Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Moving Forward

Lainey turns 2 months old tomorrow and you'd think she were packing her bags and leaving for college. It's just so heartbreaking for me to see her grow up....to know she's met a new milestone....to watch her outgrow her clothes. I just packed away her newborn size onesies and it was not without tears.

Each step is hard for me....when, in reality, I should welcome her growth. She will eventually stop crying each night because with each passing day her little body strengthens and her digestive system progresses and this can only mean good things for her colic, which has been brought on by gas according to our pediatrician. In many ways, her getting older simplifies my life. We're one step closer to her being off the bottle, out of diapers, more independent. But, it's proven to be harder to watch than I had expected!

Carter and Jack have grown up just the same and it is difficult, yes...and I am equally emotional about it. But, there is something about a little girl that is just different. I can't explain it properly. Having had both (for those 2 long months!), I see now that she just seems more innocent and with that, I feel a greater need to protect her. Perhaps that is why her growing up is harder to watch. This very harsh world awaits her and if I could just keep her little, she'd never get hurt, never have her heart broken, never outgrow her precious, tiny clothes.

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