Sunday, February 24, 2008

Beaver Creek With Jill

We drove out to Beaver Creek on Saturday to ski and visit with my good friend, Jill, from college. She and I met years and years ago....more than it seems LSU. We lived in dorms adjacent to each other as freshmen and have kept in touch since. She is a dear friend and it's wonderful to see her each time our paths cross.

Here is Jack beckoning me to let him ice-skate.

While the boys ski, the little ones walk the village with me to see what we can find. A fountain! Very exciting for a nearly 22 month old.

It snowed all morning, so we took cover here and there to thaw out while walking. Jack doesn't care. He just wanted to skate.

Window shopping.

Waiting for lunch.

Dad and the boys.

Loving baby sister.

Jill arrives and we were thrilled!

Lovely Beaver Creek.

LOTS of snow that day which made for great ski conditions.

Carter heading down.

Jill and Carter.

Jill is pretty rough with Carter. Here she is tackling him in the snow.

Inside...playing with Jack.

Once 4:00 hits, it's smarter to hang around the resort and avoid the big rush to get out on the roads. We always find something to Beaver Creek, it's McCoy's, a huge restaurant at the bottom of the lifts.

Shannon Tanner was playing music again. We've seen him several times. He's a ton of fun and was quite amused when Carter went up to request a "Right Spread Panic" (Widespread Panic) song.

He told Shannon that his friend, Jill, had a tattoo on her back. Here is Shannon announcing it to the entire crowd. Jill turned bright red. Kids!

Back outside for some fun.

The boys did the bungee jumper and they allowed Jack to do a milder version than the bigger kids. He was hysterical with laughter.

Carter's turn.

Almost time to go. Here she is antagonizing Carter again....he loved it!

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