Monday, May 23, 2011


Lots going on, guys. 

On Friday, Melissa (my super cool boss) and I attended MamaFest at the La Jolla Country Club.  Swanky and fun......we met lots of peeps and hopefully got some business, too.

Our table.  Isn't her photography fabulous?

Our view.  Not too shabby.

Since I wore heals for the first time in forever, the little ones were fascinated and had to find their own pairs.

Blake is so proud.

Don't you love how they're holding hands?  Such good buddies. 

Volunteered at school recently.  I'm going to miss it next year.  Jack will go to Kindergarten and Lainey is moving to another school.

Here are the punks playing a "pin the fish in the ocean" game.  They were hysterical.

I took my 3 + Rylee out to the harbor last week for dinner and sea life watching.  Everyone wanted sunglasses for some reason.

Preschool buddies.

Rylee and Laine will be in the same school next year. 

They are quite the pair.

Saw lots of critters. 

Another day at the beach on Saturday.  This visit came with a bonus.  A hovercraft and several Marine/Navy vehicles were parked on the beach.  Kids went nuts over them.

I showed up to check out the service men in jumpsuits.

Kids don't know.  They just think I am a huge supporter of our troops. 

Don't judge.

As always, I was delighted they let us on the boat.

And, around all of the weapon stocked vehicles.

The hovercraft took off in the water about an hour after our stop to check things out.  Those things go 60 mph!  Seems crazy for such an enormous ship.

They put on a quite a show.  Very cool to see.

I am completely mildly obsessed with buying Lainey cute swimsuits.

Exhibit A:

My favorite thus far.  Cutie Roxy "swim kini".  I almost always buy 2 pieces now......otherwise, she has a hard time going potty by herself. 

Me and my little punks.

We headed home for pizza and smores.

Kids love fire.  No other way to say it.

What else?

*Carter heads out for his spend-the-night field trip this week.  I'll give you details on what he's doing once he returns.  All I'm saying is that I want to be a 4th grader in California.

*I just booked a sunset cruise for Blake and me for our 11 year anniversary.  It's not available for our night out this week, so we'll schedule it for a later date.  2 hours on the ocean, cocktails and appetizers.  Watching sea life and the sun set.  We haven't done this since Hawaii.  Can't wait!

*I am so ready for summer.  The little ones wrapping up the preschool year is not so taxing, however, Carter has this field trip, a huge report to write, a year long reading goal to complete, and 2 big events at school......all before they let out in a couple of weeks. 

I think that's it for now.  The Bachelorette starts tonight.  I refuse to miss a season. 



The Lenzers said...

Love the swim suit! Makes me want a girl, not happening but so cute! Why is LC going to a different school? I am ready for summer, sort of! Hope I survive

Kim said...

Cool stuff! You've been very busy. Can't wait to hear all about the field trip and the cruise!

Claire Kiefer said...

Ohhhhhh those delicious San Diego beaches. It's been far too long since I've seen them! I'm still a little mad at La Jolla beach though for claiming my Chanel sunglasses a couple July 4ths ago. ;)

If I had a little girl, I'd be obsessed with buying her cute bathing suits, too! Unfortunately I don't feel the same way about buying myself bathing suits. That is more of a depressing ordeal. ha.

Brittny said...

Looks and sounds fun! Sorry I don't have more to write, but it's 3:30 in the morning and my stupid dog had to go potty. He's been out for almost 10 minutes and still hasn't come back. How do pets get constipated? How the dog sitting going? ; )

Sara said...

Where to start? Jack and Lainey in high heels. Definitely goes in the Rehearsal Dinner file. Jack's future wife will love seeing that picture one day. Love that they're holding hands too. So sweet.

Sunglasses and kiddos = adorable.

That's Blake's favorite swimsuit of Lainey's, isn't it?? He begged you to buy it, right?

Sunset cruise sounds fabuloso! And my ADD just kicked in. Adios.

donatelli98 said...

Love the swimsuits and love that you got to see the hot guys in jumpsuits!! Love hot Navy men! Have fun on your sunset cruise!!

Dee Stephens said...

Love the swimsuit too but I'm more amazed that they let you all on the boat?
How freaking cool?! I bet the kids were stoked.
I heart our Troops.
Do you ever see the Navy Seals training?
I'm obsessed with them.

Miss Sweet Tea said...

You are livin' the life! I love the kiddos in their funny!

I have to assume you watched the Bachelorette? Man oh man, what a train wreck already...that Bentley is up to no good! I can't stand him!! My favorites were Ben F. the wine guy and JP the construction guy. Neither are that attractive, but seemed genuine. Ashley talks about the guys being there for the right reasons, but I hope that she is too.

timmonstimes said...

Cute cute cute! And such a fun time it looks like y'all are having! I would so love a slice of that pizza right now too :)

Nate, Abbey, Noah, Blaire and Tatum said...

Is that a Minskys cup I spy?!

Anonymous said...

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