Saturday, November 13, 2010

Belated Scoop

I just realized I haven't updated the blog in a while. I'm still alive. Obviously distracted with all the birthday craziness around here.

So, I told you we were meeting my cousin Angie in San Diego. Some background on her:

She's my Aunt Mary's daughter and someone I've adored since childhood. We visited her family in Louisiana when we were kids. Caroline and I thought she and her sister, Cassie, were just about the coolest kids ever. Several years older than us.......we marveled at their beautiful bedrooms.......coveted the clothes they bought from Lois Gean's in Arkansas when we'd visit our grandparents......copied their huge grosgrain bows......and learned all sorts of juicy stuff while sneaking their Cosmo magazines when they were out.

Thanksgiving reminds me so much of Angie and the rest of our extended family. We used to all meet at my grandparents' house in Magnolia. I cherish those memories.

OK, so we met Angie at her hotel and walked to the Gaslamp Quarter.

Had lunch. Angie and I made it through unscathed and with only 2 glasses of wine each! It wasn't pretty, though.

An attempted picture of my 3. Yep, there it is. Carter with his eyes closed. Lainey distracted and Jack hiding.

Next, we walked down by the bay and admired the boats. Here is Angie with Carter (and Meow Meow).

Lainey spent most of our day applying lip gloss. I don't know where she came from.

Subtle, Laine!

Back at the hotel. We visited pool side and took bets on who would end up in the water first. Shockingly, only Jack's Crocs indulged.

Took along Oliver K. Woodman, visiting us from Kansas City. He was very well behaved. Making his rounds to all 50 states. Let me know if you'd like him to come see you. Oliver doesn't eat much, is potty trained and remarkably quiet. You won't even know he's there.

Gaslamp Quarter.

Downtown San Diego and the Padre Stadium.

Finally, here are Angie and me. After all these years, I still adore her. There's nothing like cousins, peeps.

Here's Jack at a recent beach trip. Monster apron and daisy watering can. It's a good look.

Sunset and a very shallow shore line.

I lost all sense of reason recently and asked Jack and Lainey to help me add shelf paper to some drawers and cabinets. Don't be like me. Don't do this.

Blake took the kids hiking last weekend. This is the only picture he took. He won't be doing any Travel Reports on this blog. But, I am grateful he got the kids out!

Here is our family's current favorite dish. Roasted veggies with Parmesan. Super, super easy to do.

Received this darling ornament from my friend, Katherine, from LSU. How sweet is she?! I'll admire it for years.

Two more little tid bits:

1. Finally took Lainey to her 3 year old well check. Little shrimp did well. Laid down for blood drawn and a shot. Screamed like bloody murder once she got stuck, but it started out nicely. Proud of our tough girl. Weight was 31.5, fully clothed. Can't remember her height. Taking the two youngest punks to the doctor together is like wrestling squirrels in the dark. I'm really just pleased to make it in and out alive.

2. My life is about to change. And, I mean really change. Jack and Lainey start Preschool on Monday. 5 days a week, 1/2 days, lunch and snack provided. What on earth will I do with myself?!

Hope yall have a good weekend. We're off to pick up Blake's new (company) car. Birthday festivities are going well. He received a Notre Dame tshirt yesterday and a soccer ball today. Lots more gifts coming. We're loving the week of gifts.



If the shoe FITZ said...

FIVE DAYS A WEEK! You're going to be a brand new woman! That's awesome!

Kelly Beatty said...

I am going to miss Jack and Lainey while they're at school...and I don't even live there. I'm sure they'll do great! I can't wait to hear how they do. Happy Birthday CARTER!!

Allyson and Dave said...

You know you are moving up in the world when you get a company car!

The Lenzers said...

Oliver must be flat stanley's cousin? you can send him to OK! And yes cousin's rock!!!! I admire my older cousin very much too. 5 days a week, wowza, what will you do?

Kristen said...

looks like an awesome visit with your sweet cousin!!

and love lainey's lip gloss covered face :) she just makes me smile.

holy crapstick!!!! pre-school five days a week!?!?!?!?!? are you ready for that?

Hattie said...

Y'all have been busy!!! Love all the pics! I would have no clue what to do if I didn't have a little one at home. I would probably stare at the walls in shock for about the first week. I have no idea what quiet sounds like!!! Enjoy!

Brittny said...

Alright, here goes...

* I'm assuming that Oliver K. Woodman is not my prize b/c he is with you. (I'm not home now so I haven't checked the mail in a while) But tell Carter that if he has not been to Florida and needs a place to stay, we are available. But I'm sure he has b/c people in CA and FL seem to know each other well. Crazy.

* Your cousin is adorable!!!! I had 2 girl cousins, one was in NC and my age, the other about 10-12 years younger and in KS and I was in AL. We didn't see each other enough to develop that close relationship and I think it would have been lots of fun if we had. I'm a little jealous and think it's ok to say that.

* Lainey, use clear "lick loss" (as your BFF Sophie calls it) b/c it goes with everything. She just got her first tube yesterday and I'm surprised there is any left today.

* Jack, I love your sense of style. I saw some shoes at Target yesterday that looked just like you and I almost bought them for Christopher. But I put them back b/c they just weren't the right color. You would not have approved.


* 5 DAYS A WEEK?????? HOLY COW!!!!!!!!!! I'd spend the first week just planning what I was going to do with the rest of them. And then realize I better get a job so I can afford to do what I want to do. And then realize if I got a job I wouldn't have time to do the things I wanted to do. Crap. Now I'm stuck at home all alone. Oh well.

I hope you have fun with whatever you do! Carter, happy birthday!! I can't wait to see what you guys do to celebrate!! Have fun!!!! (I got my ears pierced when I turned 10, see what your mom says about you doing that?)

The Luis Family said...

Visiting with cousins is always so much fun! Wish I could visit my more often!! Mine don't leave home very often though!

Love Lainey and the lip gloss!! That is so Ashlyn ... those two would get along great!

If Oliver needs to visit another country feel free to send him on up!

So excited for Carter and his big birthday lead up and celebration! You guys are such cool parents!!

caroline said...

I think that if I was there at lunch with Angie, I'd probably sit and stare at her like I did when I was younger. I am quite certain that she is still the as cool as she was 20 years ago.

Impulsive Addict said...

Ok...loved all the pics...especially the one of all 3. Priceless!

Tell me more about the roasted veggies. Foil? Roasted on grill? Other seasonings? It looked delish.

And why are they starting school in November? Seems odd to me but you DO live in CA now.

Lauren W said...

I just love your family and I am ready for your book to come out. I will be the first one to buy it.

Love love love the ornament, love Lainey's lip gloss (and the outfit she is wearing in that picture,) and I love the roasted veggies (you just roast them with olive oil and add parmesean?)

Miss you in KC.

Dee Stephens said...

I love cousins! How cute is that ornament?? I need to update my blog too. Maybe later today. Lots to share.

The Soladay Family said...

Oliver must come visit if he hasn't been to Texas. The boys would love him. My sister just sent Flat Stanley to Boston with my uncle.

You are going to be so freaking happy with some time to yoself!

merrilee said...

Love the picture of you and your cousin....your necklace is adorable! 5 days a week--holy crap, batman. Let's get together for a kid free lunch one day. I am only kid free on Tues./Thurs. mornings, but that feels glorious!!!

Katherine said...

Yay! The ornament looks good. You never know when you order things on line!
I can't wait to hear all about preschool. Emily loves preschool and her teachers so much. She cries every day when I pick her up about how much she will miss "Miss Nancy and Miss Bonnie."

Sara said...

Gaslamp Quarter looks awesome!! So happy that you had a great visit with your cuz. I'm very close to all of my cousins too. In fact, one of them is more like a sister to me. Love that!

Great pics of the kiddos, as usual. Lainey's lip gloss skills look a little like my own.

Can't wait to hear about their first day at school!! Wooo-hoo!

Merry Mack said...

I am done with shelf paper. The last batch I did had me cussing the whole 7 years we lived there. Done. Maybe you are too. I love Lainey's gloss. Classy. And Jack and his apron and rain boots is good stuff. Looks like fun. I am glad you got to hook up with family. I have a love hate relationship with company cars, but they are nice to have.