Wednesday, November 21, 2007

First Snow Of The Season!

Wednesday morning brought about 3 inches of snow to our area and it couldn't have arrived at a better time. It's my birthday today and I wanted snow....and we got it!

We've been waiting for some cold weather and although we had a light snow a couple of weeks ago, this time it actually stuck and so we went outside to enjoy it. Afterwards, Blake sent Caroline and me to the spa for massages and facials and what a treat it was! But, first, the snow....

We put up most of the outside decor Monday night before the cold front arrived. Did a bit more this afternoon and then just a few more things on the list before we're done.

The snow is so wonderful at this time of the year. It makes the holidays seem closer and it's so fun to stay in by the fire, enjoying the glow of the Christmas tree. (Yes, it's already up.)

Getting Jack dressed. Feeling a bit like the Mom on A Christmas Story here.

This was Jack's first time in the snow and he loved every minute. We went out again in the afternoon and he enjoyed it even more. Each time we brought him in, he cried!

Like clockwork, Carter dives face first into the snow. It's scientifically impossible for this child to get too cold.

Our Evergreen outside....soon to be adorned with old-fashioned multi-colored bulbs.

Blake bringing Lainey out for a minute.

"Why is he eating it, Mom?"

The boys played well together. Carter took every opportunity to cover Jack with snow.

Trying to figure out what the gloves were for.

Our sweet Carter, loving the cold weather. Should we ever move away from Colorado, we will have to drag him out. I think he loves it more than anyone.

Caroline staying warm on the porch.

Carter helping Jack up.

Time to go in....

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