Sunday, November 07, 2010

Thanksgiving Prep 2010

Thanksgiving is going to be big this year. Big.

Sweet Caroline is flying in to spend the week with us. Our California family will join us for our big meal, which will actually grow a bit this year, as I add a new dish, sweet potato casserole. We had a special request. Anyone have a good recipe?

Already on the menu:

stuffing (Pioneer Woman's)
lima beans (my grandmother's recipe)
mashed potatoes
green bean casserole (old school version)
broccoli/rice casserole (Blake's mom's recipe)
obligatory cranberry sauce (left in its canned shape, for added beauty)

Damn. I better add a few days to my walking routine.

Tonight, we're watching one of our favorite movies. If you have not seen it, you must. Robert Downey Jr, Holly Hunter, etc.

After 3 days of bugging me, I finally sat down with the children to make our "Thank You turkey". And, before any of you start asking me to make a turkey for you.....because you're in awe of this it. I'm way too busy.

Jack requested wheels on it this year. "To wook yike a train!"

Behold the turkey. We'll add a feather, per kid, each day until Thanksgiving. They'll include something they're grateful for. It's going to be a challenge for Jack to come up with some variety.

Planning to attend the 64th annual Mother Goose Parade this year in San Diego. Looks like good old fashioned dorky family fun.

I stole this fruit and vegetable turkey from Kelley. So awesome. Caroline will help us create this guy before our feast.

Seems like I'm forgetting something else.....time will tell.

Some other, less fabulous, Thanksgiving crafts:


Family Fun

Hope yall had a good weekend. Ours was pretty uneventful. Beach, a little shopping, two movies and time at home with the fam.

Back soon!


Claire Kiefer said...

Oh man. I'm so attached to my Nana's sweet potato casserole! She bakes a bunch of sweet potatoes, gets rid of the skin, mashes (creams?) the sweet potatoes with butter and brown sugar, and tops it with crushed pecans and more butter and brown sugar (then bake a little longer to brown the top). OMG. It's out of this world! And very easy.

I love love love Thanksgiving and Thanksgiving food, and one of my favorites is my mama's squash casserole! Cut up yellow summer squash and onions, saute till mostly cooked, put in baking dish with salt, pepper, and lots of cheese. breadcrumb top with butter drizzled on top (we southerners do not skimp on butter, ha!). I use a loaf of french bread & tear it up for the breadcrumbs--yum!

Stuffing? Be still my heart.

How cute is it that your little one put that he was thankful for "trains"--!!!!

The Soladay Family said...

You just reminded me that it's time to bust out our thankful leaves from last year and add some new ones. So much to be thankful for again.

Love me some sweet potatoe casserole. My personal fav. My grandmother had the best. I can still taste the pecans.

I meeant to tell you that when I walked in to pick up Carrie's cookies the other day, "Sweet Caroline" was playing in the shop. Thought of your sis. Hope she's doing well! Love that she's visiting you guys for Thanksgiving.

Brittny said...

Christopher has been bugging me to help him make a turkey since the week before Halloween! It involves an upside down flower pot and some pom poms and googly eyes, none of which we have. Last year we used a big styrofoam ball and some spray paint. I think this year it will be all paper.

Our weekend was fun and finally simple. We went to farm day and spent the day there. The last several weekends we've had multiple places to be each day.

Glad you had a good weekend and I have a sweet potato recipe with pecan topping if you want it. Not sure what you are looking for on it.

Kelley Loredo said...

I am cracking-up! I love that fruit turkey - although I didn't make it. I think we will need to make one this year, too! I haven't ever done a thank you turkey with my kids, but we are definitely going to make one today. Can't wait! Jennifer Day's sister's class made one for me when I was in the hospital on bedrest with the kids - looked just like that - love it! Thanks for the reminder - I'm stealing it and copying your picture - lol:)

Big hugs!

Coco said...

Seriously? You have your menu planned already?

Guess I can't talk since I already have my Christmas cards.

The Lenzers said...

already stole your "thankful" turkey a couple years ago, guess now I am stealing your stolen fruit and cheese turkey! got to get to planning my day which is also Christian's big day

donatelli98 said...

I can't believe you have never made sweet potatoe casserole in the past. That is almost sacrilege! It is a must at all of our get togethers. Southern Living has a recipe in the November issue that looks good. I use one of my BFF's MIL's recipe (she's from TN) .. similar to the others mentioned here ... with the pecans/brown sugar topping. My Granny does the marshmallow topping. Either way super good!

Sara said...

I love how Coco "casually" mentioned that she already had her Christmas cards done. Again.

I think my brother has a fabulous sweet potato casserole recipe. I'll get it from him and email it to you.

So happy that Caroline is coming to see y'all!!! Sounds like a great 1st holiday in Cali!!

Kelly Beatty said...

I love Jack and his turkey train! Yay, for Caroline's visit!! You all will have a fabulous time. Will Pa be there too? Tell Pa I said "Hi!"

Kristen said...

I will try to track down a recipe for you.... and perhaps I will show up for Thanksgiving. Your menu sounds delish!!

Katherine said...

This is all very exciting news. I am going to send you the SPC recipe from the JL of Baton Rouge cookbook. You know it has to be good.

Monica said...

I love that turkey idea for the kids. I need to remember that one when I have kids. SO jealous that you live on the beach.

starnes family said...

Pa is coming the week before, I believe.

I don't care for the SPC....that's why I never made it before!

Hush, Coco. You know my card is going to win.

merrilee said...

You put me to shame....I have nothing planned for Thanksgiving, yet. The best recipe for Sweet potato casserole I have had is from Ruth's Chris. You can look it up online and it is DIVINE!!!! Tons of sugar and butter, but totally worth the calories.

Becca Jane said...

Oh I love the cranberry sauce in Can Shape!! Yum, this post made me hungry! Sounds like ya'll will have a BLAST this Thanksgiving!

Susan said...

Sweet potatoes must be covered in pecans and brown sugar.

aunt caroline said...

Sweet potatoes
Gobs of marshmallows
NO pecans.


The Rand's said...

Love SPC!! SP, brown sugar, butter and layers of marshmallows! Yummy!!

Your menu sounds good.

So happy that Caroline gets to come visit you all.