Saturday, November 24, 2007

Thanksgiving 2007

With snow on the ground and a big chill outside, our Thanksgiving was lovely spent inside at home with a big meal and then on the road to visit family.

Cooking with Jack.

He spent most of the time eating the cheese off the casseroles.

With no shame, clearly.

Caroline and Carter made our traditional hand-made placements, thanks to Caroline remembering to do it this year! Here they are meditating before doing the project. Caroline started this during her visit and surprisingly, it helps Carter focus!

Until he sees me taking a picture and gets upset.

Blake carving the turkey.

Getting ready to eat...

Carter tried on his school Indian outfit. He looks thrilled to be doing so, don't you think?

And, then little brother tries the pilgrim hat.

Our 8th Thanksgiving together.

Just before the blessing.

Too much turkey.

A couple of attempts at our Christmas card photo. Jack was cooperating, as usual.

And, then a few attempts at taking one just of the kids.

Next, we drove into Westminster to visit our extended family out here. Had a wonderful time....hoping you did, too!

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Anonymous said...

Poor Jack...just can't sit still for one pic for mom!