Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine Morning

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! We've had a quick, but exciting morning. Carter has a big day at school ahead of him. A pizza party for good behavior, picture day, and his Valentine party! We'll be there to help at 2:00. Not sure how much help I'll actually be with Jack and Lainey in tow, but we'll do our best. Hope you have a wonderful day. A few pictures of the children this morning.....

Lainey Bug in her swing watching the boys run wild.

Jack being Jack and screaming each time Carter comes near him. Big brothers!

Carter and I made heart shaped pancakes.

Sweet Carter in his "fancy clothes" instead of his uniform for class pictures.

With his Valentines for friends.

Jack checks out the snow before getting in the car and taking Carter to school. He so loves this weather.....and the cold doesn't bother him a bit.

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