Sunday, May 15, 2011


Having a blast with Pa in town.  We met up Friday night for dinner in the harbor.

What a bunch of goons our kids are:

We laugh each time we see this......sea lions out in the middle of water.....looks like they're waiting to be discovered for a chance at Sea World.

Maybe my favorite picture ever of Pa and Lainey.  These two have birthdays one day apart.  Pa told Lainey that she was one day older than him because hers on the 14th and his, the 15th of September.  A little confusing for a 3 year old.

Must figure out how to incorporate this picture in a card.  And, must continue to thank the restaurant industry for letting us in the door every now and then.

Looking for sea life.  Lainey's looking to make Pa laugh.  She's good at it.  We've started referring to her as Kristen Wiig.  Seriously funny.

What?  Everyone looking at the camera and smiling?  Frame it!

Look Mae Mae!  We bought the doggies some beach gear.

Love the sea lions the cruise around the harbor.

We watched several seagulls battle over this "sea snake". We're not sure sea snakes exist, but it was bigger than a worm.  And, alive during the struggle.

Sting ray!

We ate dinner, went for ice cream, walked along the water, hit the beach and then returned to the car.  On our way back, we watched these guys empty their catch.  Sea urchins!

Pa headed back to the condo with Carter for the evening.  He stayed there on a previous trip and it's such a great little place.  Ocean view, walk to the beach and market, etc.  Kids love it.

They returned to the house and we relaxed on the patio for a bit.  Enjoyed every one's favorite dip ever.  Olive oil, feta, green onions, cherry tomatoes and Cavender's Greek Seasoning.  Yum.  I sometimes add black olives, too.

Poor Batman.  Lainey learned how to pick him up and cart him around the house.  She giggles the entire time.  Batman does not.

Finally made it out to Legoland.  We already have passes to Disney, the zoo and the aquarium in La Jolla.  Didn't want to spend the money on another.  OK, I did.  Blake did not. is only minutes away and since our last visit 2 years ago, they built and aquarium and a water park.  So, we indulged.  No pool in our this will do instead!

Pa is now a card carrying member of both Disneyland and Legoland.  And, he lives in Dallas.  Awesome.

More than for the park itself, we bought the passes so we could hear Jack say, "Wegowand" all summer.

For Sass!

New Star Wars section of Miniland.  Sand sculptors created this set up in honor of the unveiling.

Only when Pa comes in town does Jack leave with a dinosaur as big as him.

And, Lainey......a mama and a baby giraffe. 

Legoland just oozes cuteness.  This is the storybook ride.  The dinosaur came, too.

Three little pigs.

Because we don't have enough at our house, Lainey befriended a snail while at the park.

Jack was less than enthusiastic about it riding in the stroller next to him.

Legoland is hard to understand until you go.  Try to see the scale of these structures......all made with Legos, of course.......several stories high!

OK, wait.  Maybe this is my favorite.

Pa took the punks back to the condo for the night, so Blake and I went to dinner.  Mid-meal, we realized this would likely be our only 11 Year Anniversary celebration.  Cheers, babe!

We're waiting on the crew now to arrive at our house, load up the surf board and hit the beach. 



Jodee said...

Wow! Legoland looks like loads of fun! So much to see! Love the pictures with Pa!

Happy, happy anniversary to you!

Allyson and Dave said...

We are getting a Legoland here sometime soon. I may have to check it out.

Amanda said...

oh wow, Legoland IS awesome. your family is adorable. Happy Anniversary!

Dee Stephens said...

Happy Anniversary! Rebekah and her hubby just celebrated 11 years this past Thursday.
I've never been to Legoland but it looks awesome!

Brittny said...

Looks like fun!!!!! We were busy planning our "halfway point celebration" for January and are planning on a cruise in Hawaii. I kept thinking in the back of my mind, if that doesn't work out we can always go where Casey lives. There's TONS to do there!!!

Monica said...

Happy Anniversary!!

Kelly Beatty said...

Happy Anniversary! You two are the best.

merrilee said...

So many beautiful pictures....I love the ones of Pa and Lainey, and of you and Blake--those are framers! Legoland--you must call or text me the next time you go. We also have the passes here. Also, we do not have a neighborhood pool, but we just joined a club--you will have to join us this summer.

The Soladay Family said...

Holy picture of you and Blake! Frame it!

Lainey has quite the personality! =)

Wegowand = awesome

Kim said...

Good times! Happy Anniversary!

donatelli98 said...

So much fun! They have added a lot to Legoland in the last two years since we were there.

The Lenzers said...

11 years and still must be doing something right! we have to go to LL, I figured in a couple of years when all the boys are was the size of the rides?