&M.  Of course, she had to pose like a complete lunatic when I asked to take her picture.  That kid is a super freak.

I enticed Blake with a beach trip to honor our Mexican heritage.  OK, we're not Mexican, but we live pretty darn close to the border.  He said we couldn't go to Tijuana, so Breakwater Beach had to do.  We got some greasy Mexican food and it was delicious.

Here's a little known fact amongst these parts.  Blake is slightly high maintenance.  A beach trip for him has to include all sorts of crap like a cooler and a nice beach chair, music, etc.  I grab the kids and go a couple times a week just to exercise and play a bit.  None of that is needed.  But, my husband likes the finer things in life, so I indulge. 

Because of that, however, he is often less than enthusiastic about our beach trips.  I told him that because of Cinco de Mayo, I was sure the beach would be overflowing with parties and there would be all sorts of fun. 

It was empty.

Hee hee!

We had fun anyway.

While surfing, Carter spotted this blue balloon carcass.  Take note of this, people.  Letting go of balloons may seem like fun and kind of magical, but they have to land somewhere eventually.  Lord only knows where these hit the water.  They finally washed up on the shore last night.  Not only are they now technically trash and polluting our beaches, they could have injured sea life or birds while afloat. 

So, in summary:  Just say NO to balloon releases.

Jack and Lainey hauled this piece of drift wood across the sand.

Then, they showed us their muscles.  They think their elbows are muscles.  I don't know.

Digging for crabs.

Lainey routinely creates creepy Blair Witch type creations in the sand.  We pay no attention to her.

We played "Dinosaurs and Kitties" as usual.  This is a sad attempt at soccer.  I am always on Jack and Lainey's team.......thus, the "Dinosaurs and Kitties" name.  Blake and Carter in turn named their team the "Dinosaur and Kitty Slayers".  Nice.

Things get rowdy sometimes and we start blocking each other out.  Hence, Jack with Daddy here.

Me and the punks.

Da fam.

No big plans for Mother's Day.  I am getting a bad ass camera and lens from my boss.  She sold it to me at a great discount, so I'm finally making the move from a point-and-shoot.  Lots to learn on the photography front.

Happy Mother's Day weekend to you, peeps!


donatelli98 said...

Nice job scoring the camera - that's awesome!! I want one too! I can understand Blake's high maintenance personality - I am the same way!!

Pam Bowers said...

How exciting about the camera. Perfect way to end the post! So what camera and lens are you getting?

Most of the time I go to the beach with my dog I go empty handed. I love that free feeling. Whenever I drag along a chair some random dog always pees on it. grrr.

When I'm taking pics of my niece and nephew half the time I just shoot as they play. You would be surprised at how many good shots you'll get that way. And, they get used to having the camera pointed at them. The funny shots are cute though.

Claire Kiefer said...

H&M has some seriously cute kids' clothes. I love Lainey's dress! And the beach is always an excellent idea. With or without accoutrements, with or without fellow beach-goers. Happy early Mother's Day!

The Lenzers said...

have I told you lately how jealous I am of you and your carefree lifelstyle? I feel like I am always rush rush rush! love the camera. when she is ready to sell another let me know! Happy mothers day!

Jodee said...

Oh my word! I am soooo jealous! I wanted to celebrate Cinco de Mayo and it didn't happen! I guess we did have chips and salsa for dinner!

Cracking up about Blake! It's usually the wife who is high maintenance! My hubs just grabs and goes and does no planning whatsoever! It's a good thing I am a planner!

Hope you have a fun and relaxing Mother's Day. You will no doubt be back at the beach!