Thursday, November 22, 2007

Christmas Vacation

Each year, we watch Christmas Vacation countless times between Thanksgiving and Christmas. It's a small miracle that our VHS tape from 10 years ago+ still works. We got our money's worth with that one.

I'm going to keep count this year. Check out the ticker on the right side of the blog to document just how insane we really are. Now, in all fairness, we don't put the movie on and watch it end to end. It's often on when I'm wrapping presents, we're decorating the tree, etc. But, regardless, it's still on.

I found this quiz on-line and gave it to Blake. He scored 100%. We have real problems, people.

Other favorite holiday movies include Home for the Holidays (must be watched at Thanksgiving each year), Love Actually (my favorite), The Grinch, A Christmas Story, and Home Alone.


Anonymous said...

Little full...alot of sap...
Is your house on fire Clark?
That there is an RV
Do you know how sick and twisted that is Mom?!
Ellen, are you smoking again?

Ya, we are big fans too!

starnes family said...

You're as nutty as we, Carrie. Take the quiz. It's fun!