Friday, November 19, 2010


This might be my most random Scoop post yet. Hold on tight.

Little punks pre-gift opening for Carter's birthday.

Carter opened this one from my Aunt Mary immediately. Huge fan of this series. He's already finished the book.

Kids came home yesterday from Preschool with kitty faces. Fitting.

Our fountains are finally working. This is one of two. Never a fountain fan before, but now that we live in California they seem to blend right in and I love the sound they make. If I could keep Lainey from baptising her kitties, I'd love them even more.

Jack has figured out that when Dad's out of town, Carter sometimes sleeps in my bed. So, now I have these two monkeys in there with me. I secretly love it.

Why am I almost 36 years old (on Sunday!) and just now buying these scented pine cones? They're delightful!

Our Thank You turkey is filling up. Love to see what they come up with.

It's backwards day at school today.

These kitties are starting to become a real hassle.

She has to bring them everywhere. Lamby, too. This is what she looks like upon leaving to go anywhere.

Guess who holds them upon her getting in the car?

Guess who stuffs them all into her purse while we shop?

Guess who becomes a nervous wreck at the thought of losing one?

We returned from our Target trip to find Sassy kitty tucked into my door handle. Please take a moment to understand the mission I will have to launch into should one of these lovies not become accounted for.

Figure out which one is missing.

Find it and purchase.

Spend at least a week dragging it behind my car.

Wash it 38 times.

Flatten it with my car.

Wash again.

Give to Lainey and pray to our Sweet Baby Jesus she can't tell the difference.

Found this at Home Depot. They were all out of stock. Already.

Flew home to find it online and purchased it. Jack is a happy boy.

I'm forever unsatisfied with my atrium window. Latest version. Help!

Look how much love I have while on the computer? Fatty Batman slugs up right next to me. Annoyingly, he often pushes keys. So, if you receive a cryptic email from me, I cannot be held responsible.

"Zebo" lights are up. I love our backyard. It's like our own version of Disneyland.

And, speaking of.......the children are getting an early Christmas present this year. Disneyland passes! We'll be seeing a lot of this next week:

We saw Disneyland during Halloween in 2006 and it was spectacular. I can only imagine what they have in store for Christmas.

Could Main Street look any more adorable than it does already? It will! There is not a doubt in my mind that I am just as excited as the kids will be.

Blake? Maybe not. If you remember, we all discuss our favorite rides while we hop on the shuttle to get to the park. Blake's signature party pooper response: "The shuttle back to the car." Nice.

Oh, and our passes include admission to California Adventure, the Disney park adjacent to old school Disneyland. We'll check that out, too.

In other news:

****My 3 kids have spilled 5 bowls of cereal in 2 days. What the hell?

****Today is "share day" at Preschool and I'm going to volunteer. The letter of the week is G. The kids bring in something that starts with G. I'm sure you can imagine how it goes while they try to sound it out.

Lainey - "Guh guh, kitties!"

Jack - "Guh guh trains!"

****Lainey never shuts up. And, she never stops moving. Caroline reminded me that my dad remarked years ago that I was the same way. Damn.

****Wonder if the Preschool teachers will frown upon me bringing in a flask today? You know what? I bet they'll ask me to share.

****Caroline arrives in sunny San Diego in exactly 28 hours and 17 minutes. Not that anyone's counting.



Pam Bowers said...

Jealous of those Disneyland passes. And to go at Christmas time even better!

The Del Mar race track has a neat light parade at xmas time. They set up in the middle and you drive around it. I'm going to have to put it on my list of things to do this year.

Yay for your sis coming.

Sara said...

The pine cones last for a few years too. I used my same ones last year and they still smelled like cinnamon. Love it!!

Kitty faces are adorable. Disneyland passes???? SO FUN!!!! I can't wait to see your pics from Christmas at Disney. I bet it's incredible!

Atrium window?? I'm on it. Let me brainstorm.
Did you ever find an old window for the mantle??

Dee Stephens said...

I did Disneyland for Thanksgiving back in 2001! They roll out all the Christmas parades, decor and the Haunted Mansion turns into The Nightmare before Christmas and A Small World turns holiday too! It's fantabulous!

donatelli98 said...

I have been smelling those pinecones each week I go into the grocery store but still haven't bought any. You should buy some back up kitties - we have back up puppies! You never know when you will need them. Your kids crack me up! I bet the teachers would share the flask - they must do something to be that perky! My kids never shut up either!! Non-stop - hence the nickname Chatty.

Jodee said...

Great scoop! I soooo want some of those scented pine cones. Where did you find them?!

Our kids recently had backwards day too. I just don't get it!

Love the new train for the tree!

So glad things are going well in CA!

merrilee said...

You will use the heck out of those passes. The kitty chronicles crack me up. Oh, and I'm sure the pre-school teachers would love a shot from your flask--ha, ha!!!!

Claire Kiefer said...

How incredibly sweet that Lainey is thankful for "change"--that is amazing!!!

The Rand's said...

Disneyland passes?! Awesome!!

I've never bought the scented pine cones. Hmmmm . . .

Love the lights on the gazeebo.

Impulsive Addict said...

OMG! I have so much to say!

Love the fountains.
Love that they sleep in your bed.
I've never heard of scented pine cones.
Love the "thank you" turkey.
I can't believe you have to keep up with so many lovies but I love the process that hopefully you WON'T have to go through should an unexplained absence occur.
I'm super jealous of your view from the atrium. I'm pretty sure you live in paradise.
You are a GREAT mom for purchasing the passes. My parents sucked. =(
I can promis you that teachers can drink most people under the table. They would love a swig of your flask.

TiffanyD said...

I love Lainey's billion kitties! That pic of her with all of them is priceless.

The Lenzers said...

I baptize you in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost! love you case! enjoy your sister this next week. Oh, and you don't need a flask anymore, they make pocket shots now...
i'll post on that one soon

Becca Jane said...

Casey, who designs your blog headers? SO CUTE!!

I loved your description of Lainey (never stops moving or talking) because that's Cam to a T! Most of Cam's best friends are girls lately, so I know he'd adore Miss Lainey. Someday....we will meet up!

Julie {Angry Julie Monday} said...

Cough will have no excuse not to meet up with me now!!!! We live 15 minutes away and have passes too!!!

Be nice or I will buy more kittehs to add to the collection.


starnes family said... makes my headings. Note to anyone who might be buying me a Christmas gift. I need Photoshop! Then, I can make them on my own. I pay for these. She's fabulous, though. Great turn around and I love her work.

Julie - we'll meet up!

Becca - you, too!

Kristen said...

The cat in the doorhandle had me almost peeing my pants... you should have a reality show Case! I would totally tune in!!

And Lainey baptising her kitties in your fountain also had me in stitches... oh my.

I have never been to Disneyland. Perhaps once I am not broke (so.... in about 20 yrs? Awesome) I should come and visit and hang with the punks. Fun times.

And that tree train set is wicked cool- Jack is gonna be stoked!!

Coco said...

Yay for your sis coming and not being on dialysis. That is awesomeness.

Don't want to hear about spilling, a meal just isn't meal around here unless TM spills a full glass of something.

Can't wait to visit Disney this spring!!!

Merry Mack said...

Missy Mack never shuts up either and my mom frequently reminds me that I deserve it for what I put her through. This logic is lost on me. I have done the actually 'roughing' up of a kitty before. I feel ya! I love that Carter is a reader. He did a great job on backwards day. I think you will have to become very creative about letter sounds and their relation to kitties and trains. The teacher will expect you to share. Period. Disneyland passes rock! What an awesome gift.