Sunday, November 25, 2007

Decorating The Tree

The Thanksgiving holiday included time to put up Christmas decorations, inside and out. Jack was especially helpful this year and continues on by rearranging the ornaments on the tree on a daily basis. It's looking GOOD, let me tell you.

We even attempted to improve on our tree by buying a new one this year for the living room. Turns out the tree isn't the problem at all. It's the decorators. Oh, wouldn't feel right to have less than 4 ornaments on any given branch.

Here's our boy at work...

And, Carter doing the honors with the tree topper.

Jack trying to help....he runs to get a counter stool.

So, Dad lets him be part of it, too.

Lainey taking it all in.

Caroline kept the momentum going.

The boys hiding behind the tree.

This cross is used for the front living room's Christmas tree.....I love it....Caroline thinks it's hilarious.

We bought matching pajamas at Target while shopping for Thanksgiving dinner. It annoyed Blake and Carter just as much as we wished it would!

More decorating.

An attempt at Jack in his hat and Caroline in the one she bought for Blake.

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