Sunday, November 04, 2007

Lainey, In Her First Dress

Since she's basically lived in footie pj's since her birth, we haven't had the opportunity to put Lainey in a dress yet. My Aunt Donna sent me this darling one recently, so I got her dressed up for dinner one night. Having a girl is so much fun!

She's also started smiling and it's just about the sweetest thing in the world.


Anonymous said...

Yea dress up! I love her spikey hair and she looks so long!

starnes family said...

I know!!!! She does look long in that first one...and confused!

Her baby acne is clearing up, though, so that's good. She had a scratch on her face in the picture, but it's gone now.

Our pretty girl is getting big!

Anonymous said...

There's that smile! YAY!!!

Anonymous said...

So cute! What a precious smile! I love gummy smiles!!