Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up

Memorial Day weekend was fantastic.  Laid back, at the beach or lounging in the back yard........no complaints!

Sweet punks......

I volunteered at Preschool last week and met their two new fish.  Don't you love the names?

This is random......but funny enough I thought to share.  I have more hair than about 22 people put together.  I get it thinned out every time I get it cut.  Never have had a hair dresser not remark on how ridiculously thick it is.  My best plan of attack in order to straighten it is to wash it at night, go to sleep with it damp and let it somewhat flatten out on its own.  Then, I wake and use a flat iron to straighten. 

On Friday, I had to wash it mid-afternoon........dry it with a blow dryer......and then straighten.  This is what it looks like using this method.  Before I straighten it, of course.

It's not good, people.

Blake looked at me in his usual wonder of "What in the hell is she up to now?" and Carter was horrified.  Exactly the reaction I was looking for.

Moving on......this pic is for Julie S.  I bet she's been to Duke's a time or two.

It's officially summer here in Southern California!  Lifeguards are out in full force.

Just discovered a little trivia about the town we live in.  The little bungalow that Kelly McGillis's character lived in during the movie, Top Gun, is still in tact and sitting on private land, with its fate yet to be determined.

It's ocean view property........and is surrounded by a fence and all the houses around it have been torn down.  We've driven by it dozens of times and always wondered what the significance of it was.  Now we know. 

And, just so YOU know, that sign has not been up there for long.  We're not that stupid.

Pretty day.  Love these colorful umbrellas.

Carter brought a friend.  He fit right in with this bunch.

Davidges came over for a Memorial Day cookout.  Lainey was in love, as always, with Ainsley.

Me, too.  :)

Lamb shanks, spicy Louisiana sausage and dogs for the kids.

Mike and Blake.

Kids kept buy in the pool and water table.

It was a good night with great friends!

I have a new obsession.  Weboo shoes.  Already got these for Jack.  Won the pink puffer variety for Laine on Ebay.  I've never made a bid on Ebay before.  That's how much I love these shoes.  Well made, good for growing kids, and super unique.  We'll be getting the dinosaur version for Jack this fall.  Unicorns for Laine.

Been working on a few home improvements.  Since we live in about 90 square feet total, space is limited.  My desk has been overtaken by work, school stuff, medical records, coupons, etc, etc.  I finally created this communication center in the hall way.  Two cork boards and two magnetic/dry erase boards and our family calendar.  Feeling more organized already!

Off to run carpool, bake biscuits for a teacher breakfast in the morning, straighten the house and tackle 5,342 loads of laundry.  I really need an assistant.  Not a nanny.  An assistant.......what was Kramer's intern's name?  Kevin, I think.  Someone like him might work perfectly for me.

Summer List coming soon!


Dee Stephens said...

I like the summer list idea. I saw that on Whatever's blog last year.
You know what's on our summer list :)
That's crazy about the Top Gun house! Someone should buy and make it into a tour!

Leiah said...

Two words - Roseanne Roseannadanna. And the reason I can say that is because I have been known to refer to my hair as that of the horrendous love child of Gene Wilder & Carrot Top. Especially when it is overtaken by this Louisiana humidity.

The Soladay Family said...

Holy hair, Case. Thank GOD for flatirons.

Totally remember the Top Gun house. That's where the big love scene took place. Ya, baby. Loved me some Tom Cruise before he turned weird.

donatelli98 said...

I can't believe you posted before pics! You are a much braver woman than me! Love your communication center! I'm with Allyson - I loved Tom Cruise before he turned weird!

caroline said...

I CAN NOT believe you posted your hair!!! Dying laughing!!! You know that whenever I fro out, Ryan says I look like you!!!! LOL!!!

Allyson and Dave said...

I have been to Dukes a few times!! They make great pina colada's there! That is a lot of hair...at least there is not much humidity in CA.

Tiffany said...

i always say we need a wife. one who cooks and cleans and folds laundry and then--wait for it--puts it away.

that's totally unheard of, putting laundry away. pfft!

love the hair. and it doesn't at all remind me of those troll dolls in the 90's. not even a little bit. :)

Kim said...

You have a ton of hair! It looks great straight but I feel for you sister! That is like me wanting to go curly and it lasts about 2 seconds in the humidity.

Glad you had a great weekend!

Kristen said...

Where do you find all of Lainey's clothes?!?! She always looks so adorable.

And the fish names... so fantabulous. Especially Justin Bieber Lightning. Love it.

And your hair... bwahahahahahaha. Laughed with you my friend. Just another reason you're so rad in my book. You will actually post pics of yourself at your most shining moments for all of us to enjoy.

merrilee said...

Love that you posted your hair in that "before" state. I would have to guess that most women have a bit of crazy hair before it is coiffed. I never knew where the Top Gun house was.....see, you have been here for 3 1/2 years less than me and I am already learning something from you!

SASS said...

Good god woman! Have you ever heard of a round brush!?!? Hilarious. Freak flag always a'flyin. Caroline's comment is awesome.
Love the beach pic with Carter's friend- totally cracking up over it.
Love the pics with bebe Ainsley. She is so cute!!!
Justin Bieber Lightning? I'm naming my kid that. Epic.

Lindsay @ whimsy.girl said...

Cracking up over the hair pics.! Too funny...I wish my hair was that thick!

Kittie Flyn said...

Oh so much to comment on! LOL - of all the burning questions I have though I think I'd most like to know how your fish got their names. :)

I'm sure as I read through the archives I'll find out so you don't have to respond.

I'm having fun reading your blog!!

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