Monday, November 19, 2007

Carter's Birthday Morning

Before heading out of town, Carter opened a few presents sent in from family.

From Caroline.....anything Lego or Star Wars can't be wrong!

Awesome snowboard pants!!!! As soon as he opened them and held them up, he said, "I love Pa and Mae Mae!"

Then, he commented about how he didn't have to wear those "dumb bibs" anymore. I like those dumb bibs! However, we figured with this new venture into snowboarding, the proper attire was essential. Snowboarders don't wear bibs. So, Jack will have to.

Caroline, notorious for unusual and often intentionally annoying gifts (including a dickie for Blake last year) gave this furry snowman shaped toilet cover to Carter. She will not be invited back.

They all love it!!!! The top hat holds a box of tissues, just to add to the beauty of it. Other holiday gifts from Caroline included a beautiful Christmas light bulb necklace for me (that she thought lit up) and a Santa hat for Blake that does actually light up.

Our precious 7 year old boy. Caroline also gave Carter this hat, which he has not taken off since he got it.

Birthday cupcake before departing for Colorado Springs.

Lainey greeting Caroline with coos and smiles.

"What? This cupcake isn't helping my physique?"

Caroline and Jack looking at Elmo on the computer.

Our trip out of town was a lot of fun. We first went to the Garden of the Gods and then onto the darling town of Manitou Springs. Many pictures to come....