Tuesday, November 02, 2010


This is going to be a doozy. Try and keep up.

I saw Jackass 3D last week. Don't even make me remind you of how I have no standards when it comes to movie going. As long as it's not animated, I'm in. And, this movie was actually pretty funny. There are things that I cannot speak of and a few little sparks of permanent damage to my intelligence, but overall, I give it two thumbs up!

These two make it awesome......Johnny Knoxville.....

And, Ryan Dunn. Bam and the guy who is always in the leopard bikini bottoms are good, but I prefer Johnny and Ryan. I think my husband is going to be wondering why I know these guys' names. Not important.

And, will you look at this? It's like our own version of the movie here at home. PG, of course.

Moving on.

Jack recently trapped Lainey on the top bunk of the boys' bed.

He was really pleased with himself.

And, later these two attempted a "train" ride with their bikes. I don't think so, smarties.

I finally took the kids to a nearby park. Blake has brought them here at least 12 times since we arrived and I had yet to see it. It's called the "spider web" playground in this house. Pretty fancy.

Grass-like turf fields and mountain views. Lovely. We grabbed dinner on the way and stayed a while.

And, on the way to In N Out, we got in yet, ANOTHER, accident. Rear ended at a red light. Seems to be no major damage to my car, but I have to make sure the cameras in back are working properly. Might take it by the garage who just repaired this very same part a couple of weeks ago to confirm. The kid who hit me was scared....."My dad is going to kill me"......so I hope no claim is needed.

Why the picture below? Because I'm on automatic pilot as soon as I get hit. I take pictures of the time, the intersection, the cars, and license plate. Seriously. The poor kid was probably even more traumatized because I leaped out of the car in full ninja photographer mode documenting it all. I've had some practice! Don't judge.

Deep breaths.....

Here are the punks at the beach the day before Halloween. Weird.

Lookin' good, Carter.

And, finally......our flowers. I haven't planted a thing since moving here and have been dying to do so. Went into the nursery today and inquired as to what I can plant. "Anything you want!" Heaven.

These guys came from Kansas, but are flourishing since arriving in California. My mom always planted these when we were kids. I love them.

Had some help from the flower delivery guy.

My gardening set up.

That looks safe. Where is his mother?

Laine helped a lot. I insisted she do the cacti because I didn't want to risk cutting my hands.

And, then they did their "homework" while I planted some more.

A few of the final pots.......with some favorites from our back yard I might not have posted before.

One of my favorite parts of this house and something that is rarely seen......the gorgeous bougainvillea climbing up the roof.

I call these the "Disneyland" trees because I remember these from my childhood......the odd trees seen only at the park.

Lainey's secret garden.

Need some color on the gazebo......so I added some cyclamens (my favorite) and then some funky crawly type plants in the silver pail. I really don't know much about gardening.....so the names escape me.....and I just put stuff together that I like.

This used to be a piece from inside the house......figured it could handle the weather......so I placed it in one of the beds.

An oldy, but goody from Kansas.

Carter made this for Blake's mom when he was 2, I believe, before she passed. Happy to have a little piece of her out here in California.

I know ZILCH about succulents and cactus, so if you have any tips, send them my way! Pretty sure I totally screwed this one up.

Took Sass's birdcage and added some shells and a bitty plant. Voila! Centerpiece.

One of my favorite little nooks that I rarely seem to make it to.

Just got these chairs from a neighbor giving them away. We'll paint them soon enough. Bright red or a cool blue.

Our yard is HUGE. So, I'm working hard to fill the spaces and make good use of all it has to offer. This is helpful because if we all try to sit in the living room at the same time, I have to sit in Blake's lap because our house is so tiny. It's really awkward in front of company.

For Jann.....chicken cabinet is in tact. Still not sealed, but we're headed in that direction.

You still there?

One more thing......

Winner of the "You Tell Me" is Brittny! Not because she's enough of a pain in the ass to remind me I never chose a winner, but because her comment was really funny. I was torn between 3....yall are really creative and know Lainey quite well. Thanks for playing! Brittny, email me your address when you have a second. starnesco@yahoo.com

Later, peeps!


Kristen said...

Damn! I totally wanted to win You Tell Me. I'll try harder next time.

When I was in LA years ago for work, I saw Johnny Knoxville. Random. And now I would like to see this movie since you've given it two thumbs up.

And the pic of Lainey trapped in the bunk is hysterical... well played Jack. Well played.

Pam Bowers said...

You really do have a great backyard. We had those tall skinny trees in our yard when I was little. They grow so fast.

The Soladay Family said...

Love that you went and saw Jackass and by yourself nonetheless.

Also love the bougainvillea. We have one hanging in our backyard, but it won't make it here much longer as the temps are getting cooler.

Succulents are so pretty. I've wanted to try them them myself. I don't think you can mess them up.

What's the story with Carter and the lizard? How did that happen? Awesome.

Allyson and Dave said...

Such a lovely backyard!! I love that you can put things in your backyard and not worry about it rusting or getting covered in mold.

starnes family said...

Carter caught the lizard and held it hostage for a while. Started doing tricks and I caught that one on film. Weirdo!

donatelli98 said...

Just leave the cacti alone - they don't require much and should get enough water from the rain. Succulents - I have no clue. Love your flower delivery guy - super cute!!

Megan (Best of Fates) said...

The beach the day before Halloween?

That's just wrong.

Wrong I say.

And the girl standing next to me at the rally last weekend was trying to tell me something about porta potties from that movie.

Thankfully, I stopped her before I was forced to hear the horror.

Dee Stephens said...

love the plants! awesome!

Sara said...

That park looks awesome!! How fun!

Your flowers look beautiful. They'd all be dead within 2 weeks at my house. I have a black thumb, but I try to act like I don't. Trey always calls me out though. Go figure.

Love that y'all are at the beach during the last of October....although, it DOES look like y'all are alone on the beach???

I used to trap my brothers up on their top bunk also and threaten them if they came down. Such a good big sister. :)

Brittny said...

Ok I am laughing outloud in Starbucks by myself... Thanks!!! I love you and I've never met you but I love you dearly! It was just such a funny pic I had to know who won! Love what you've done with the yard. I am horrible at plants. And decorating. And arranging. I hope to one day hire someone to do the house for me and find someone (if my mom can't come) to help me with the yard. Give the kids hugs for me!!! Oh before I forget, tell jack and Lainey to try tying their bikes together with a rope or a chain. That's what Christopher and Sophie do and they never get hurt. Well, a majority of the time they don't.

merrilee said...

The yard looks amazing, and your potted plants are always a hit. The succulents.....I don't pretend to know much about them, other than they are the one thing I have planted and they thrive without water or care. The can get really large and I think they're beautiful--nice choice!

Claire Kiefer said...

Thank you SO MUCH for donating to Summer's half marathon . . . more than the generosity of the donation itself, I know it's going to make her feel so loved that so many people care enough to donate in memory of her daddy. You're the sweetest!

The Lenzers said...

you and your flowers....i am always totally amazed! such a cool backyard! I am waiting for spring to do mine! i am so glad the chicken armoire is going to be ok! i have been worried.

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