Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Oh, Disneyland. You Did It Again.

A normal day at Disneyland is magical. Add Christmas? It's almost too much.

Caroline and I took the 3 children into Anaheim for the day. Arrived around 2:00 and planned to leave by 10:00pm. Pretty much stayed on schedule. Great weather helped.

Main Street was absolutely darling.

Had to rent a stroller because mine in disrepair since the tires have not been aired up since our last trip to Disneyland in July. I could go on and on fussing about Blake not doing it the 14 times I asked him to, but really......who wants to hear about that?

Jack sported a tie. I love how he chooses these special days to dress up.

The park was crowded. Like, uncomfortable crowded. We boarded one of the river boats for some relief from the chaos.

Love this......sweet Carter pointing out cool stuff to Jack.

Stopped next in New Orleans to grab some vegetable/pasta gratin for me and a clam chowder bread bowl for Carter. Mickey mouse mac-a-oni for the little ones. Heard the princess from the frog movie sing. I still don't know their names, people. Working on it.

Pass holder picture! So happy to have these. So much fun awaits!

Favorite ride? The Haunted Mansion. During the holidays, it becomes The Nightmare Before Christmas by Tim Burton. Fabulous.

Snuck some pictures inside.

Lainey was totally spooked, so I held her tight. Jack, too.

A few shots from inside.

Back out......time to don the Mickey ears for our obligatory pictures. We could be done with these in a matter of seconds if our 3 would comply. Instead, we end up with a crowd of people circling, laughing, and pointing at the comedy act that emerges from a simple photo op.

The best we came up with. Don't get too close, Laine.

The bond these two have is remarkable. Makes me happy for both of them.

An attempt at all 3 kids + Caroline. Lainey didn't get the memo.

Cute, Caroline.

Sweet Jack did so well. He walked most of the park and was a super good sport about his bratty little sister monopolizing the stroller. Finally, I insisted she share it. It worked for a few hours, because Lainey can only be agreeable for so long.

Lainey's favorite.

Close up.

Absolutely a new favorite. Look at how happy, healthy and full of life my sweet Caroline looks. Notice how giddy my kids are to be around her. It warms my heart.

Parade prep time. Saving our seats....

Jack continued to plan our day. This kid loves maps.

More waiting.

A lighting ceremony kicked off the night time festivities with It's A Small World coming to life. Pictures won't do it justice. It's overwhelming in person.

Parade time! Snowmen were so adorable.

Loved the reindeer, too.

Santa, of course!

The castle lit up for the night. Magical.

Next ride......The Jungle Cruise.

Back to Main Street for some shopping and an early walk out at 10:00ish. We usually stay until the park closes, but with a membership in hand, we can leave knowing we'll be back soon enough. Wednesday, maybe!

We loved every minute. I feel so lucky to live within an hour of one of the happiest places on earth. I feel so lucky to have annual passports for the family (and Caroline!). I feel so lucky to see my sister in such good health.

Life is good. Not perfect. But, really, really good. And, I'm grateful.


Dee Stephens said...

Didn't I tell you how amazing the Christmas festivities are? Small World during this time of the year is the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jodee said...

Oh my word! What a fabulous day at Disney! It looks like you had a blast! Love the Mickey Mouse pictures too!

The Lenzers said...

You are so awesome for giving this to your family.These are memories they will treasure for a lifetime. Good for you. Connor is like that with maps as well.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! A coworker of mine goes every year on opening day for the christmas season. She just returned this week and LOVED it!

donatelli98 said...

Good times Casey - glad Caroline is there to make some fun memories with you!!

Shannon said...


Nette said...

How pretty! Great day & I really like your new header!

Sara said...


Monica said...

I'm so glad your sister is better. It looks like ya'll had a blast! There really IS something magical about Disney.

Megan (Best of Fates) said...

Sounds like a fabulous time! I'm so envious of people who live close to Disney and can just go for a day!

p.s. The reindeer is my favorite part!

Merry Mack said...

I love that you are happy and that Caroline is healthy. What a wonderful day full of memories. You are a lucky family. Disney is the best place on Earth. Really. Happy Thanksgiving.

Dawn said...

What fun it must be to visit DW during the holidays. I would love to do that.

I really enjoyed all your pictures.

Happy Thanksgiving