Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Superbowl Party

We went over to John's house to watch the Superbowl Sunday afternoon. They have 4 kids, Chris and Kendra have 1, and we have 3. Which basically means that we are greatly outnumbered and chaos ensued. Everyone had fun, though!

Had to lead off with this one....Jack giving John a high five.

Sweet Lainey in Taylor's papasan.

Amber helping Jack eat his goulash.

Jack saying his new "Hi!" greeting, which I hear about 300 times a day - anytime he wants me to pay attention to what he's doing.

Amber and Taylor.

Watching the game.

The kids - not watching the game - but instead playing video games.

Lainey in Taylor's bouncy seat.

Big brother coming to help.

Bella and Ryan entertaining us.


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