Monday, November 05, 2007

First Snowboard

We purchased Carter's first snowboard Monday night. Got a great deal at a shop in Boulder. Carter chose the dragon board.....out of several options...he was immediately drawn to this one and could not be more proud of it. I took the kids over to Carter's section to have him fitted while Blake purchased bindings and had his board put together. As soon as we were free to go, Carter raced through the store looking for Blake to show off his new board. It was really cute.

We had planned to ski this coming weekend and now that we have our gear ready, we can. However, we're going to hold off a few weeks. As tempting as it is....Keystone opened last weekend and Breckenridge opens on's not the best conditions out there right now. A friend in the neighborhood went last weekend and said there was a lot of ice and not much open, run wise.

The guy at the tech shop suggested waiting, too, since Carter will be taking his first snowboarding lesson. Ice hurts to fall on....much more than we don't want to deter his progress by making his first experience a tough one. We'll wait until after Thanksgiving to go. It will still be WAY TOO EARLY as far as local standards go, according to Belinda and many others. We don't care! By all accounts, we're still tourists in this area.

Fresh out the bath, Carter poses with his new board.

And, a close up of the dragon. He insisted that I post this.

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