Thursday, November 01, 2007

Trick-or-Treating 2007

Lots of pictures from Halloween night.....

The 3 kiddos.

Precious Carter and Lainey.

Earlier in the day....checking out the candy to give away.

All the bags, ready to go. This is the first year Carter refused to take his spider bag....because he said it was dorky. Our biggest boy is growing up!

Filling the pumpkins with rocks.

We were thrilled to have Pa in town this year for trick-or-treating!

Lainey on her darling blanket made by Linda. It says "Lainey's First Halloween" on it.

The trick-or-treaters arrive!

And, ours are ready to go out. Carter chose everyone's costumes this year and they did a Star Wars theme. Here is Darth Vader.

And, Yoda.

And Princess Leia.

Out in the neighborhood.

The night became very much about Jack because this was his first to walk and get candy.

Here he is trying to get in this person's house. He didn't quite understand the goal for the evening......all he wanted to do was go in! He even made it to one family's dinner table, sat down in a chair and reached for a child's cup!

And, he's off!

Spooky house.

Since we were all out, we left the obligatory bowl of candy....hoping the first kid to arrive didn't empty it into his bag. I tried to discourage that with my sign....and it worked!

Back at the house.....

Pa, Blake and kids.

The fam.

Our Little Pumpkin, 6.5 weeks old.

Yearly picture of Carter in the candy.


Anonymous said...

I almost peed my pants seeing Lainey's sweet buns for Princess Laya! Ha! That last picture of Blake and her is just too sweet...

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh - the buns! I love the fact that Jack broke away and made it into someones dining room!

Anonymous said...

LC and Carter have the same eyes.